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Thread: Who wants to rewatcht season 3 BtVS with me ?

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    Lovers Walk

    The reason why I don`t like to rewatch season3 is, that is has only one Spike Episode in it. Imho that is even worse than season1. I know, that season1 does not even have one single Spike epiosde. But I only miss him for twelve episodes in season1, whereas I have to plough throuh the unbelieveable amount of twentyone Spikeless episodes in season3.

    Don`t expect any unbiased opinions about Lovers Walk from me. You have been warned

    I love to hear JM singing.....I did it mahay way..... (By the way, I also love to see JM acting)

    I have to admit, that I find it almost heartbreaking, when I see Xander looking at the pictures of him and Cordy in Cordelias locker and saying "I never knew I was locker door material". There is so much awe and surprise and hope and happiness in his voice, that his stupid Willow kissing and playing footsie with her is even more unbelieveable, than it already was from the beginning.

    Willow is faking her joy about Oz`little pez witch present. Good acting by AH.

    I feel very sorry for the Magic Shop owner. She was such a nice and kind Lady.

    How did Spike know, that Willow would be in the school laboratory at night? I can suddenly understand some of Xanders resentment towards Spike, considering that he just got punched in the face twice.

    Joyce: "Xander is a witch?" That is so funny. I love Joyce.

    Can anyone explain to me please, what "Peaches" means? Apart from the fruit. Or, if there is no other meaning, why does Spike basically call Angel "Fruits"?

    Love`s a funny thing!

    Next week it is gonna be The Wish and Amends.

    Will you just hold me ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flow View Post
    A new week has started, so letīs have some
    I watched both of these this week too.

    I have to say I actually like the Bangel Tai Chi scene. That, the ice skating and the graveyard picnic are probably my favourite Bangely moments. I don't think DB does a great job on the romance side generally, I think he does just try to rely on being tall dark and broody to make hearts go afluttering and he's better as the tall dark broody lead in his own show, but I like some aspects of Bangel.

    Revelations is all about Faith for me. Seeing her try to be a supportive friend in splitting Scott up from his date in Homecoming was interesting alongside offering to go with Buffy and we get more of her attempting to join Buffy and the group here too. She's training/patrolling and we've now got her trying to share with Buffy and reaching out as you say. She is trying to join the gang, is supportive of Giles when Post first arrives and is hurt when she is excluded and then made to look a fool. As she calls Buffy back you know that she is wanting to fix it further but just doesn't know how to get herself to let the barriers down. I've a lot of time for Faith and think it is atrocious how she was stranded and left to deal with some horrific trauma alone. Some of this is the scoobies not realising what a mess she is in or being distracted by their own issues, but a great deal is at the feet of the Council who treat slayers in an appalling way. Faith is supposed to be grateful for her awful apartment/room because it makes her a good warrior is she?? Bull.

    Buffy has a heck of a lot churning under the surface over Angel's return and I think she was uncertain what she felt, worried about what could happen, guilty about having started to move on too. She should have told the others but there was likely also fear at how they would react on behalf of Angel as well as not wanting to raise memories that were difficult and clashing with them again. It's all just a mess really.

    Obviously I love Lovers Walk and Spike's brief blast into town throws everyone else's love lives up in the air in his wake, ha. And I love that Spike is as blind in love as he is accusing Buffy and Angel of being. He might be willing to admit he is a slave to it, but he refuses to see Dru and her treatment of him for what it is. So despite complaining about her indiscretion repeatedly and Angel winding him up and pointing out she is fickle (presumably alluding to his time unsouled with her too), Spike decides to go and remind her what she loved about him. But this doesn't bear any resemblance to who he was when she saw him we come to learn, it is still about him trying to make himself what she wants, bringing her gifts, beautiful dresses with beautiful girls etc etc. He's trying to fit expectations and that isn't about being accepted as he is.

    I heartily disliked the Willow/Xander storyline and am more than glad it has come to its end. I really feel for Cordelia too, she's genuinely heart broken.

    I don't think Willow was faking the joy at the Pez witch flow. What made you think she was?

    I think peaches is deliberately a mocking term of endearment that is somewhat belittling/derogatory, like calling him sweetie, and also there is the possible meaning of peach as a fruit that is often associated with visually looking like an 'ass', so another slight/insult layered in. Aaaand, peach fuzz is often a way to refer to the immature facial hair guys get when going through puberty, so again, a way to try and belittle him as 'acting like a man'. Can't think of anything else.
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