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Thread: Did Angel love Darla?

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    I am going to go with no. NOT saying that Angelus could not love... but that without a soul he was more sociopath than anything... he was obsessed more than loving. Did he care about Darla? I believe he did. He was attracted to her, and connected to her deeply. Love is sacrificial however and I don't believe that Angel was sacrificial in his dealings with anyone. To be honest, I think before he gets his soul back, the deepest connection he has is to Drusilla -- he made her and she reminds him both of what he came from (and I think of his sister) and also what he destroyed... I think it is why he cannot kill her just as he cannot kill Darla... and from what we know, most vampires seem to have difficulty killing their sires.

    I believe Angel's bitterness and cruelty stemmed from who Liam was before his death... he was not on good terms with father... his life wasn't full of warm and loving relationships.

    I think vampires are a reflection of the person they are in life... and the pains and hurts they have in life...

    Liam was bitter and alone and as a vampire he was angry and obsessive and cruel.

    William didn't feel like a man. In life he was also full of love and affection and romantic leanings... as a vampire he got off on the power of being strong and powerful and he was still full of love - he directed it first at Dru and then at Buffy and her family.

    Anne Pratt: was a good and pious woman but made powerless by her TB. When she was turned all the rage and powerlessness came out as cruelty to the one person who had taken care of her -- William. (I believe had he not dusted her, she might well have gotten over her rage, but it's also possible she would have been stuck in the pain of being a powerless middle aged woman tied to her son who had turned her without her permission... and whose expectations she felt trapped by (and probably had in life to some degree))

    I think the demon twists the person inside and what comes out is a fun house mirror of the original.

    People like Harmony don't really change much b/c they're not that deep and they keep most of the same concerns.

    IMO, Vampires are products of who they are in life AND the sires that turn them -- if those sires stick around. Darla encouraged Angelus to be ruthless and to view relationships in transactional terms... something that she as a prostitute was already inclined to do.


    While Angelus didn't really love Darla, I do believe that Angel did.
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