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Thread: Buffy and Angel, in the comics!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheryl4ba View Post
    I guess all things considered, the Angel fans who really do hate "what was done to him" can take comfort in the fact that the comics didn't turn him into a rodent leading, chain smoking, dark stalky clown. Now there's something to talk about.

    Yes, maybe we could talk about just how desperate you have to be when that's all you could come up with to try to argue that Spike has been shown flaws in any way comparable to Angel's in season 8 and 9. I mean, really? Your argument is that he's bad because he's got members of a non-human species working for him? That's what you're arguing? What exactly is wrong with that, except for people who are extremely prejudiced?

    I don't even know what you're on about with "dark" (in what sense? The word can have a bunch of meanings) or how Spike being "dark" would be a contrast to Angel (I actually wish Spike's character were darker at the moment; he's in too much of good place and such a good guy right now, while Angel is so dark and messed up at the moment, which makes him really interesting a fictional character to follow and it's why people are interested in his title). Having the word "dark" associated with you is a bad thing, is that it? Then Buffy is the worst of them since she thinks she is the dark. And what's up with quoting a silly little nickname that could have just as well been used of Angel or some other stalky vampire in that situation? What's your moral outrage there, that Spike is still a vampire who comes out of the shadows and follows people without announcing himself? Oh right, Angel never does that (and Buffy has never called him a stalker)... In fact, he just did it in #2, he was being a stalky clown when he stalked Nadira and Faith.

    So, the real problem and the thing that makes his portrayal in the comics much worse than Angel's, according to you, is that... he smokes? You've only noticed that now? The comics didn't turn him into a chain-smoker, he's always been one.

    Oh, I guess I understand now - in your eyes, smoking is a much worse crime than killing people, terrorizing them, tormenting and beating down the woman you love so you could bring her 'low', or trying to get her to stay in a paradise for two while her family and friends and the whole world is destroyed. I think I'm starting to understand where you're coming from, smokers are the world's biggest criminals, while murderers and terrorists are nice people. Now it makes sense why you think Angel is and always will be a bigger hero and better man than Spike. Let's just hope he doesn't take up smoking from being around Faith so much.

    (This reminds me of Marge Simpson's line about Bart being a vampire: "Homer, we have to do something! Today he's drinking people's blood, tomorrow he could be smoking!" I thought it was the funniest thing ever, but you've gone even further with the funny. )

    Quote Originally Posted by KingofCretins View Post
    Then again, it probably is easier to define him as always virtuous and goodness and light if one's entire moral definition of "good" for the character is if he looks better to you than Spike. I mean, if that's the analysis, if that's all that really goes into it -- "does he still seem like a better boyfriend than Spike?" -- it's pretty easy to defend things.
    Yes, under the assumption that a boyfriend who deceives you, works with your enemies, goes behind your back and makes decisions for you, intentionally abuses you for a year in order to bring you low, and kills people close to you, is a much better boyfriend than one who - *gasp!* - chain smokes.

    Quote Originally Posted by cheryl4ba View Post
    It's also funny the way that you read me because for *me* Angel doesn't have to be this or that to be superior to all other love interests for Buffy, just being Angel makes him superior and not because *I* say so but because Buffy thinks so.

    This is nonsensical in so many ways that it hardly deserves a comment. "Just being Angel makes him superior" LMAO Buffy thinks so? Uh, how would you know that? You've got a telepathic link to her and can read her mind?
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    This thread is closed. Otherwise, I can move into the shipping section. There are too many comments referring to shippers rather than individual discussion of members thoughts. Everyone should refrain from generalizing ideas and attributing them to groups of people in all threads.

    Individual topics can be spun off into new threads. A general Buffy/Angel in the comics thread can be started in the Shipping Section. I will be assessing the appropriateness of any other Ship threads in the Comic section.

    Also, Timetravellingbunny's blatant laughing at members is the antithesis of the polite accepting behavior I want out of threads. This results in a ban from the comic sections.
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