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Thread: Greetings from Australia!

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    Default Greetings from Australia!

    Hey everyone! Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Cassie, I'm from Australia.. Is anyone else here posting from Australia out of curiosity?
    I joined this forum a little while ago but only started posting in the last few days. It's so great to see so many fans in the one spot and I LOVE reading all of your opinions and theories, even if I don't agree with some of them it's just really interesting to read things from so many different perspectives and to see so many BTVS (for want of a better word) "nerds" like me haha
    I recently rewatched the entire BTVS series for the gazillionth time and I still love it just as much as ever. My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts and doesn't understand how I can watch the same series over and over again!
    I started watching Buffy when it first came on TV in the late 90s and I fell in love with it immediately however the clincher for me was Becoming Part II - I cried for weeks after Buffy sent Angel to Hell, to the point where my Mum tried to ban me from watching it! I knew that if a TV show could affect me as much as that, then it must be true love right?
    Anyway I'm really looking forward to more posts on here and discussing BTVS with you all!
    Thanks for having me!!
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    Hi Cassie, welcome to BuffyForums. You aren't the only Aussie here, by any means - I'm sure some of the others will pop out of the woodwork to say hi to you at some point. I hope you'll have fun posting around the forums and will soon feel part of our community. Do take some time to read through our Rules and FAQ, though, as they may be different than you are used to.

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