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Thread: Vampire Diaries

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffyholic View Post
    It definitively needs some improving, like getting rid of some cliches and the ring.
    Funny enough, but I don't mind the clichés at all in this show.
    Also I totally prefer Stefan and Damon having rings with Gem of Amarra instead of them for example ... sparkling.
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    Default Night of the comet - second episode

    Agreed. The whole sparkling thing is just weird.

    So, I just saw the second episode and can I just say that the show has already charmed me. I love Elena and I find her character really strong and interesting.
    This second episode was stronger than the pilot, much more tense. That scene on the roof was a nail-bitter!
    Stefan intrigues me but Damon is even more intriguing. I wanna know more about their past and about Katherine.

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    Hello Friends,
    I Had read that book.It is really very interesting.This YA series introduces Elena, who has been the reigning queen of Robert E. Lee high school and certainly expects to retain that status in her senior year there. Her friends Bonnie, Caroline and Meredith are all popular and good looking, and everything points to a wonderful final year. But first Elena must break up with Matt, the quarterback of the football team, especially after she catches site of Stefan, the gorgeous new boy in town.

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