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AtS 5 Villainy - Vail v Hamilton

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  • AtS 5 Villainy - Vail v Hamilton

    This is the second-last vote of the season, fyi... looking forward to crowning the winner!

    The poll is expired.

    "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." ~ Anais Nin

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    Today I'm voting for Hamilton. He is the liaison to the senior partners but far more serious than Eve. He contained all the power of the Senior Partners and was designed by them, so highly dangerous. I must also admit I liked Adam Baldwin's performance a lot and I think that also sways my vote.


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      I'm kind of wishing Pavayne won.

      "I like who I am when I'm with him. I like who we are together."


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        My vote goes to Vail.

        Hamilton is too much a flunky. A scary one for sure, but still. Vail at least has his own agenda besides his work for W&H, which makes him more interesting to watch. And Vail has a much bigger impact on the story and the characters. (Which is important for a good villain IMO, hence why I don't really get why Sahjan lost last round.)


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          Definitely Vail - he is such a memorable villain!!! I really like the Black Thorn Members, they are adequately creepy.


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            I voted for Hamilton because, like Priceless , I really like the performance. I also think that he is representative of the senior partners and having someone from W&H win in villainy feels in keeping with the show. But I've been really out of step with how the voting has gone through a lot of this as I would have rather had a lot of different results and Vail was the third option for me out of the three in the last vote. I suppose if I weighed in that Vail kills Wes, one of my favourite characters, I could probably have voted for him for that act. But I was thinking about the character just generally and although he's powerful, I just don't find him that interesting.