Bullet Points and Analysis of The Origin

The Origin 1 of 3

* Joss Whedon says this is canon. It’s based off of his script for the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer , meaning how the movie was actually supposed to be like.

During this and future bullet points and analysis, I’m going to try to avoid all ‘re-capping’. I’m going to try to focus on analysis.

* Lothos was already a Slayer killer during the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages were from 476 C.E. to around 800 C.E. http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/...1663/Dark-Ages

The Master was 880 years old – said outside of the show – and so Lothos was well over 1,000 years old when Buffy faced him, possibly well over 1,500 years old.

* Buffy is either stupid or she’s pretending to be stupid in order to ‘fit in’ with her friends.

* Buffy’s boyfriend Jeffrey is probably the head jock at Hemery High School.

* Does Lothos’s minion’s sires look different from other vampires? Or if the ‘vamp version’ of Bessel ‘not canon’?

- Bassel turns brown when in ‘vamp mode’.

* Buffy’s parents have a Jaguar. They have a ‘housekeeper’: Consuela. Although the housekeeper seems rather terrible given she put Joyce’s underwear in the dishwasher. They live in a two-story house, and while the design seems a typical suburban house in an affluent neighborhood, it seems to be made of either brick or stone and it’s a detached garage.

* It’s noticeable how much Hank Summers – whose name isn’t mentioned – looks like a older version of Buffy’s boyfriend.

* Here, Hank Summers is a blonde while Joyce’s hair is brownish.

This could make sense why Buffy’s hair color goes from blonde as a kid to brown as she grew up and why Dawn’s hair is brown.

* There’s been 4 disappearances in less than two weeks.

- Spike and Drusilla seemed to kill at least daily.

* Somewhere in Hong Kong, somewhere in the 18th century C.E. the Slayer was/is a prostitute.

- This is perhaps the first Slayer dream Buffy gets.

* For some reason Lothos is sleeping under dirt. Lothos is green. His minion is building a new vampire family for Lothos.

- The minion means to have Lothos and him (and the other vampires?) take over Los Angeles.

- Wolfram and Hart obviously either isn’t aware this stuff is going on or aren’t trying to do anything to try to stop it.

* Pike is clearly stalking Buffy, and dragging his friend along.

* Buffy seems somewhat attracted to Pike or she’s simply somewhat amused by him.

* Pike’s gross friend makes an ‘offering my hot dog’ joke to Buffy, points out to Pike that possibly Buffy and her friends have never seen a ‘hot dog’ before.

- Buffy uses a steak knife to cleanly cut the hot dog and bun probably a centimeter or less above Benny’s thumb.

* Benny to Pike, “When you get that car running mean, let’s Audi. Get away from this town. Those rich bitches, they’re a plague, man.”

Pike to Benny, “You didn’t like them?”

Benny to Pike, “They’re so stuck up. They’re not even human. I hate them.”

Wow, Benny hates Buffy and her friends mostly because they wouldn’t have sex with him.

This is somewhere between what Xander thinks of Buffy not wanting to have sex with him and what Spike does to Buffy in “Crush” (B 5.14).

* Pike and Benny are losers. They sneak into movie theaters. They get drunk. It doesn’t seem they are doing well in school. Pike is stalking Buffy and Benny is even creepier.


- The high school building that Buffy exists looks different.

It looks nicer than the one in “Becoming Part I”. I don’t know which one is more likely canon. Given Joyce’s concern about Buffy going to a good high school, the nicer one in The Origin is more likely canon.

- Buffy seems to perhaps not be dating Tyler as well. She’s still with Jeffrey and wants to go to the dance with Jeffrey.

- Buffy stole lipstick from Macys. In “Becoming Part I”, it was Bullocks – probably a high-end boutique.

The Buffy of the TV series shopped at Neiman Marcus and such, so the Bullocks thing is more likely canon than the Macys thing.

* Merrick is gray-haired and obviously older than Rupert Giles is even in BtVS S8.

* Buffy it seems perhaps had visions of all the previous scenes of ‘past Lothos’ that we saw in the comic.

* Lothos doesn’t like his victim mentioning God.

- Does Lothos believe in God? that God exists?

* Buffy didn’t tell anyone about her dreams because she reasoned people would think she’s crazy.

I’ve always reasoned that Buffy’s going to a mental institution was an implanted memory from the monks.


- Buffy in the graveyard with Merrick is wearing a Purple puffy jacket, and jeans it seems. In “Becoming Part I” (B 2.21), she’s wearing a yellow puffy jacket and it seems some like of pajama pants.

- Her first staking is very different in “Becoming Part I” (B 2.21).

- The flashbacks in “Becoming Part I” (B 2.21) seem to be Angel’s memories.

Buffy is FAR more ‘helpless’ in the flashback in “Becoming Part I” than she is in the scenes in The Origin .

I like to lean toward the stuff in The Origin actually being canon and Angel simply remembered Buffy as being a lot more helpless than she actually was – probably simply to better try to justify to himself why HE needed to help her.

“THE ORIGIN” Graveyard scene

- The newly risen vampire was sired 3 days ago.

In the Buffyverse, vampires mostly rose the night they were sired. But there were examples such as “Sleeper” (B 7.08) in which new vampires were sired at least days prior.

- Merrick hands Buffy what appears to be a gold cross. He says she’s to watch while he actually slays the newborn vampire.

- The newborn vampire has the green skin-tone and black claws thing.

- It seems Merrick gives Buffy a stake after the vampire is beginning to rise; that or she picks the stake off the ground or she had previously dropped the stake when she heard the noise of the vampire rising.

- Another vampire rises and grabs Buffy from behind. This vampire seems to have normal skin tone but it has green sclera.

- Buffy’s cross now seems to be mirror color and is glinting.