* I consider Spike would have sired Buffy in “Halloween” (B 2.06). He’s watching ‘Buffy porn’ and Drusilla is concerned enough that Dru wants to know/reaffirm that Spike also loves Dru’s “insides, the parts [he] can’t see”, meaning that Spike loves more than Drusilla’s physical appearance.

Spike first sees Buffy in a ‘nightclub’, learns she’s dating “Angel”, and then sees her sexily dance. He becomes attracted to her because of her sexuality. Buffy’s 16 years old.

Angel first sees a ‘Lolita’ Buffy who’s likely 14 years old and she’s in pigtails sucking on a lollipop.

Anyway, if Spike had sex with Buffy when she was underage, I’d mention that Spike statutorily raped her.

I figure if the site got a dollar for every time the phrase "not the arbiter of canon" was used in reference to any writer on the series who said something that disputes what you think, the hosting fee would be settled for the next five years or more.
I remember Tim Minnear said that Buffy was merely a Darla substitute for Angel. That’s clearly opposed to canon.

Posters simply pick and choose writers’ quotes that fit what the poster wants to believe. Posters were doing the same with shooting scripts.

Joss Whedon is the arbiter of canon of the Buffyverse outside of something cannot be canon if it cannot be canon (that last part has to be applied because of Season 10 and after). There is no ‘the writer gets the benefit of the doubt’ if Joss hasn’t spoken on a subject.

Moreover, Christos Gage is writing Buffyverse comics that, in my opinion, it seems Joss Whedon is not relatively much involved with. Trying to take Gage’s words as canon is around as silly as those who tried to take Scott Allie’s words as canon.