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Thread: The Great Season 8 Re-read

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    No, Joss was the one who pretty much made these declarations right up front to the paper. Basically, Buffy slept with Satsu so that he could say she had, as far as I could tell. It was possibly his most cynical writing choice ever, precisely because he was also at pains to say this didn't represent any sort of shift in Buffy's basic, default orientation.

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    Agree with Sosa Lola, Xander should have gone for it just to solve the problem, not dithered (the kiss). In hindsight, the emergency nature of this plot made the curse sort of absurd, because the correct answer if this were actually going on is to just order everybody to line up and start kissing because, with respect to Sweet Brown, "ain't nobody got time for that". It would have been more believable that anyone would have spent a significant amount of time wringing their hands about whether or not to kiss her had the curse not coincided with the rest of the threat, like just sleeping beauty with no other immediate danger.
    Totally see what you are saying here, but I simply can not get behind the idea of forcing young girls into kissing someone, not for a spell, not for any reason, not even in a comic, not even Buffy. And just because Amy says that's the cure to the spell, she's evil and could be lying.

    There was something in the news recently about stopping people telling young children, especially girls, to kiss people as a hello or a thank you, because it makes girls think they have to kiss, even if it makes then uncomfortable, and then the uncomfortable becomes the norm for them and leaves them open to abuse. I think forcing the slayers to kiss Buffy is a similar thing - no one should be forced or expected to kiss anyone and it certainly shouldn't become the expected thing

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    I didn't get much more than a sisterly vibe with Faith and Genevieve even though there is much of the Male Gaze in the arc (he said approvingly),
    I am a straight woman and maybe I'm an old fashioned prude, but I have never shared a bath with another woman I think all the evidence points to Faith at least being bi-curious (if that's still even a thing nowadays?) I would also say that Genevieve is using her sexuality to manipulate Faith, as she can tell how lonely Faith is. I think loneliness is also one of the reasons Buffy sleeps with Satsu
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