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Thread: Random comics related questions (not season 12!)

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    It's an age since I read them to be honest and clearly we are going to have some subjective differences in this, but I think it was dubious at first with Spider. It read to me that he was effectively willing to try to gain favour to get out. But they do continue seeing each other after and I vaguely remember Spike talking of dating at one point early on after they get away from the situation it starts in (or some such). The start of it is definitely unpleasant though, for me, the context of why/how it begins and I think people would react really differently if it was a female character in the same position as Spike is put here. But I do think in the grand scheme of things it was a consensual relationship. I think that we were supposed to just see it as sexy at first, the captive being irresistible and so somewhat reforming one of their captors. I just have issues with that as I also see someone trading themselves and I feel a real unpleasant edge to that which runs into issues I have because of my awareness of real life sex trade coercions and trafficking of kidnapped people. It just makes me a little sick, so I'm going to step out of the conversation on this one from here because I don't remember the details well enough and am not likely to find the time to reread them right now. And because of the associations it brings up for me I'm not relaxed about discussing it in positive terms without being able to remember the specifics to confirm or allay my negative recollection about it. I do intend to reread the comics after I get through my current rewatch, and I did enjoy the canon ones overall, but the start of this relationship bothered me a lot.

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    EDIT: Ugh, so I've returned after saying I wouldn't because despite my wishes I haven't managed to stop it churning around in my head. I'm trying to recall the story around them, (spoilery comments follow)... I can't actually remember how much of their relationship was implied or openly on the page exactly, but she was part of the spikettes that helped Spike and formed the harem that was part of his cover in After the Fall when he was pretending to be a playboy style demon Lord in his attempt to protect Illyria/Fred and hide that he was going out rescuing people. If I recall correctly, they were under Non's control originally, some kind of mind control, but they joined Spike when he killed her and became Lord and they became freed. So there was a point that Spider/they were trapped/victims too. It just didn't eradicate for me the context of the start of their relationship being in great part about Spike doing anything to try to get out. People struggle with specific storylines dotted around here and there and there are plenty which don't bother me but I read other people react very negatively to. Kidnapped victims really 'wanting it' or liking it disturbs me. But without a reread I think the aspect of both being trapped was supposed to be the overriding feeling. I have to say I did like Spike: AtF and AtF itself overall quite a lot and would certainly recommend getting the Spike one and AtF canon issues (up to issue 17 I think it was), this is just a personal issue/dislike for me (not that I'm the only one I've ever known to have an issue with it, but as I say, it is subjective and there's plenty of difficult storylines I don't struggle with personally).
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