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    A question I've had for a while and never been able to figure out by googling: does anyone know if production materials for Buffy or Angel have ever been collected or archived anywhere? Things like script notes, drafts, outlines etc? Not just shooting scripts, which I know are available online (along with some dailies), but things that actually give insight into the creative process? Asking because I know of various university/museum/library media archives that have things like that for other movies and TV shows, but am not aware of any that have Buffy material. The Writer's Guild Foundation seems to have some scripts, but that's about it.

    I've always wondered whether material like that was available anywhere (a) because people debate intent in the show so much but seem to rely on old interviews and convention appearances (and commentaries,
    I suppose) in order to get any direct information from the writers about it, and (b) just because I'm personally curious. Particularly with ambitious seasons like 6, I'd be incredibly interested to see how exactly things changed over time, and how self-aware the writing was about what it was doing.
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