Well it's not like somebody forced Whedon and the other writers to write about the popular couples, if they made it till then (4 to 5 seasons after the Bangel break up) why would they pander in the last episodes/season? And it's rather horrible that they prefer to mock some fans than to write good stories especially because they clearly can't mock fans in good stories. From what I see on this board some Bangels (cheryl, Bonoleah) still love Bangel and the (Buffy/)Angel stories in season 8 while the big Angel fans (Nile, Kana, myself) are not amused at all, so it doesn't even 'work'. *sigh*

I never had such a passionate 'on first sight' romance so I wouldn't know, but I believe you. Although I'm not very comfortable with almost dismissing the love they feel for eachother just because both were rather immature at the time. I mean it wasn't the greatest love that ever was but it was more than a fantasy/obsession in my opinion.