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    Hello all,

    I will send an email out shortly once I have had a chance to really assess my position with regards to this year's event, but here is a quick update...

    After voting closed it took me a while to work through all the votes that came in on the last day, and I was still trying to chase a few people who had not submitted votes. I decided to wait and see if I could get all of the votes in before finalising the voting sheets and tallying up the totals to see our winners. However, during this time my laptop decided to be a bitca and die on me.

    I got my laptop back all shiny and fixed during the week but it's taken me ages to get all my software back onto it, so I just started looking at the AFAs over the weekend.

    The votes I had been waiting on still hadn't come in, so I have closed off the voting sheet regardless and am having to leave out those 4 artists which is a shame.

    I have gone through my inbox and downloaded all of the awards that I had and am currently going through my list to see what is missing. I will let you all know asap if I need last minute awards done, I know a few people have already volunteered for back-up duty! (thanks guys!)

    Other than that I am ready to start making up the awards and saving them for the main event, woooo!!

    I will let you all know more soon!

    Art by Sayjay at Radiance

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