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    Default Buffyverse fan music...

    I was going through my old collection of Buffyverse themed music on my HD the other day, and played some of the fan created music that I've picked up over the years.

    minitrog's wonderful fun little collection of dialog mixes are still some of my favorites in this field. Another being Vyra's soundtrack mixes which you can still find on her site Tangled synthesis over here..

    I highly recommend her 'Can't be saved' and 'Spark' as well as 'Every Night' and 'Amazing arrogant'. Well worth checking out.

    Sadly minitrog passed away a few years ago, and her site is long gone. But I thought I'd upload some of her wonderfully fun little mixes onto here and my lj so those of you are new to the fandom or her can have a listen.

    'Public enemy' "It's always got to be blood"

    'Xander and Spike' her musical version of Spander

    'Super Slaying Slut' her humorous Buffy piece'

    'Don't close your eyes' her dialog mix from the baloney scene in Dead things'

    'Surprise' Oz Wilow and Xander.[/B]

    'Spike and Buffy' Her humorous take on Spuffy (A fav of mine, just for the great use of that Xander line If nothing else, *g*)

    'Spike and Angel' Her slash Spangel piece
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