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Thread: Buffy # 22 Issue Discussion Thread(Full Spoilers)

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    I have come to the opinion that there is a deuterocanon, if you will, a sort of broader body of works that are not strictly canon but are referenced/incorporated by canon. I think that's where this book I never cared to read falls, and probably the whole of IDW's run with "Angel" (i.e. what little reference we got to Hell-A in "Buffy" and "Angel and Faith" is now canon, but whether the specific and literal events of "After the Fall" did? At this point who knows or cares -- if it matters to anything they'll bring it up).

    So this Dylan, treat what you're given here in Season 10 as canon and just that; if you didn't like hers or Spike's outfit or posture on page 3 panel 5 of whatever, and it has not been ratified by S10, then ignore it as you see fit.

    I am also taking this position with regard to the mothballed Star Wars EU -- without spoiling, I watched Episode VII and saw places where, for instance, "Heir to the Empire" or "Jedi Academy" -- at least their very, very broad concepts -- still could fit in without contradicting the narrative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoney View Post
    Using Dylan doesn't change the status of the other comic I don't feel because it doesn't change that Joss didn't opt to put his name on it. Sheesh they didn't even edit the dratted thing and I'm still unconvinced Allie even read it as what he said about it in the interview promoting it didn't even match the details within it. So she may as well be a new character with just whatever details they have given in S10. That they (mostly) match JM's story isn't important and they have even said themselves the link doesn't matter, so it does nothing for the credibility/status of the original story for me, not at all. The whole thing was a p*ss poor cynical abuse of fan loyalty imo and nothing aside from Joss suddenly giving it canon status will change that as far as I'm concerned. And no, it wasn't good. They chose to leave the IDW stuff open for fans to have as their own canon until/if it clashes with anything Joss wants to say/do. I just don't think this is any different because Joss didn't choose to put it into the canon titles, the decision on that front is his. He didn't stop DH milking the fans pockets with a immensely sub-standard product and that is a very disappointing choice he made but it is his name and not DH's logo that identifies canon.
    That's where we differ. I really don't care what Joss says regarding what is and isn't. Even if I did classify them as canon to the show, I'd have stopped when he kindly reserved the right to uncanonize them if he ever wanted to. He doesn't get to spout his 'trust the tale not the teller' crap and then run around with his papal bulls about this or that being part of the story. Apparently he can retroactively canonize old DH books as he did with The Origin even though he wasn't working with DH at the time. To be fair, the only comments I remember him saying about was that is it was as close to canon as you'll get since he wasn't interested in doing the backstory.

    Anyway, that's the problem with using Dylan. While he couldn't have stopped DH from doing James' story--DH owns the rights; they can do whatever they want--he could have stopped them from using her in the 'canon' S10. Actually he couldn't, but he could have said no to the producer credit. If he'd have said no, they'd have listened. Instead he handwaved it in there and allowed DH to rip off fans. Or he didn't read it at all, which is not just possible but likely, but that makes it no different from ITL.

    Anyway, I don't consider ITL canon because of the level it contradicts the existing canon. However that's true of the post-series comics in general, but we're just supposed to go with it. Which brings it back to the beginning of universes being canon or not. Joss got into the car, started it up then slid over and let a monkey take over. Well, he's responsible for everything the monkey does.

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