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Thread: Rank the S1 episodes

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    Default Rank the S1 episodes

    There are threads about season-by-season threads about ranking the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes, so I figured why not do one for Angel as well?

    1. "Sanctuary" -- 10/10: I feel like this episode sums up the show's mission statement better than any other: Buffy came to defeat the bad guy, Angel spent the episode trying to save the bad guy from themselves. Angel, Faith, Buffy, Wesley are all compelling here. You can see where everyone's coming from, and it's just good drama.
    2. "Somnambulist" -- 9/10: AtS wasn't nearly as subversive as BtVS, but I love the twist of Kate, who had been set up as Angel's developing new love interest, turning into his adversary after finding out he's a vampire. Kate is not Buffy.
    3. "The Prodigal" -- 9/10: This episode would have been #2 if Cordelia and Wesley had been utilized and integrated into the plot as well as they were in "Somnambulist".
    4. "Five by Five" -- 9/10: Angel and Faith in the rain.
    5. "Parting Gifts" -- 8/10: Does a great job following up on Doyle's death, introduces Wesley and great material for Cordelia, who is in rare form throughout the whole episode.
    6. "Rm w/a Vu" -- 8/10: The first (and best) Cordy-centric episode of the series. Funny episode, with a surprising amount of depth.
    7. "City Of" -- 8/10: I love the noir-y feel to this episode.
    8. "Eternity" -- 8/10: They always mistake me for the character I play! A deep exploration of Angel's character.
    9. "I've Got You Under My Skin" -- 8/10: The plot twist of the little boy being the villain was awesome.
    10. "To Shanshu in L.A." -- 8/10: Establishes Angel, Cordy and Wes as a family, and great set-up for Season 2.
    11. "The Bachelor Party" -- 7/10: I like Doyle/Cordy as a romance, and I love both of their characters and they get some good material here.
    12. "War Zone" -- 7/10: Introduces Gunn; fun Cordy-Wes interaction.
    13. "The Ring" -- 6/10: Nothing special, but it introduces Lilah Morgan (one of my favorites) and I enjoyed Cordy and Wes here.
    14. "In the Dark" -- 6/10: Like many Season 1 episodes, this one was a little slow, but the appearance of Spike and Oz made it worthwhile.
    15. "Blind Date" -- 6/10: Alright.
    16. "I Will Remember You" -- 5/10: Unnecessary emotional manipulation. Waste of everyone's time. Poor Sarah Michelle Gellar.
    17. "Hero" -- 5/10: The beginning has some character interaction and the ending is a tearjerker, but too much time is spent on the incredibly lame plot.
    18. "Expecting" -- 5/10: Guilty pleasure; I enjoy the Angel-Cordy-Wes interaction.
    19. "Sense and Sensitivity" -- 5/10: Kind of lame, but the ending of Kate still being rejected by her father was good.
    20. "I Fall to Pieces" -- 5/10: Lame, but fun character interaction.
    21. "Lonely Heart" -- 5/10: Dull Monster-of-the-Week episode. Nothing more, nothing less.
    22. "She" -- 1/10: ...
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    I'm only just in the middle of my second watch of AtS (I'm watching concurrently alongside the BtVS rewatch we're doing here and am up to S6/S3). I really like AtS but I just don't know the episodes as well and did have to glance back at my notes from when I first watched the show a little.

    I have to say, I think She probably wins the worst episode of the entire verse.

    1. Somnambulist
    2. Five By Five
    3. The Prodigal
    4. Sanctuary
    5. Sense & Sensitivity
    6. City Of
    7. Parting Gifts
    8. Blind Date
    9. To Shanshu in LA
    10. Lonely Heart
    11. Rm w/a Vu
    12. The Ring
    13. I've Got You Under My Skin
    14. The Bachelor Party
    15. War Zone
    16. Eternity
    17. In the Dark
    18. Hero
    19. I Will Remember You
    20. I Fall to Pieces
    21. Expecting
    22. She

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