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Thread: Buffy S12 :The Reckoning #4 Issue Discussion Thread(Full Spoilers)

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    I haven't seen any interiors I don't think. Can you remember where they were posted?!/page20

    Starts at post 395.

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    I agree canon is cannon. When it comes to S12 my response remains:

    I prefer not to think of such
    dark, ugly business at all.
    That's what police are for.

    I like who I am when Im with him. I like who we are together.

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    Illyria, because frankly, who cares about Illyria? Except Angel, maybe.
    I like Illyria - as a model for workings of the unconscious she's a great concept.

    It's not shipping or the lack of it that bothers me. Penultimate frame: Buffy, Spike and Angel look apprehensive. They gaze out over the garden and smile. I hate the garden - I particularly hate the suburban garden when the other outside space is the city. It's the old utopia/dystopia, paradise/hell binary we see in Fritz Lang's Metropolis (flying cars). I hate Andrew's technology laden van parked inside the garden. I hate (too strong a word but I'm on a run and emoting ) the fact that Cage majored in American Civilization and is likely to be aware of Leo Marx' "The Machine in the Garden: Technology and the Pastoral Ideal in America" (and read it more recently than I have). I don't like the fact that Willow is associated with a "centre" for women (not the actuality but the fact that it implies the occlusion of men). I hate that they mention The Shining. I hate the fact The Storyteller is in charge of communications. I hate that "the father" is restored as a dignified watcher while "the mother" is restored as a baby. For various reasons I'm uncomfortable with Dander. I hate the fact that Giles removes his glasses. In short - I hate the symbolism.

    This is home - in German heim. Home is the place Buffy and Spike have (whether together or independently) been striving to return to. However, for me, the symbolism makes heim unheimlich or uncanny. It makes the familiar strange. It's creepy. That's what I don't like - I don't like the creepiness of the whole thing. I'm not reading into it - these things are on the surface (or fairly common motifs). I can read it as everyone else does and be happy but equally I can read it like this and (genuinely) feel sick. That's the reason I can't go back to it - yet. I'm really uncomfortable with it. I feel this heaven could pretty easily be hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flow View Post
    To get into a better place individually is probably an important Thing to do for both of them. And I am fine with them doing that each on their own. But growing individually is something you continue to do in a realtionship. Or at least you should continue to do so. So it`s kinda first step: Learn to do it on your own, second step: learn to do it in a relationship.
    Oh I agree flow, I think there's no good reason why people can't make individual choices and development from within a relationship and I'd thought that was where they were at at the end of S11, but sadly not. So onwards and upwards as you say. Sure you don't need to be in a relationship to be happy/strong but to have to end one to realise you can forge a path that is what you need as an individual regardless is something you can grow beyond I believe and would hope for Buffy that she could too.

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