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  • Angel IDW collection release

    Does anyone know if any word has been given about like an Angel: Season 6 Volume 3 or anything of that sort? They released volume 1, collecting 1-17 and Spike: AtF, and volume 2, collecting 18-27 and Last Angel in Hell, within the last few years. I know that there's already Angel: The End published in like 2011, but it'd be nice to have like 28-44 with the other Angel miniseries collected in a hardcover, seeing how those two are pretty hard to find. I did some Google searching, but I couldn't find any information.

    Plus, a Spike collection would be nice. I know the canonicity of Spike: Asylum and Shadow Puppets is ambiguous (with the post-AtF Angel as well), but seeing how they introduce canon characters, it'd be nice to get a release.

    I just figure something might've been said, or at least hinted at, seeing how the rumors of a reboot/revival, plus Buffy Season 12 being the last season, has seemed to renew some interest.

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    Sadly most of the IDW Angel books are out of print, and it doesn't seem like they are going to be reprinted anytime soon.

    Normally when it comes to license comics the license holder(in this case Dark Horse)can reprint comics from past license holders(in this case IDW), however Dark Horse and IDW worked out a deal where in exchange for IDW giving up the rights to Angel to Dark Horse, Dark Horse would let IDW continue to reprint their Angel comics.
    As of right now it seems like Dark Horse can't reprint the IDW Angel books.

    Your best bet would be to try to find an online comic shop that can backorder the books for you.
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