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    Default Hey there

    Boy, it's been a long, long time since I joined a forum (the others were not BTVS related)...I feel a little out of sorts posting again. I've only been a fan of BTVS for the past two years or so. I was busy the years it was, etc. Thanks to a good friend who sent me some very entertaining Spike clips, I decided to get to the library and borrow all of the seasons. After blowing through them fairly quickly, I became a big time fan. Of course, I have since bought all of the seasons and have watched all five seasons of Angel as well. I'm hooked. So, hey there, and forgive me if I've been longwinded...already.

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    Don't worry about the longwindedness. We like that here at BF. We are not fans of the one or two sentence posting. Actual paragraphs >>>>> spam. But welcome to the forum!!!! Have fun posting on all things Buffy related.
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