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Thread: 30 Days of Buffy

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    Day 22 I love the Zeppo and The Replacement, they are both great episodes. I think I'll go with The Replacement today just because I like the idea of accepting the weaker and stronger sides of ourselves as part of the whole picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeepBlueJoy View Post

    Recognizing reality isn't the same as accepting limits. sometimes you have to know what you can do, and where you are currently at in order to move forward. We cannot move forward if we don't know who we are. I don't think he's ordinary. I think that someone who does all he did with none of the training, natural abilities or magic of his friends, is someone who is immensely resourceful and determined. It takes a great deal of strength, moral agency and maturity to show up when you are so far outclassed in conventional terms.

    The thing that people don't realize... No army moves without its engineers. A war is not won by the flying ace. It's won by the flying ace flying in a plane designed by a nameless engineer and architects, built by a bunch of grunts (in some of our wars, those nameless grunts were mostly women), transported by a transport pilot. The ace is trained by a trainer. He's taught in officer school by an officer, by countless NCOs, by scoutmasters, by teachers, by mom... We are NEVER an army of one. We're an army of one (or more often many), EACH supported by THOUSANDS.

    So next time someone says 'i'm just a cog in a machine', ask them if the machine runs without them. If the answer is yes, they're in the wrong machine... but most of the time... the EMT doesn't bring the car crash victim to the hospital where the orderly and nurses bring the victim to the OR without a bystander who calls for help, or a dispatcher who sends the ambulance out.

    So... Xander... is magnificent. As an ORDINARY man. Because he's not ordinary. He's THERE. How many other people who didn't have any special 'something' where there in Sunnydale in those last days?

    Everyone there was a magician/mage, slayer, potential, watcher, demon or ex demon... or even an ex-key.

    So, out of those people, how many of them had saved the world with no special skills?

    Oh yeah, just one.

    And he did it more than one time.

    Sometimes, ORDINARY ROCKS.

    I christen him Xander, he who keeps demons out of the house.

    That's actually the most beautiful thing I've read about Xander since forever.
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    Favourite romance: because I don't think of Buffy and Spike in romantic terms, I'm not going to name them. I admit I used to enjoy Bangel in its day, but I preferred Willow and Oz, then later on Willow and Tara.

    Least favourite season, toss up between S1 and S4. The latter was very uneven, whilst in the former the show has yet to get into its stride.
    Least favourite romance: Willow and Kennedy
    Least favourite episode: Go Fish. Ugh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Priceless View Post
    Day 21 - Best Willow-centric Episode I love Willow's Season 6 arc so I'll pick Two To Go. Willow is so brutal, not worrying about Buffy or Xander becoming collateral damage or creepily threatening to turn Dawn back into a ball of energy. She's so wonderfully cruel and nasty.
    You know, I was thinking of choosing the dark willow arc for its utter darkness. Not because I love her so much, but because I think it reveals her utter wilfulness and ruthlessness. I think she's out of control because she chooses to let the magics in... It's a lot like Angelus... he wants to wade into the evil and just soak it in. (I think that's why he goes 'sort of evil' when he's drugged with the ecstacy -- he isn't truly happy, but he lets himself get lost in the euphoria and gives into his inner demon.)

    She doesn't just use her magics, she sucks magics up and drains a PERSON in order to accomplish what she wants to. That crosses over from grieving widow, into malevolent wilfulness writ large, into EVIL. In some ways, she's the purest evil of the series. Other creatures are innately evil, vampires need to eat, but she chooses it, seeks it, wallows in it. I feel sorry for her in the moment of her loss, but until she lets Xander talk her down, I don't have any empathy for her after that... and I've BEEN a grieving widow.

    I know exactly how much it rips out your heart.

    So... I should feel it for her. I do. Later. When she's lost without Tara (oddly, shown best in that episode with Kennedy). But at no time in her rampage does she hear anyone who loves her.

    She's the antithesis of *everything* Tara stood for.

    I want to feel for her, but I end up disliking her intensely. You aren't entitled to hurt people because you lose someone. Willow is essentially just another violent Incel. Someone angry and insecure who becomes convinced they're entitled to something better than what they have and who lashes out at everyone when she loses the thing she got that she never truly valued when she had it... she loved Tara like a child loves a favorite teddybear or a pet... the relationship is mostly about what WILLOW wants and needs. When 'teddy-pet' isn't cooperating, Willow drugs her.

    Want. Take. Have. A truly bankrupt philosophy.

    In the I robot, you Jane episode, we see her wilfulness... It's not the first time, but it's the first time we really see her personality explored in detail. It's a thread in her that I don't think she ever fully lets go. I think the main reason she stays in control afterward is that she frightened herself and 'took her medicine' so she wouldn't be a pariah. It was a strategic choice.

    Willow is our sweet, neighborhood sociopath. :-) No, I don't hate Willow. I just think she is seriously dangerous, and not because of the magics.

    Note to Willow fans: I apologize in advance. I do not hate her, and I don't bash her in my stories -- in fact i think she has many good and heroic characteristics. I just believe she's a narcissist at heart. She does care about people in her life, but she cares most about acceptance, and about getting her way.
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    Day 22 The Zeppo is just really great. I mean, Xander saved the world and slept with Faith, what can I even say here?

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    Can I change my Willow pick to Villains? I somehow forgot that this should count as Willow-centric.
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