View Poll Results: Who Was Giles Competitive With?

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  • Willow

    5 41.67%
  • Buffy

    6 50.00%
  • Xander

    0 0%
  • Angel

    3 25.00%
  • Spike

    3 25.00%
  • Jenny

    4 33.33%
  • Snyder

    3 25.00%
  • Anya

    2 16.67%
  • Joyce

    3 25.00%
  • Wesley

    9 75.00%
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Thread: Who Did Giles Feel Competitive With?

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    Default Who Did Giles Feel Competitive With?

    Check off who you think Giles felt competitive with.

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    Maggie Walsh is the most obvious answer, but she's not on the list.
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    I would agree with TTB and I'm not sure he felt competitive with any of those listed. I think he may have felt people stepped in his 'territory' occasionally but I don't think that necessarily made him feel there was anything to respond to competitively. Ethan may have been someone where residual competitive behaviour existed because I suspect it was there when they were younger. It is possible Giles felt competitive with Quentin Travers but I don't feel there was evidence of such really.
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    Giles was competitive with Buffy in terms of importance to the fight against evil. Although, in the TV Buffyverse he only became competitive in BtVS S7 and that’s because he considered Buffy didn’t really ‘need’ him anymore and that she ‘surpassed’ him. In BtVS S8
    he’s competitive because he considers the balance of power in the Watcher-Slayer relationship had shifted far too much to the Slayer because Buffy now had command of 500 Slayers and the Watchers now consisted of pretty much himself.

    He was competitive with Joyce in terms of influence over Buffy’s life and duties.

    He was upset that Maggie Walsh seemed to have a lot of influence over Buffy, but in BtVS S4 he mostly simply became agitated about Buffy’s seemingly lessened need of him and his guidance. It’s not as if he made a big effort to try to be the more important mentor to Buffy. So, he was upset that Maggie seemed to have influence over Buffy, but it doesn’t seem he was actually competitive with her.

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    Season 6 of Buffy is not my favorite but I've always been impressed with the exchange between Willow and Giles in "Flooded". Some excerpts:

    WILLOW: And, and, and this giant snake came out my mouth and there was all this energy crackling, and this pack of demons interrupted, but I totally kept it together. And then, the next thing you know? - Buffy.

    GILES: (not looking at her) You're a very stupid girl.

    WILLOW: What? Giles...

    GILES: Do you have any idea what you've done? The forces you've harnessed, the lines you've crossed?

    WILLOW: I thought you'd be ... impressed, or, or something.

    GILES: Oh, don't worry, you've ... made a very deep impression. Of everyone here ... you were the one I trusted most to respect the forces of nature.
    GILES: You were lucky.

    WILLOW: I wasn't lucky. I was amazing. And how would you know? You weren't even there.

    GILES: If I had been, I'd have bloody well stopped you. The magicks you channeled are more ferocious and primal than anything you can hope to understand, (deep fury) and you are lucky to be alive, you rank, arrogant amateur!
    Indeed Giles is concerned about the mystical ramifications of what Willow had done but there is a strong sense of personal injury at being excluded from something vitally important, something concerning someone he felt was his charge - Buffy. For her part Willow takes it as a case of jealousy, and it is partly that - or competitiveness if you want to call it that.

    The angry and hurt reactions of the two people - Giles and Spike - who were excluded from the spell to bring Buffy back seem entirely human and believable to me. And the incomprehension of Willow and Xander at their reaction (aren't you happy to see her back?) seems naive yet believable as well.

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