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    yay for Sayjay, congrats on first...Fade to Black was my fav piece of yours of all time!!! excellent excellent text work.
    thank you everyone for the lovely comments and 2nd place. <3 and an award designed by JJ, how awesome!
    congrats to all the other winners and some cool award designs (WIccaJaz, Aureola and Sayjay).

    my favs: Sayjay, JJ, Jenni Lou, Wendy and Zugma
    Quote Originally Posted by Jenni Lou View Post
    xinyi, this is typically me after looking at your arts:

    You are so amazing at text, in particular. Like, all the time. I hate you.
    thanks Jenni Lou. i've just started watching the One Tree Hill series for the first time as well, so i love the gif
    Quote Originally Posted by Ehlwyen View Post
    I GOT A XINYI TEXT AWARD?!!! I feel like the luckiest girl ever!
    Congratulations to everyone!!! Xinyi, Forever Young is an amazing use of text to create a world and hands down my favorite! Also want to shout out to Aureola for such a cool use of text and compostion, and Alexandra for managing to put all that text together in a fun and bold way!
    thanks Ehlwyen. glad you liked the award.
    Quote Originally Posted by BlasterBoy View Post
    Congrats to all the winners! My top picks were Aureola, Lyn, Demetreas, Xinyi, and Nikki! You guys use text in ways that I could never imagine (like Xinyi, how did you even make that piece?! it's entirely made out of text and it's pure genius!!). Bravo!
    thanks, i just became inspired by a word (forever young), because sometimes i feel like i wish i could stay young forever, then words just inspired other words and i just put it all down on the piece.
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    Ooh, this is another category that should have the awards nominated along with actual pieces they're for. Xinyi, your award design is INCREDIBLE. I saved it even though the award wasn't for me. Your "Forever young" wallpaper was my absolute favorite as well, one of my top ten of the year. I've no idea how to create something like that, truly a piece of art/design in itself. I am so jealous of your typography skills!

    Thank you to all who voted for my piece and got it an actual placement among such brilliant entries! And congrats to all the winners!
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    Quote Originally Posted by holypotatoes View Post
    Those awards are textacular!!! Seriously that's a lot of text. Congrats or felicitations to the winners! Top 5 for me were Sophie, Aureola, Lyn, Jenni, and Debbie.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cinderela View Post
    Demetreas - TEXTACTULAR award! And you were my #1 in this category! I totally suck working with text, so "Bad things" made me !
    Quote Originally Posted by Firecracker View Post
    TEXTACTULAR! entries everyone. I am always blown away by how creative your all are when it comes to these things.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sophie View Post
    Textacular awards ^^ Seriously it just blows my mind what you guys can do with text, just WOW
    Quote Originally Posted by Demetreas View Post
    oh and Sayjay

    Okay, I am feeling the love for all y'all right now!!! Textacular!!!!!!! :P

    Art by Sayjay at Radiance

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    WOWzers! I'm stealing the word...these awards are fraking TEXTACTULAR!!! Might be my faves of the night in overall category. Started commenting on all the ones I liked and ended up listing them all!

    Adding text to a piece is one of the hardest things to do in fanart ever! I swear it takes me the longest to decide what looks good. I'm extremely honored that I got 7th, and thank you Kiera for the lovely design! I actually had a lot of fun with the text on the Ghostfacers wall once I figured out what I was doing, so I'm very proud it won.

    I'd be here for hours if I commented on everyone's fantastic displays of text, so I'm just gonna stick with my Top 5 Shout outs who won over my heart this year: Demetreas, Xinyi, Aureola, SayJay, and Sasha. You guys rocked my world!

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