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Thread: Buffy 20th Anniversary Cast Interviews

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    I don't know if this was addressed in the thread: Eliza Dushku wasn't invited to the cast reunion. I consider this a much bigger deal than Nicholas Brendon's whatever.

    Eliza is one of the bigger stars of the Whedonverse (sans Avengers ). Faith is one of the most important and most iconic characters of the series. Faith is a huge factor for the success of BtVS S3. Faith had the 'juice' to continue the Buffyverse without Buffy, as there was going to be FtVS. In terms of the Whedonverse, Eliza also has Dollhouse .

    Finally, Eliza Dushku still looks good and Joss Whedon solely created the character of Faith.

    - I'm also disappointed that Juliet Landau wasn't there.

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    Just seen this interview linked on BB which I hadn't caught around the time of the anniversary. Can't remember it being posted here, apologies if I'm repeating it.

    In the past I've heard JM talk repeatedly about disliking the attempted rape (which is discussed specifically in the interview), I've even seen him go as far as to say that he didn't see what was gained from it. He's made it clear many times it was a scene he didn't want to act, but this interview stood out as he acknowledges the 'in-story' need within his response this time. It is a general JM interview really, and touches on other projects as well as BtVS.

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