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Thread: Spuffy Fanfic Recommendations

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    Just a couple of recs. that I enjoyed;

    Half Baked by Kimi
    - the cookie dough speech from Angel's pov, short and sweet.

    Haikus Illegal in Several States by the newbuzwuzz - set during Something Blue, Spike plans his and Buffy's honeymoon, in haikus

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    Someday, by Sunalso and Welcome to the Hellmouth! Part Deux by OffYourBird: Same premise, two great stories! (Time travel, of course).
    I`ve only just found out that there is a third story with the same premise (Buffy travelling back in time to one single day of each season). It`s Ripples on a Hellmouth by stuffandnonsense and it is fantastic. It is also a bit mind boggeling. If any of you has read it, please explain to me, how Buffy ends up with whom she ends up. Time travel is always so confusing ... I also have to warn you, that there is very little Spike and no Spuffy in the first ten or so chapters of this story. Also, if you are a Willow fan, be warned. Willow is not a very likeable character for some parts of the story, but this is not the usual Willow bashing. It`s many different Willow`s. It`s bloody brilliant.

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