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Thread: Positives and Negatives - S5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoney View Post
    I can see your point ATOE that Willow and Spike take prominent positions in S6, and S7 for Spike too, but I'm totally happy with it. I just enjoy their arcs too much to dislike that the writers did this. Personally I think that they work alongside Buffy's journey at those points and there's plenty of development and reflection between them and her that works really well. But I do think there is a distinct shift in tone to the show because of it and whilst I like it in terms of how it suits the stories and general sense of them growing up for me, it does emphasise the line created at The Gift.
    @ATOE - you have a good point about the intensity of Buffy - but I think that the exploration should have been focused on the consequences between Buffy and the four who made the choice to resurrect her. Instead of having the friends who brought her back having severe negative consequences placed on them we have Spike as the whipping post/HUGE Bad Relationship. I don't mean that I did not like the great dramatic story that was created between Buffy & Spike post The Gift but perhaps having a bit less emphasis on Spike being given the majority of negative effects character having W,X,T &A getting more of the bad consequences would have added more to the season.

    @Stoney - excellent point on the "shift in tone..."

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