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Thread: Did Wolfram and Hart know about Twilight and its plans for Angel?

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    Default Did Wolfram and Hart know about Twilight and its plans for Angel?

    For the Shanshu Prophecy, it seems itd have been better for Wolfram and Hart to dust Angel and then make one of their most loyal human employees a vampire and then shove a soul in that employee (by cursing (or whatever) him or her).

    Wolfram and Hart not doing this could make sense if they knew about Twilight and its plans for Angel.

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    For starters, this thread probably belongs in the comics section.

    I won't put a spoiler tags on my posts since I assume a mod will move the entire thread at some point.

    According to the IDW Spike series, it seems that W&H learned about the Twilight prophecy just prior to season 8. W&H left this dimension because the big apocalypse was coming -and it wasn't theirs.

    About the shanshu prophecy, it was meant for Angel. I don't think just any random vampire with a soul could fulfil the prophecy if its about Angel. You could shove a hundred souls in a hundred vampires and if Angel was the one who was "meant to be" it would still be Angel who fulfils it. I think if W&H dusted Angel, the prophecy would just go unfulfilled. I don't think the next vampire with a soul who came along would get to "claim" Angel's destiny.

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