Welcome to the battles! While it is called Photoshop Battles you can battle with Paint Shop Pro also.

This concept was created at Butterfly Forums on ti-fi.com.

This is the rules updated. Only minor things have changed like battles can now be up to 10 rounds if you want to go further. Also can people please make sure they read them again as the rules of taking a piece from a previous round and not posting art in other threads until the battle is over needs to be observed

The Rules: – if these are not followed you will have your battle closed.
  1. A photoshop battle is held between two artists in either 6, 8 or10 rounds (you can chose how many rounds you want. Each artist must have half the rounds). But you must state how many rounds you are doing when you start and stick to it.
  2. The subject is free. Can be Buffy related, can be digital art, can be anything. However a couple can decide to give themselves a subject which they pronounce in the first post. They have to stick with it then!
  3. The concept is to work with each others art. The idea is to use something, anything or everything from the other persons artwork in yours. You are free in how you'll use it, but we have to see/recognize (note: setting the other's whole piece to lighten/screen over yours does not cut it) it in the end result. (not like you should see the 1st in the 6th, but the 1 in the 2nd, the 2nd in the 3rd... etc)
  4. Each round will take no longer then 1 week. Rounds that last longer will get one warning then be shut down. It’s not fair to keep others waiting to start.
  5. If you would like to battle someone please PM either Nikki, Jenni Lou or Smth_Blue to get approval then contact the member you would like to battle, or leave a message in this thread if you are looking for a partner to see if someone else may be interested.
  6. You are allowed to start your battle as soon as you and your partner are up to it. But you can have only 1 battle going at any time.
  7. You can post your battle art only in the battle thread. It can’t be posted in any of the fanart threads for feedback until after the battle is over.
  8. A maximum of 4 battles going on at once.

Thread rules:
  1. The one who starts the battle, starts the thread.
  2. Everyone is allowed to give feedback or encouragement after a piece or art or in anticipation of the next. Just know duplicate posting is spam.
  3. Do not ask the battlers about when they will post next, just wait and see, they know the deadlines too.
  4. After the final entry if requested we will make a poll and you guys can vote the winner or winning pieces!!! The poll will probably last 2 weeks.

Completed Photoshop battles:


  • Battle 1: Rosely vs Nikki
  • Battle 2: Smth_Blue vs Zugma
  • Battle 3: LRea12 vs Dana
  • Battle 4: Inthisreality vs Steph
  • Battle 5: Nikki vs Tam
  • Battle 6: Princess Rose vs Digital Leonardo
  • Battle 7: Emma vs Eles
  • Battle 8: Romain vs Lyn
  • Battle 9: Mindylynn vs wenj
  • Battle 10: SeenRed vs. Wenj
  • Battle 11: Obsessed vs. The Heather
  • Battle 12: Not Afraid vs. Eles
  • Battle 13: Lehane vs Mindylynn
  • Battle 14: Mature Ingénue vs. Wenj
  • Battle 15: Ehlwyen vs. Seen Red
  • Battle 16: Mature Ingénue vs. MindyLynn
  • Battle 17: Lex vs. Heather
  • Battle 18: Ann vs Wenj
  • Battle 18 (stage 2): Ann vs Wenj
  • Battle 19: QueenC vs. MindyLynn
  • Battle 20: Lex vs sara
  • Battle 21: Andrew vs Zack
  • Battle 22: wenj vs Lex
  • Battle 23: Heather vs Nikki
  • Battle 24: Andrew vs QueenC
  • Battle 25: S!M!G! vs Sara
  • Battle 26: Nikki vs Obsessed
  • Battle 27: Ehlwyen vs Galathea
  • Battle 28: Lex vs QueenC
  • Battle 29: Bre vs. Creamy Coolness
  • Battle 30: Zack vs. ~M@rie~
  • Battle 31: Wenj vs Heather
  • Battle 32: Liz Vs Firecracker
  • Battle 33: Leloo vs Kold
  • Battle 34: Artemis vs. EndersWrath
  • Battle 35: Demetras vs. KittyMayer
  • Battle 36: Wenj vs. Romain
  • Battle 37: Heather vs Artemis
  • Battle 38: Zack vs. SaltyGoodness
  • Battle 39: DigitalLeonardo vs EndersWrath
  • Battle 40: Leloo vs Creamy Coolness
  • Battle 41: Peace vs. ~M@rie~
  • Battle 42: Heather vs. little albatross
  • Battle 43: Lexus vs. Alucard
  • Battle 44: Bre vs EndersWrath
  • Battle 45: BlasterBoy vs. Pandora's Box
  • Battle 46: Alucard vs. Wenj
  • Battle 47: Signe vs Aldieb
  • Battle 48: Bre vs ~M@rie~
  • Battle 49: Signe vs Albieb
  • Battle 50: little albatross vs Kari
  • Battle 51: Heather vs Leloo
  • Battle 52: Signe vs Albieb
  • Battle 53: wenj vs Alucard
  • Battle 56: wenj vs. Jenni Lou
  • Battle 58: [erin nicole] vs. darkprophet
  • Battle 54: Leloo vs. DigitalLeonardo
  • Battle 55: Amber vs. Enderswrath
  • Battle 57: BlasterBoy vs. Alucard
  • Battle 59: [erin nicole] vs. Jenni Lou
  • Battle 60: Signe vs. aldieb
  • Battle 61: Kari vs. little albatross
  • Battle 62: wenj vs. Jenni Lou
  • Battle 63: Veverka vs. [erin nicole]
  • Battle 64: wenj vs. slaycandy
  • Battle 65: Signe vs. aldieb
  • Battle 66: darkprophet vs. DigitalLeonardo
  • Battle 67: BlasterBoy vs. Thomas
  • Battle 68: Nina vs. Mara
  • Battle 69: Sayjay vs. Kiera
  • Battle 70:Amber vs. Enderswrath
  • Battle 71:[erin nicole] vs. Signe
  • Battle 72: Bre vs. Lyri
  • Battle 73: Nina vs. Mara
  • Battle 74: Bre vs. Lyri
  • Battle 75: Nina vs. Destiny
  • Battle 76: Bre vs. Mara
  • Battle 77: Slaycandy vs. HisMrs
  • Battle 78: Andrew vs. Digital Leonardo
  • Battle 79: Mara vs. Nina
  • Battle 80: Bre vs. Slaycandy
  • Battle 81: Bre vs. Lady Manson
  • Battle 82: Bre v. Lyri
  • Battle 83: Mara v. HisMRS
  • Battle 84: Carousel girl8 vs. Leloo
  • Battle 85: Bre v. Mara
  • Battle 86: HisMRS v. Lady Manson
  • Battle 87: Nina v. Leloo
  • Battle 88: Destiny v. Mara
  • Battle 90: Lyri vs. HisMRS
  • Battle 91: Nina vs. HisMRS

Current battles: