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  • Buffy Comic Club (Starting Late...)

    Howdy Folks,

    So a buncha us are starting way late on the comics, and decided to set up a forum to do so.

    Anyone's welcome to post, but please don't spoil anything!

    New Yorkers and otherfolk in the group, I'll post where we currently are with the reading. If anyone is posting after doing their reading just right DID THE READING, or DID MY HOMEWORK at the top of the page, so we know that if we haven't done it yet we may not wanna read you're post yet. Sorta as a variant of SPOILER ALERT, to distinguish. If you just right SPOILER ALERT, people may not read, as they'll think you're righting about the latest issue.

    Or maybe I'm wrong and have never used a forum outside buddhist communities?

    COOL COOL! So we've all read NOTHING, but let's get the first 4 trades done!
    Also, go watch angel HURRAY!!!!

    bounce bounce bounce,

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    Hey guys, I'm here. Haven't started the comics yet but I'm totally gonna take you up on an Angel re-watch. Also want you to know I scoured the internet for my old livejournal where I posted Buffy icons I made. I'm using one now!

    ETA don't bother trying to find it I could barely find it. If you DO find it: new life plan! PI! Think about it!


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      Dammit, Doppel, Send it to me! Nearly caught up on these, there's 40 issues in season 8 so let's read 20?


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        Read 1-16.

        Okay, so that felt good.

        I have very little to say except that SATSU is my FAV-riT. BUFFY's an iD-Yit!
        Naw, but I guess she was as sweet to Satsu as she knew how to be.

        Also, not being able to handle the Terrible Beauty of Total Awareness, as that Warhol Dragon said, is totally the summation of my life.

        -Hellmouth Tourist