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Thread: Best Friend(ships)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bespangled View Post
    From vast experience on boards - report and don't react. I want you to stay here!
    I don't know which of us you're talking to, but I don't particularly want the other one to stay here. If it's about me, I have no intention to leave, or for that matter to report anybody. I just intend to not treat them like people capable of a serious discussion in the future, and frankly, it seems like a good judgment call for nobody else to treat them that as such, either. There's a lot that I think people should be less touchy about (flawed fictional characters are supposed to say dumb stuff to each other), but relying on unexamined prejudices to attack real-life people over fictional arguments is over the line. There's certainly a time and place to discuss ACTUAL Asperger's (which is no longer officially called that, but Aspie is a convenient shortened version that I actually like), it's just probably not here, and it would require participants interested in basic research. I now dislike the person I was arguing with, I don't think they're worthy of an ongoing dialogue on any topic, I won't be talking to them again, and I want them to know that I think their post sucks, both because I'm petty that way and because I like these things to be out in the open. And... that's pretty much the end of it. It would take more than a few ruffled feathers to keep me away from Buffyverse geekery LOL.

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    Yes - complete agreement here! Also - you rock!
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    Buffy and Tara -- i love that Buffy could talk to her when she couldn't talk to others

    The whole gang and Tara -- Family is my favorite episode of the entire series -- when they stood up for Tara, I loved each and every one of them. People from abusive backgrounds so seldom have people stand up for them.

    Spike and Joyce. I love their little kitchen chats. You can see that Spike loves Joyce. He was gutted when she died.

    I know this is an odd one, but it's worth mentioning:

    Faith and the Mayor -- yes, he was evil, but he seemed as if he was the first person who treated her in a loving manner and didn't want to sleep with her, or have her 'due her duty and die like a nice little obedient slayer'. Everyone else wanted something – sex, obedience, loyalty, her unpaid slaying. He did want something from her, but he paid her, gave her a decent place to live, and was generous to her, treated her with respect and genuine affection and didn't want to have sex with her.

    (my head canon said Faith turned tricks to support herself - b/c there's no evidence of her getting any real support from the council... ) Giles and Wes don't seem to have an issue with her living in a pay by the hour no-tell motel. I think her turning away from the indifferent, rich people who let her twist in the wind is inevitable, and completely foreseeable. They treated her like absolute crap. Xander tried to be a friend, but someone who didn't trust men wasn't about to trust a man who'd slept with her, even if he was caring.


    Angel and Faith: Angel's not always my favorite person, but in this case he's 110% heroic. Angel's the first real family Faith ever really has... family that's not evil. It doesn't surprise me that she's ready to give up her life to save him.

    Cordelia, Gunn and Wes: after they were abandoned by Angel... that friendship was a lovely, precious thing... and at times, also funny.

    Gunn and Cordelia: she befriends him when he's reckless and trusts no one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoSpuffy View Post
    What friendships do you enjoy the most? Not of the romantic variety but of the straight friendship feelings? I like:

    spike / Dawn
    Spike / Joyce
    Oz / Xander
    Giles / Ethan (would have loved for Ripper to have redeemed Ethan)
    Dawn / Janice (I wish we saw more of her!)
    Xander / Andrew (nerds of a feather)

    I would have LOVED to see Giles and Ethan taken further. Redeemed Ethan would have made me utterly happy.
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