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Well, the problem is, when they reunite, Dean tells Castiel that he and Benny were hunted by monsters non-stop, just like Castiel. And only then Castiel further explains that leviathans, specifically, are after him because he has a price on his head. So, even if we buy that Castiel's presence complicated things by attracting leviathans - which I don't, by the way, because Dean should be hunted by leviathans just as much as Castiel; after all, he killed their leader and stopped the leviathan plague on earth - normal monsters still posed a considerable problem for Dean and Benny.

We can speculate a lot, but the episode really needed to give us an in-canon reason.
Hmm see I didn't interpret the Leviathan thing as Castiel or the writers trying to say that Castiel was considered the more important target. Rather the way I took it was that due to the fact that Castiel is an angel his grace would have really stood out and attracted those around him for miles making it rather easy for Levithians to hunt down and attack Cas. Whereas with Dean they would have been required to actually actively search through purgatory for him and considering the size of purgatory that could have taken some time! So Castiel used the advantage (or disadvantage) he had in being easily found to try his best to keep the Levithians distracted from Dean while trusting in Dean's capabilities to handle the more normal monsters

Still I agree they could have shown more monsters than they did but since the writers screwed up in properly explaining I like the idea of it being due to a lack of Cas and the molecular changes in Sam that caused a lack of monsters