Welcome to BuffyForums.net! We are a fairly new site created after BuffyWorld.com, which was our home for many years, went offline. We hope to keep the BuffyVerse alive here, also discussing new shows that have started since and keep us addicted to our TVs and computers! Please look around and visit the forum where you will find many thing to chat about and hopefully meet some great people! The transcripts  here were not created by us but have been credited. The screencaps are all hosted at Screencap Paradise but are linked from here.


We have a large section of the forum devoted to the other shows we love. You can see them all here.

We have sections devoted to the following shows as they happen to be our favourites.

Discuss the show Heroes which is starting it's second season

Discuss the show Smallville which is starting it's seventh season

Discuss the show Supernatural which is starting it's third season

Discuss Bones in here

Doctor Who/Torchwood
Discuss Doctor Who and Torchwood in here

Grey's Anatomy
Discuss Grey's Anatomy in here

We also have threads on many other shows, for example One Tree Hill, Lost and Nip/Tuck. If one you want to discuss isn't there please go ahead and start one.

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