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Thread: The Season 11 Thread - Discussion, Speculation and News

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    What's that old axiom? Change the channel and the pain will cease? Sure you can modify it for a print or digital reading format pretty easily. And for message boards, for that matter.
    I don't even understand what you're trying to say. Stop being pretentious and use plain English.

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    I've just had an email from Dark Horse Digital that they have a sale on the comics, a lot of individual issues are down to $0.99. They have Buffy, Serenity and Angel & Faith included, as well as other series. I'm not sure how long it is running for or all that it applies to, but it is a bit of a reduction from what they charge per issue normally for the back issues (I think they tend to go down to around $1.99 normally, but I'm not sure) and a fair amount less than what they normally charge for the recent releases, BtVS I think is normally $3.99 when it is released. I've just had a quick look and all the ones of S11 are included in the sale. There is a link for the sale in the scrolling banner at the top of the Dark Horse Digital site. -

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    Scott Fischer just liked my fan art work I did for the 20th-anniversary challenge, on my Instagram. I'm so thrilled because I truly find his art to be so impressive!

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