Basically the same as the Buffy one, only I'll probably be doing this by myself :P

1.1. Pilot


1. "Well, I don't want to."
That split second where Dean lets the mask fall away and shows his vulnerability is everything to me. It keeps his character from being the one-note douche that he's often accused of being in early-S1 and shows that there is something hiding underneath all the bravado. Unsurprisingly, that moment is a Jensen improvisation

2. Opening Scene
Much like the BtVS pilot, this one succeeds in capturing your attention with the first scene, though this one is a good deal longer than Darla in the school. You get to know the family just enough to be somewhat touched by the tragic end it takes a few minutes later. You are also now invested in what happened to the surviving family members following the fire.

3. "Jerk." "Bitch."
You don't understand the importance of this exchange on a first time watch, it just makes you chuckle. In hindsight, however, my poor heart! I love this exchange and how it's clearly their way of saying the L word without actually saying the L word (something they've never done in 15 seasons).

4. Shadow Boxing
Sam and Dean fighting in the darkness of Sam's apartment. Great directional shots and choreography.

5. Bridge Fighting
The brothers confronting one another on the bridge about their future as a team and Sam wanting out of this life of violence. Also love the way it's paralleled toward the end of the season.

6. On the Ceiling
Sam coming home to find Jessica stuck to the ceiling, about to burn to death just like his mother.

7. In the Diner
Speaking to the girlfriend and friend of the missing kid, not only is Sam so deliciously sympathetic, but we get our first Sam-and-Dean-speaking-at-the-same-time moment

8. Quick Escape
Dean escaping police custody with nothing at his exposal but a paper clip.

9. "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole."
A line that remains so iconic despite never showing up again in any later episode.

10. "Let's get to work."
Another iconic moment, the final few seconds as Sam shuts the trunk.

Phew, this was a tough one, not a fan of the pilot

Least Favorite

1. Worst. Exposition. Ever.

I will never not hate this moment/line, though it's made slightly better by the knowledge that Kripke re-wrote it 30 times before giving up and just letting it stay the way it was. That moment is Sam saying "Dad raised us like warriors!" I HATE it. It's the worst form of exposition I have ever come across in TV and it makes me cringe every single time I rewatch this episode!

2. "I love the smurfs."
As we get further into the show, it starts to dawn on us; Dean isn't the type of guy to hit on his brother's serious girlfriend. Sure, the Dean from the alternate world in S2E20 went as far as to sleep with his brother's prom date, but that Dean didn't have the same type of relationship with his brother as our Dean does and I just hate this moment. Especially as it's often used by some fans to justify why they consider Dean a douchebag.

3. "Take me home."
I'm definitely not one for the feminist rant, but I'm not a fan of the sexualization of the Woman in White. I get that she needs to entrap cheating men/boys but I feel they take it a few steps too far, even when considering the year it was written and filmed.

4. Agents
The very idea that, at this point, Sam and Dean looked anywhere near old enough to be FBI agents. I understand that it's later shown that they arrest Dean for fraud, but they shouldn't even have believed them on the bridge and certainly not enough to give out information on the disappearance.

5. Melting
The god-awful special effects at the end, when the Woman in White 'melts' into the floor with her children. SPN has very little disappointing FX, even in S1, but this is the primary example of when it does go wrong.

6. Directing
This is not a great episode, and an even worse pilot. Part of that is the direction; the first 20-25 minutes are a jumble of events - beginning scenes in 1983, then skip to present-day Sam and Dean, then skip to what would normally be the Cold Open, then skip back to Sam and Dean. It's enough to give a viewer whiplash!

As bad as I consider this episode, I'm finding it impossible to come up with anything more...

Anyway, what do you think? What would you add?