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Extra?-est episodes: For your consideration

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  • Extra?-est episodes: For your consideration

    We've got quite a few worthy contenders, and I can't decide between them. Let me know what you think.

    "The Harvest": The Master keeps a well of blood in his living room, Buffy turns time-consuming and unnecessary flips while fighting (presumably for the #aesthetic), Angel skulks around in the shadows giving sexy smirks, and Luke hams it up in between draining people dry on a freakin' music stage in a packed nightclub. Oh, and Buffy beheads a guy with a brass Frisbee. Hard to top that, but?

    "School Hard":? Spike makes a good case that you can, when he a) lets his girlfriend lick blood off him in public, b) crashes through a school window in full vamp-face on parent-teacher night, and c) kills the current vampire boss while shouting about how religion sucks and steals said boss's minions for himself. I think James Marsters has talked about learning to dial down his theater-trained dramatic intensity, and that makes sense given his character's trajectory, but this material could handle all the dramatics he could throw at it.

    "Graduation Day, Part One": There is zero reason for Buffy to stop Faith's music and have a chick fight with her instead of taking her by surprise. Except, of course, for being Extra.?

    "Fool for Love": Spike sees your "I drink blood" and raises you an "I'm going to kill the Slayer in a burning building and have my girlfriend suck her blood off my finger before we have sex by the corpse in the burning building. And then I'm going to do a slo-mo leap through the flames, surrounded by my vampire buddies, while my girlfriend giggles in postcoital bliss."

    "Once More, with Feeling": Everyone sings so hard that they risk spontaneous combustion from the feelings. Yeah, it's pretty dramatic.

    "Smashed": Were you recently a rat, or dead? That doesn't even qualify you for a dramatic reveal in this episode. Witches teleport goats into a nightclub, the Trio uses a freeze-ray gun to steal a diamond, and Buffy and Spike fall A WHOLE LEVEL OF A BUILDING without stopping having sex.

    "Grave": Not only is she rockin' quality emo-badass clothes, a magical black dye job, and the black eyes of doom, Willow also raises a Satanic church covered in naked women and snakes on a bluff, by sheer force of will, in order to destroy the whole world, because her girlfriend died. If that's not Extra,? I don't know what is.