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Thread: Buffy - The best episodes (number edition) - part 2

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    Default Buffy - The best episodes (number edition) - part 2

    It looks like the first thread has reached too many posts or pages and it got closed.

    The last 3 voters: TriBel, SpuffyGlitz and now me.

    + Intervention
    - Entropy

    Intervention - 8
    Entropy - 8

    reset at 3

    3. Earshot
    4. Dirty Girls
    5. Killed by Death
    6. Where the Wild Things Are

    Winner of episode 1: When She Was Bad
    winner of episode 2: Bargaining part II
    winner of episode 3: School Hard
    winner of episode 4: Fear, Itself
    winner of episode 5: No Place Like Home
    winner of episode 6: The Pack
    winner of episode 7: Fool for Love
    winner of episode 8: Lovers Walk
    winner of episode 9: The Wish
    winner of episode 10: Hush
    winner of episode 11: Gingerbread
    winner of episode 12: Prophecy Girl
    winner of episode 13: Dead Things
    winner of episode 14: Innocence
    winner of episode 15: Consequences
    winner of episode 16: The Body
    winner of episode 17: Passion
    winner of episode 18:
    Winner of episode 19:
    Winner of episode 20:
    Winner of episode 21:
    Winner of episode 22:
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    Hmm, sadly it didn't get closed accidentally TTB. The spuffy group discussing the game, making thoughtless comments about others and their reasons for voting, rallying each other to vote created upset. I for one can only apologise for my part in all of this. I was being careless, hypocritical and too flippant in some of what I was saying. Whilst running with the notion of it being seen as a competitive game, missing how group discussions and rallying could be felt was definitely poor. I very much appreciate hearing other viewpoints and broadening my understanding of why others see things differently, so this really does go against what I enjoy most about participation on the board. I'm sorry for having played a part in what has driven some to not want to participate in what really should always have just been a light-hearted addition to our time in fandom. As I'd said right at the start, it should have been a form of collaboration to see what ended up getting voted as the top eps. I'm not sure sadly if the game is going to be recoverable.

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