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    I'm not sure why he was at Palmetto. Does Malcolm mention it? I'd always presumed Dan was working with him before the shooting.
    I looked out for it on my third rewatch and Dan actually confirms that he had been doing shady business with Malcom before Palmetto. That might be why he tracked him to Palmetto but it is not really clear. So far Dan has been corrupted, he covered up for Malcom murdering his former partner he stole a gun, he is responsible for warden Smith' death and he made an attempt at killing Lucifer via Tiernan. I am curious to know if any of this will be dealt with in season 5. We also saw in the AU episode that he is a rather immoral person although he is capable of deep feelings for others.

    I'm fairly sure an Old Testament God wouldn't lose much sleep over Julian's punishment (given he was quite happy to send the flood). Do we have two different ideas of God - God's wrath (or an OT God) vs a NT God (God Johnson?), a forgiving God (why is God Johnson called Johnson - son of John?).
    Interestlingy the Show has already established that it wasn't God who sent the floods but the Goddess of all creation. Oh, and then ther is this as well in the Old Testament: To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.

    Which shows that the bible is not very consistent, even within just the old part of it.

    I watched the Axara episode yesterday and wondered why Lucifer is telling Linda in the very last scene he made a terrible mistake. On my first watch I thought he meant that distancing himself from Chloe was a mistake because it eventually led to her turning to Pierce. But in the very next episode Chloe offers him to stay with her and explicably says they hadn't spend much time together lately but he refuses and tells her he needs to go to a bachelorette party at Lux. If he has already realized he made a mistake, why is he doing it again? Was he referring to something else maybe?

    His hair is far too black in the second half of season 3. It almost looks like a helmet or a wig. A bit like Spike's hair but with Spike it was meant to look like that. I am, not sure it is the same with Lucifer.

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