So what did you guys think of the season 4 premiere? Personally I was rather underwhelmed. Of course it did not help matters that my favourite character Ian was nowhere to be seen. I really hope he will show up in the next episode. The show is just not the same for me without him. Also, it really annoyed me that the Gallaghers still don't know that he has enlisted.

I did not really feel the Fiona/Mike relationship in this episode. I hated what they did to Jimmy/Steve's character in season 3 but at least he and Fiona always had great chemistry. I did not feel that with Fiona and Mike. However, I'm pleased for Fiona that she is doing so well at her job and that the financial situation for the Gallaghers has improved.

It was good to see Lip at college, although things do not seem to be going all that well for him. I'm sure it won't take long before he blows up, freaks out and does something stupid. At least he is away from both Mandy and Karen, which at this point can only be a good thing.

Wow Debbie really is a teenager now! Not sure what to make of her storyline yet but I'm hoping it won't end up with her getting pregnant or something equally catastrophic.

Poor Carl, he just won't give up on Frank, no matter how bad things get. At least Frank is still alive (for now) but if he keeps finding ways to insert alcohol into his body (btw ewww!) that might not be the case much longer.

My heart broke for Sheila when she had dinner all by herself and just seemed really lonely throughout the episode. Which I guess was her reason for showing up at the Gallagher house every day and cleaning the whole house.

Next week's episode better feature Ian or I'm gonna be very upset!

What were your impressions while watching this season premiere?