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Thread: BtVS rewatch: SEASON 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by debbicles View Post
    I love how protective towards Anya Xander is. I still didn't understand why they broke up, but hey, once I rewatch Hell's Bells I may get a jolt of memory.
    That'll be my turn! I will review Hell's Bells. I'll just say one thing, Xander loves Anya dearly and it's why he won't marry her.
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    Halfrek gives Spike the curse that will change his entire life. Teenage Dirtbag

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    Thank you, debbicles , good points!

    Quote Originally Posted by debbicles View Post
    Maybe because you do these birthday episode reviews, you should have two birthdays yourself, like HM the Queen? The official birthday could coincide with the Buffy episode and you could have a private birthday on another day. Your actual birthday, as in for example! Two lots of presents!!!
    Hmmm... Interesting idea!

    But boy those slugs are rather special looking!!! Thank you for sharing those snapshots!
    They are something, aren't they...

    Also, it only just occurred to me (belatedly) that being summoned to the counsellor's office might have frightened Dawn, she could have felt it was more bad news. Maybe Halfrek, being the experienced "justice" demon that she is, was actually counting on the shock factor?
    Didn't think about that, but it sounds like something a "justice" demon will do. They do rely on manipulative tactics on an ongoing basis, right?

    What catering school did Anya go to? She seems to be able to handle delicate canapés without fumbling.

    I don't know whether Spike is more worried about Clem thinking Richard is cute or whether Buffy thinks it. Why is nobody wildly curious about Spike's black eye? I have to suppose he's off form otherwise why the frell would he take so long to jump on the demon after it stabs Hallie? But at least he has the presence of mind to realise it's the sword that's the secret here, or is that code for something as well?
    All valid questions. The whole meaning of the sword demon's relevance is confusing to me. I wonder if it wasn't supposed to be considered that much, beyond the obligatory chaotic action-trigger element of the episode.

    At this stage I'm with you in wanting Buffy to show Dawn and Spike some consideration- she seems to be getting on with her friends really quite well but neglecting the two who had nothing to do with bringing her back. What's that about then? I don't think she's bothered about Spike getting knocked down at all, she's anxious about Xander. Given that it was Spike who came to Xander's rescue, she never said a word to him. But she still expects him to watch out for Dawn. Never mind Dead Things, this was the start of my intense dislike of her from this episode onwards.
    Yes I know, and I was right there with you when the show first aired, but now that I'd been through a lot of stuff, I just feel bad about the whole situation. I don't know how much this has been discussed here, but in hindsight (and having now more experience on how clinical depression works), a symptom of depression is taking out the anger and putting the blame on the people that is closer to you, the ones that you know that won't give you up. My read of this is that in Buffy's case, Dawn is her family, looks up to her and depends on her completely. Buffy needs no effort to ensure Dawn's love and loyalty. So, Buffy feels no need of making any effort to "look good" in Dawn's eyes, and even if she is not actively blaming her or emotionally attacking her, she is hurting her deeply by making her feel deserted and ignored. Spike, though, is a more complex thing, as I see it. Spike can be interpreted from his role as Buffy's "dark side", as well as an individual in his own right. From Buffy's perspective, he is the dark, private place where she can go and forget her misery. He is where she can escape from real life, get high on it, and feel good for a little while. Of course, this is a harmful cycle that brings guilt and increases the level of self-hate and overall misery. The "sensible" part of her wishes she could forget about him, ignore his existence and stay away from him. Apparently this also means to ignore any effort of being useful he makes. In the other hand, and in practical means, when it comes to fighting evil (or protecting Dawn, or being helpful in any way) he is a valuable resource she can't ignore, and that would be missed if it wasn't there. Although acknowledging him would mean accepting that he is in fact someone, and that he is really trying to be a better man, and that she just beat the unliving daylights out of him, and what a horrible person would that make her. At the same time, she is not worried about loosing him, either because she doesn't care (or she says so to herself) or because she knows that he is obsessed (in love) with her and will put up with her no matter what. Spike's "you hurt the ones you love", resonates again, right?
    Apparently, she is not that sure about the other Scoobies, namely Willow and Xander. Even after all the tree of them have been through, Buffy fears being something less than perfect to their eyes, and losing their love and respect. Undeservedly so, I think, since both of them dealt with it much better than what she expected.

    Re Halfrek's identity, back in the day I recognised her at once as Cecily, but it seems that not too many viewers did. Which surprised me at the time. Poor Spike/William. Trouble with that theory is that in Entropy he shows not a flicker of recognition so it blew my whole hypothesis out of the water. Even if it has been subsequently confirmed that she was exacting justice at that Victorian party. I haven't read the comic in question.
    Hmm... you're right. I figured that he didn't recognize her in this episode because she wore her demon face during the scene. He seems to find something familiar in her, though. I don't remember well their interaction in Entropy, to say the truth, but it is something we may address when we get to the episode.

    All in all, I do feel that this episode could have been more solid and told its story so much better. The various elements of comedy, angst, drama and mild horror don't quite seem to mesh coherently. I don't think, anyway.
    This is pretty much how it feels, I think.
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    All valid questions. The whole meaning of the sword demon's relevance is confusing to me. I wonder if it wasn't supposed to be considered that much, beyond the obligatory chaotic action-trigger element of the episode.
    It might be a stretch, but I wonder if it's because the sword demon can hide. All our main characters have things to hide about themselves and their feelings, and a demon that can hide unseen in the walls.
    Never much cared for picket fences, anyway. Bloody dangerous.

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    It's great to see there have been a whole bunch of posts. I'm looking forward to watching the ep and reading through them all this week.

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    Rihannon, I could have used your lovely explanation of Buffy's feelings at the time the show aired!!! Everything you say makes sense, but I didn't see that at the time.

    Priceless, that's a great point about the sword. Oh darn it, I made a truly awful pun. Sorry.
    You know what I am. You've always known. You come to me all the same.

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