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Thread: The Season 11 Thread - Discussion, Speculation and News

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    One more page (with the title) released:

    Horror Patch

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardlyThere View Post
    Yes, it was a faction, but when we discuss it, we say "the military". I'm sure there were people in the .gov against the idea of rounding up citizens and putting them in a big glass dome in Texas. I'm sure there was a split in Congress. But it passed. The President has to agree to it and Congress has to fund it.

    I'm sure the VEEP will be the ringleader of it, but at that level and to the extent of which the plan was carried out, you can't say it was all on him. So we say "the government" even though it's doubtful SCJs were in on it.

    It would be a surprise if the reaction of the VP was a very honest one, and he is the only one who was out of the loop - with the villain being the quiet President...

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    I'd say they're all villains. It was commented on at the beginning they all share a resemblance to the players in the Bush admin, where people seem to think Powell was sorta OK, Cheney/Rumsfeld were the masterminds and Bush, this sort of docile puppet.

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