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The impact of losing Doyle

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    I am an addict (In longterm recovery). I have also worked with addicts as a health care provider and as a peer counsellor for close to 3 decades.

    As sympathetic as I am to Glenn, I am utterly in agreement with the choice to fire him.

    Actually, sometimes being fired can be the catalyst that leads to hitting bottom and seeking recovery.

    Addicts are not responsible for their addiction, but consequences follow toxic behaviour and it is not reasonable to hold employers responsible for fixing the problem.

    Even when they try, (and we don't know that they did not) the chance of success is low. Even when addicts are ready for recovery, it often takes multiple tries. Given that Glenn later overdosed, it is clear his struggle failed (and it was not right after being fired, so i do not think blame should fall on the showrunners of Ats.)

    A show is fast paced and has financial responsibilities to the investor and to all who work on the show. Every wasted take costs money and time. It seemed like they cared about him, but frankly, nursing sick actors is not the job of any show.

    Even if they wanted to help, helping an addict get and stay clean is often a long and painful process when you have a ready addict with all the supports, peer, professional and family. The set of a flegdling TV show is a stressful, demanding arena, even for prepared, sober actors.

    It might have been different had he been a big star with years on a series, but even movie stars get fired and some even end up in prison. There is a reason there's the club of 28 - so many talented people end of dying from their addiction at that age.

    "Jails, institutions or death" is a frequent, predictable outcome of an addict's life.

    It sucks beyond the telling of it.
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      Kelly A. Manners (Angel producer, the on-set one, like Gareth Davies at Buffy)

      From the same book

      It was a terrible thing to watch.He came in with a horrible drug and alcohol problem. I think by the second episode after we let him go, everybody realized that the decision made was the right one.


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        Found this old tweet from David's Twitter account on Reddit.


        ​​​​They/Them/She pronouns please.