It's an unusual question, but something that's been on my mind a lot lately. 10 years is a long time for a show to be on the air. Obviously it's going to make some mistakes, take a few wrong turns, and make no sense at times! The hope is that it learns from these errors and gets better with age. Do you think Smallville has gotten better with age? Looking back, IMO the show is almost unrecognizable to where it was in S1 and S2. Is that good or bad in your eyes? I've seen a few comments here and over the web, and there seems to be a divide. Some love it, some don't.

Do you think Smallville should have ended a few years ago? If so, when?

What feels like Smallville to you? What was your favourite time in the series (the high school years/daily planet & Metropolis years/etc.)?


I hate saying this, but I do think the show has gone on too long...sort of. I have loved all of it, and it's been such an epic journey. Watching Clark Kent grow up to be Superman was a genius idea for a television series, and I'm so proud of it. Having it around for so long has made me love it more than I ever thought possible. The early days are cheesy fun and warm my heart. The latest ones have been nothing short of epic and a treat for fans of the comics.

My main issue is that the series is basically a full-fledged Superman show now. All the heroes and villains are here, Clark and Lois are together, he has the costume, etc. etc. Originally the show was supposed to be in Smallville and show Clark Kent before he was Superman, was it not? I love the latest seasons, but I think they betrayed what the first few spent so hard doing. They always teased us and made us believe that this man would be Superman some day. Come this Friday, he will be Superman.

There is nothing wrong with that, I mean the latest seasons have all been my top favourites, but S1-S5 are what I envision as true Smallville. There was something about that town, the young characters, and freak of the week stories that I loved. It was very fresh and some of the best television ever made IMO. The environment was so warm and inspiring. The latest seasons I love even more for their differences and in different ways, but I just don't consider them quite the same kind of Smallville... Does that make any sense?

Hopefully someone else can relate to this. Are you proud of where the show is now? What do you think of Smallville's long journey? Ideally, how many seasons would you have liked the series to last?