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@ Stoney - all well and good but WHAT ABOUT THE BEAR?
The bear was fun.

I see there is a polar bear on the banner for the new fic too (I've downloaded my copy but it will probably be tomorrow before I start it at the earliest). I suspect this might be a little limited as a theme, although we can certainly strive to find more polar bear fics.

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I might add, because I was the one, who was ranting about claims, that I gave it a pass for this fic, because the writer changed the ritual in a way, that I can live with, even if I may not be really happy about it.
I just read through the earlier posts and I agree with you that sometimes claims can be problematic if they strip independence too much. I also agree with you that the original scenes in the fic were one of the nicest parts, I loved the snow fight and some of the earlier ones with Lydia. I had originally marked the story at around 8/10 too. But over the years I've been reading fanfics my patience with the special snowflake view of Spike's character and the demon/William as separate entities clearly felt within Spike idea has decreased.

But as a soulless whilst not totally soulless fic, it feels quite unique to me and so I still would rate it highly at 7/10 and suspect I'll read it again in a few years quite happily.

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As far as I can remember, I've yet to read a story that goes down the soullessness route and adequately deals with this issue.
How could that be possibly done ? I can`t imagine any way, to deal with that in a plausible and authentic way.
In all fairness I don't know. I've seen plenty where they try to remove blame or enjoyment of the evil acts he did. Saying it was all forced on him, or he never raped for example. But that is just changing it rather than dealing with him as he is soulless in canon and creating separation from the enjoyment he got without giving him a soul. The capacity to genuinely feel remorse for all the crimes he committed would need to be there for some reason and some significant trigger from an event that makes it believable as something he develops/gains or a different supernatural reason that would mean it is gained either by choice or done to him. Basically some way that takes him beyond what he was capable of when committing the crimes. The other supernatural cause though is just kind of a soul by another name really. So I go back to, I don't know.

I am also not really happy with the group reading situation at the moment. To be honest - I don`t know, what to do about it. I feel, that we have tried giving ourselves more time, less time, longer fics, shorter fics, more fics, a long Hiatus with no fic at all and nothing has worked.

I am still willing to try different threads for different fics, if that would help. I think, it would make it easier, for someone, to get back to the discussion later, because it would still be possible, to post one`s opinion in a context with other posts about the same fic. But I`d like to hear other people views on that.
The separate threads could make things neater (did you say you had spoken to a mod about this previously?). The problem in terms of reading together is that we all have such a myriad of other commitments trying to determine what speed we read at together is basically impossible. Plus, if you are reading a fic and enjoying it and have the free time then and there, of course you aren't going to want to put it down for 3 days because you happen to be ahead. I wonder if it could help to have some set questions that we all theoretically look to answer at specific points, so we are able to compare/contrast even if we are days apart in getting there. We could agree based on the length which chapters should be used as marker points to post something. I'm not sure if that is too formal for everyone else though (although nothing controls how brief/detailed you have to be in your answers of course and we could include an 'any other thoughts' options too). I've never done a reading group in any other context so I don't know how they generally are run/structured and if there is a common approach we could just adopt.