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    As a person of color who grew up in a transitional time (1960s and 70s) Aretha represented that RESPECT and self love that black folks were just beginning to allow ourselves to own. I was born into a former British colony, where, though the population was majority black, it was still unheard of for bank tellers to be browner than a paper bag. God forbid they did NOT straighten their hair.

    Aretha Franklin was one of several soul sisters -- Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Roberta Flack are the three that come to mind -- and a bunch of brothers -- who proudly stood up to be counted and changed both music and how we viewed ourselves.

    I want to say that not only did they sing our pain and cry for freedom, but that without an Aretha Franklin, this country wouldn't have had a black president and many, many young women would still be ashamed of their kinky hair, round noses and brown skin.

    She made it cool to respect ourselves and to expect it from men and from powers that be, no matter who they are.

    Some singers changed music. Some changed hearts. Aretha changed us and in doing so, she helped change the world for the better.

    Thank you Sister Aretha. May the choirs of heaven sound half as good as you did!

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