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Thread: Closed l Challenge 76: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

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    Hey Guys,

    First of all, I would like to say that despite a low number of participators, I've really enjoyed your entries and interpretations. So thank you to everyone who participated and put in their minds and abilities in their work.

    So, without further ado, Awards:

    Encouragement Award:

    I'm really happy with your work, you always try something new in order to learn and get better.

    3rd Place
    Ah, your last minute entry made me happy. You did a good a job in putting the song in the right context. I love the somber atmosphere you created here and the images you chose.

    2nd Place
    Well, I'm kinda biased here because you picked my favourite song off the album AND my favourite Movie franchise! I loved the concepts in each banner, I loved the line you chose to convey the film's feeling of despair and darkness.

    1st Place
    I have not seen the 3rd season yet but I'm trying to make time for it but I really LOVED what you did here. Taking the song, breaking it down, and giving it life with Matt's state of mind.

    Again, thank you so much for entering! if anyone wants a more serious feedback, I'd rather we do it privately.


    EDIT: Accidentally pasted the wrong link for 1st place. Fixed it.
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    Thank you very much for the kind words and the first place. And congrats to the other winners!

    And thank you for hosting the challenge. I must admit that I thought that it was a rather hard challenge (which is cool, it's a challenge after all) because it was hard (for me) to 'read' the music. It wasn't always easy to connect emotions to the melody.

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    Ah thanks Josh, I'm really chuffed and congrats to the other winners too. I'd love to have some more involved feedback if you find the time to drop me a pm. I did run short of time to keep tweaking and was aware there were still issues in the piece so would find it really interesting to hear what someone else thought were the strengths, weaknesses and any thoughts on what could have been changed.

    I really enjoyed seeing all the entries to this challenge. After spending a day listening to the songs and reading the lyrics, soaking in the mood of the album, it was really interesting to see the different pieces that emerged from others having done the same. I love the use of space buffylover and Nina excel at. It's always great to see other styles where an aspect is used differently and so very effectively. HowiMetdaSlayer did a great job of capturing the mood between the words and characters too, that piece really stood out for me. And I'm loving watching Pricey developing as a fanartist. The energy and enthusiasm to produce pieces is inspiring for someone like me who takes so long over everything!
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