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Thread: What did you give up in terms of show?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bespangled View Post
    I'm going through this. The reason Buffy worked was it had so many arcs - character arcs, season arcs, and an overall series arcs. Sows that don't have that just get boring and repetitive. I've found a few Netflix series that have possibility but they are on their first season. Umbrella Academy is particularly interesting. Derry Girls was fun. But most shows either repel me or bore me, and I end up watching either Buffy or Angel again because those two got it right.
    I mostly enjoyed Umbrella Academy, but I think I'll get bored of it eventually. The characters aren't really that interesting to me and it sometimes feels they are being 'quirky' for the sake of it. But it's based on a comic, so that would explain that. I am still hopeful for the second season.

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    Dropped GoT a few episodes into season 5. One of the best decisions I've ever made. Everything I know about that and the next 3 seasons (and I know everything that happens and have seen some scenes on YT) confirmed that it was the right time to get out.

    The Walking Dead halfway through season 8. Should have done it much before. I was almost hate-watching it since season 6, and especially in season 7 and 8.

    The Blacklist after S2 - I never really liked it, just saw the first 2 seasons on TV and stayed for James Spader and to learn the mystery even though the standalone stories were dull and everything was silly. In the end, they were dragging it so much that I got bored.

    Blindspot after S1 (or rather, 2x01) - I just realized I had lost interest.

    Sex and the City - stopped watching at some point when I realized I hated it.

    The Vampire Diaries - saw the first 2 seasons on TV, was entertained but didn't like it that much. and just never cared to continue. Or rather, I did manage to download and see 3x01, but then I realized I'm not interested enough to bother.

    True Blood - became so crap in season 4, I never even finished that season. Randomly later caught some eps from later seasons and was amazed how much worse and trashier it had gotten.

    Black Lightning - recently, after managing to finally finish S2. The pacing was awful, the story going in all sort of directions, and the main villain had far outstayed his welcome (and was not that great to begin with). I got really bored with it.

    The Arrowverse shows - I wanted to see all of them chronologically, mostly out of curiosity though I'm not really that into them (though I ended up liking seasons 1-2 of Arrow and 1 of The Flash, and parts of Legends of Tomorrow, but S3-4 of Arrow were some of the worst TV I've ever seen, and S3 of The Flash came close to being 'so bad it's good'). I'm not sure if I've dropped them, I may continue, but I'm just not in a hurry to do so, so they're paused indefinitely (after I managed to finish Arrow S5/Legends of Tomorrow S2/Supergirl S2/The Flash S3). I'm still giving Batwoman a chance because it's new.

    Killing Eve and Stranger Things - paused indefinitely after S1, not because I thought they were bad - they were fine, but I also thought both were overrated, and I simply have too many shows to watch.

    Once Upon a Time - another one where I didn't bother continuing due to the lack of time (I was close to finishing S2).

    Mad Men - I'm supposed to love this show and find it great, but it just never clicked with me. It bored me and I never got attached.

    Sleepy Hollow - I remember watching this and losing interest over time and dropping it during S3.

    ETA: I didn't even notice I answered to this before, but I have some additions anyway. I hadn't even dropped TWD at the time, just was thinking about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by buffyholic View Post
    So, each year, theres a few shows that I stop watching after I finish the season or even if I cant stand it, I quit in the middle of the season. For example, I quit "How I Met your Mother" on its seventh season after the hiatus.

    This year, Im a bit behind on shows. Like I use to say "Im still on tv season of 2014-2015" but theres shows Im gonna stop viewing.

    The Originals - Im on episode 17 of season 2 and as soon as Im done, Im done with the show. Reason: its all the same. Klaus or someone else wants to destroy werewolves or whatever so they join forces but the next episode, theyre all friendly but still conspiring against each other. Its a merry go round: nothing really changes and also, no one dies. Or if they die, theyre always searching for ways to bring him or her back to life.
    After a while, it all gets stale.

    The Flash - After I finish season 1, Im done. Reason: This is a good show but its not for me. Why? Its just so light in tone and it kinda feels the show is not taken seriously, its a bit childlike and of course, some of the flaws really upset the show and prevent it of being something more.

    Stalker - Unfortunately, the show was cancelled.

    Having doubts - The Americans.

    The show is really good but two things annoy me a bit: Paige and the pace is somewhat slow, even dull, sometimes. And that hurts the show. But the main reason is Paige. I really dont know if I could take one more season focused on Paige.

    What about you? What are the shows you gave up watching?
    The Americans is phenomenal. And Paige and her development is essential to the show's storyline. Which seasons did you see? Did you continue the show in the end?
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    That's a shame What episode did you get up to?
    That's disappointing flow, but I understand AtS is a very different show and if Angel doesn't grab you as a character, it is harder to watch.
    Oh dear flow that is disappointing.
    ou do realize we will hound you. Just one episode we will cry out. You are our friend. We are here for you.

    Sit with us. Explain.

    How far did you get? Why did you quit? Who did you hate? There are some things that can appear unsurvivable (coronor) but we all have strategies. Please. Let use help you.
    I hardly feel any pressure at all- lol.

    Seriously - I didn't even make it through season 1. I think I got as far as Sanctuary which I actually liked. I didn't decide to end my watch deliberately. I was distracted for a while by Real Life stuff and when things had calmed down enough for me to consider watching tv again I felt I couldn't be bothered with watching any more of Angel.

    It is not about Angel as a character. I really like him. I also liked Doyle although we didn't get to know him very well. And I was very impressed with Cordy. She did a stunning job. I also liked Kate as a character and thought they should have involved her more. There were two episodes that put me off a bit. Those were Expecting and IWRY. But it wasn't those episodes that made me stop watching the series. The true reason is that I did not feel the magic I felt when I first watched Buffy. The instant connection the feeling of being drawn into. The feeling I cannot stop watching even if I wanted to. I wasn't mesmerized. I wasn't glued to the tv and eagerly waiting for my kid to fall asleep so I can finally watch another episode.

    That's why I stopped watching it.

    I still might give it another try in a couple of years. I haven't completely written it off. it's not that I dislike it. I just didn't like it enough.

    I just remembered another show I gave up upon recently. That was Sherlock. It was too weird for my liking.

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    Flow - did you get to Five by Five where Faith shows up? The season sorta starts with whimper but it ends with a bang. When you pick it up again you know where to start.
    Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.

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