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  • Fray

    So, I'm sure most of the people here read it and know how excellent it is. I think it's the best thing Joss did as far as comic books go, alongside Astonishing X-Men. It's smart and funny, better than Season 8 ever will be. It's such a great and surprising story and the characters are top notch. I could go on forever.

    My question is if the comics ever got adapted into a screen project, would like it on the big screen or the small screen?

    For me, I'm really not sure. A lot can go wrong with a TV series, which will ultimately disappoint because it has such a great premise. I mean I can see the comic adapted for a movie or two, but I don't see it being turned to a 6 seasons and a movie kind of show. You can do a lot with a show, sure.

    With a movie, we're talking about bigger budget, better casting (hopefully acting, too).

    What do think? TV show or a movie? should we leave it alone?

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    Leave it alone. Also, not everybody thinks it's that good. I found myself hoping everybody would die a horrible death, up to and including Fray herself. Season Eight's not perfect, but I think it curbstomps Fray to death, if only in that it has a cast of characters I care about.


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      I really, really disagree. Season 8 was over the top and sometimes even ridiculous. Had they toned it down, I might have liked it more than I did.

      After a few reads, I found myself connecting more to Fray as a comic and as a story than Buffy Season 8.

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        Agree to disagree then. You like Fray more, I like Season Eight more and also think there's no reason whatsoever to adapt it in any other media. If anything, I'm convinced that most of Season Eight's detractors would consider Fray "over the top and ridiculous" as well because "it's a comic book." Most Season Eight detractors I saw seemed to hold the fact it was done as a comic book as a chief reason they held it in contempt, so I don't think they'd give Fray much of a chance whether it was adapted into a live-action format or not; they'll still say, "Oh, that was that comic book set in the Buffyverse before he did Season Eight that he also revisited in Season Eight. Pass."


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          I liked Fray a lot. It's been a while since I read it (years ago), I do remember liking it though. From memory, it did seem like it would be more suited to being a movie than TV show. Bigger budget would be much likely to pull that universe off as you said. Firefly was also set in the future and made as a TV show, with a fairly big budget, but we know how that turned out.