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Thread: Spike mini #1 [full spoilers]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoney View Post
    Whether or not there are other people out there that love Spike he loves Buffy so he is better off moving onwards if he wants to rather than just trying to use someone else who feels something he doesn't reciprocate, that way leads to a different type of dissatisfaction.
    I know, but that doesn't discount Spike whining about his girl troubles even though he has 2-4 exes completely in love with him (at least two of which are multimillionaires). With Buffy, he's the one who left her and so it's annoying how he's whining about that as well.

    I'll be interested to see what you think of his musings in issue 2.
    I'd been busy with the 2012 election, and therefore I'm really behind on discussing the comics. Hopefully, I'll catch up over the weekend. It generally takes around an hour to do a bullet points and analysis for a single comic (including reading it). I've skimmed through all the comics.
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