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Thread: The Sunnydale School Library (Register for FA Ideas and Prompts)

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    Default The Sunnydale School Library (Register for FA Ideas and Prompts)

    Do you have a good idea for a challenge or a prompt that might inspire other artists? Post it here in this thread. We no longer have classic challenges since the group of fanartists is too small, but the diehards still love a good challenge from time to time. So is there a quote you love very much? Or was there once upon a time a challenge on BF you loved? Post it! Same with ideas for challenges, a new fanart style or a picture you adore. This thread is the place where you can post anything that inspires you and/or can inspire somebody else. You don't have to be a fanartist yourself btw, if you have a great idea or perhaps something you would love to see... post it here. Post one thing or a hundred things, it doesn't matter.

    This thread is not for discussions, if you want to discuss, ask or say something... here you go.
    If you used a prompt, we would love to see your art in this thread.

    OP starts, so here we go....

    • Use the Byron font in your graphic.
    • Make a poster or cover for your current 'obsession'.
    • Create an epic picspam (Thee parts or more. So at least three times eight panels.)
    • Use bright and/or light colors to tell a dark story.
    • Make your own texture (with photoshopfilters, your own photos or pictures without copyright) and use that one in a graphic.
    • Create at least six icons in a style you rarely use (or better, never used before).

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