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Thread: BtVS Character Chronicles: Riley 1x02. Storytellers Part Two *Rewritten*

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    Default BtVS Character Chronicles: Riley 1x02. Storytellers Part Two *Rewritten*

    This is the better quality version of the second episode of the BtVS Character Chronicles: Riley.

    DISCLIAMER: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the show's characters. They belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and FOX. So please do not sue. I am broke and not worth suing. This is only for entertainment purposes only. Only the new characters belong to me.

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    1.02. Storytellers Part Two




    Continued where left off from the last episode.

    RILEY, SAM, GRAHAM, NATHAN and BIANCA all look at the DEXTERS.

    MRS. DEXTER: (gesturing at RILEY, SAM and GRAHAM) You three are new.

    NATHAN: What’s that to you?!

    JULIET: Hey, new players are always fun to have in a game.

    MR. DEXTER: Are you guys a part of the military?

    RILEY: That’s our business.

    MR. DEXTER: And that’s an evasive answer. You three must be a part of it.

    RILEY: The New York Military Agency? We’re new to it.

    MR. DEXTER: I knew that.

    Sam: Did you?

    MRS. DEXTER: We had no idea that there’d be more agents added in the group.

    RILEY: So you’re challenging us?

    MR. DEXTER: To a fight? Yes.

    RILEY: Ok. If you want a fight, we’ll give you one.

    The DEXTERS advance to fight the five.


    Opening Credits "GHOST OF ME" BY DAUGHTRY PLAYS.

    Marc Blucas - Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic - Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase - Graham Miller
    Chris Daughtry - Nathan Reid
    Freddie Prinze Jr. - Bruce Kirk
    Amy Jo Johnson - Bianca Taylor

    Brad Dourif - Mr. Dexter
    Julie Bowen - Mrs. Dexter
    Candice Accola - Juliet
    Olivia Wilde - Laurie
    Chelsie Hightower - Andrea
    Nicole Fox - Deangel
    Hayden Christensen - Kelso
    Karan Ashley - Bishop
    Mariska Hargitay – Wilson

    WRITTEN BY: Heroine X (Amanda Cress)

    BETA READER: CliCliR (Cliona Whitelaw)

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Amanda Cress & Cliona Whitelaw




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    ACT I

    By now, the gang has started fighting the DEXTERS. RILEY is fighting MR. DEXTER. SAM is fighting MRS. DEXTER while BIANCA is fighting JULIET. A huge series of punches, kicks and dodges are all coming strong for each of the fighters. MR. DEXTER knocks down RILEY with a punch. Then NATHAN kicks MR. DEXTER in the abdomen. GRAHAM helps up RILEY.

    GRAHAM: Are you ok?

    RILEY: Yeah. I'm fine.

    MRS. DEXTER throws a punch at SAM, but she dodges and kicks MRS. DEXTER in the stomach, and shoves her at JULIET, who is fighting BIANCA. Both JULIET and MRS. DEXTER fall to the ground.

    BIANCA: Whoa, Sam!

    SAM: Um, you're welcome. I guess.

    BIANCA grins.

    The girls (and RILEY) turn and watch NATHAN and GRAHAM fight MR. DEXTER. They don’t seem to be cooperating very well and are criticizing a lot of each other’s methods and techniques. In the end, NATHAN knocks MR. DEXTER to the ground with a full power punch to the face.

    NATHAN: And that’s how you punch someone’s lights out, Miller.

    RILEY (changing the subject): These three are like…

    BIANCA: Insane?

    RILEY: Yeah.

    BIANCA: Tell me about it. We’ve been chasing them for years. We always seem to have them caught or cornered, just like this, and they always manage to get away.

    MRS. DEXTER rises back up. She grabs JULIET by the arm and drags her to her feet and calls for MR. DEXTER to get up.

    GRAHAM: Looks like they're ready for Round 2.

    RILEY: Looks like it. I can fight them all night if I have to.

    VOICE: Stop where you are!

    BIANCA: That won't be necessary, Finn.

    RILEY, SAM and GRAHAM look around as support in the form of about ten people carrying guns.

    SAM: This is the Trecile?

    BIANCA: Some of them.

    Looking at the group, we can see WILSON and BRUCE, who we recognize through flashbacks in “Storytellers Part One”, and DEANGEL, LAURIE and ANDREA. We also see two other operatives, a YOUNG MAN and YOUNG WOMAN. All guns are trained on the DEXTERS arriving at the bar.

    WILSON: Kelso, Bishop, Kirk, guard them! Don’t let them leave here.

    KELSO, BISHOP and BRUCE run to surround the DEXTERS to prevent them from escaping. WILSON looks at RILEY, SAM and GRAHAM.

    WILSON: Who are you three?

    RILEY: We're new to the area. I'm Riley Finn. (makes gesture towards SAM and GRAHAM) This is my wife Sam and my friend Graham. (holds a hand out to shake) Nice to meet you.

    WILSON: Likewise, Riley.

    DEANGEL: These guys are part of the military!

    WILSON appears to be surprised.

    WILSON: The Military?

    RILEY: Yep.

    SAM: Demon hunting in the military.

    BRUCE: Interesting.

    ANDREA: They helped you take them down, Nathan?

    NATHAN: Yeah. They did.

    ANDREA: Cool.

    MR. DEXTER dials a few buttons from his watch, and then a group of demons appear. RILEY, SAM and GRAHAM are surprised.

    GRAHAM: How do they do that?

    BIANCA: That’s a hell of a story.

    RILEY: Let’s fight those things that they have to offer.

    SAM: Yes. We’ll do that.

    The gang fight the demons that head their way. RILEY notices as ANDREA stabs a DEMON in the chest. It dusts.

    RILEY: And I thought only vampires dust.

    The group continues to fight. RILEY dusts a DEMON followed by SAM and a few others. WILSON manages to punch down MR. DEXTER as GRAHAM punches JULIET to the ground and then BIANCA punches MRS. DEXTER in the face, knocking her to the ground. WILSON looks at RILEY, SAM, GRAHAM and the other TRECILE AGENTS.

    WILSON: That was a bit interesting.

    RILEY: What’s with the demons dusting?

    BIANCA: The Dexters created these demons and they dust like vampires.

    SAM: That’s something you don’t see every day.

    GRAHAM: You’re telling me.

    WILSON smiles at everyone. The smile disappears as WILSON notices the DEXTERS are trying to escape the bar.

    WILSON: Stop!

    WILSON fires her gun at the DEXTERS, but she misses and hits a window. The glass hits as the bullet hits the window. She watches as the DEXTERS run out of the bar like crazy.

    WILSON: Damn!

    BRUCE: Too fast.

    WILSON looks at RILEY, SAM and GRAHAM.

    WILSON: Riley, Sam, Graham.

    RILEY, SAM and GRAHAM all look at WILSON.

    RILEY: Yeah?

    WILSON: Would you like to learn more about the Trecile?

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    ACT II


    The door opens. WILSON walks into the room. DEANGEL, LAURIE, ANDREA, KELSO, BISHOP and BRUCE follow. NATHAN and BIANCA enter a few seconds after them.

    NATHAN: (peeking outside) Guys! Come on in!

    RILEY, SAM and GRAHAM walk in the room. They are amazed by their surroundings.

    RILEY: Whoa.

    SAM: Wow.

    GRAHAM: Amazing.

    WILSON: It’s basically the same as every other room around here.

    RILEY: Far cry from the Initiative.

    WILSON: The Initiative?

    RILEY: Yeah.

    WILSON ushers everyone to take a seat. Everyone does. DEANGEL and LAURIE have their own separate conversation.

    WILSON: There are differences between the Initiative and the Trecile though. They're both a part of the military and they both take down things...unhumanlike such as demons. That's true. I heard some rumors about the leader Professor Walsh though.

    GRAHAM: Rumors?

    WILSON: She fed the soldiers of the Initiative some chemicals which made them stronger.

    GRAHAM and RILEY look at each other and then at WILSON, hesitating.

    RILEY: Yeah. She did.

    WILSON: Well, the Trecile does not feed their soldiers such crap. We do things the natural way and well, we’re still up and running. And we just go straight for the kill, we don’t care much for capturing demons alive. Unless there’s something we can get from them like information.

    NATHAN: Not to mention we kill as quickly as possible. None of us are humane exactly but how humane can you be with these things?

    BRUCE: I'll say.

    WILSON: How long have you been fighting demons, Riley?

    RILEY: Since I was 15.


    BIANCA: The Trecile had been around since about World War I.

    SAM: That’s… interesting.


    SAM: Say Bruce, what's your back story? Where are you from?

    BRUCE: Well, I was born and raised in Florida, with strong military experience.



    The caption underneath reads THREE YEARS EARLIER.

    BRUCE: (V/O) This is my story. I'll tell you as it is.

    We see BRUCE doing sit ups while watching TV, but we don't know what he is watching.

    BRUCE: Oh that Lois! Will she ever learn his true identity?

    BRUCE hears a knock on the door. He turns off the TV and answers the door. It's WILSON.

    BRUCE: Yeah?

    WILSON: I'm Head Trecile Agent Wilson. I am recruiting you to join the Trecile.

    BRUCE: NYMA? What on earth is that?

    WILSON: The Trecile. It's a Military slash FBI Agency. We hunt down demons and such inhuman criminals. We heard that you had some Military experience.

    BRUCE: Yeah. I also planned to play basketball. You know, to be a Professional Basketball player. Military is my backup plan if my basketball dreams smash for any reason.

    WILSON: I see.



    In the jungle
    Welcome to the jungle
    Watch it bring you to your
    knees, knees
    In the jungle
    Welcome to the jungle
    Watch it bring you to your
    It' gonna bring you down-HA!

    BRUCE is playing basketball with a few other guys. Not too far away from them, WILSON is standing, observing the actions that BRUCE makes. His every move. Within a few extra minutes, the music stops and the game is over.

    BRUCE: Good game. I'm out.

    Within a second, a group of vampires appear. BRUCE braces himself for action. WILSON observes this fight.

    WILSON (to herself): Vampires. Created by the Dexters.

    BRUCE: I thought vampires only come out at night.

    WILSON: Not when they're created by the Dexters. They can come night and day.

    BRUCE fights the vampires that come his way while the other guys try fighting in vain, while BRUCE continues to fight on his own. A strong series of punches, kicks and dodges come strong within the fighter. BRUCE notices a sharp wooden stick nearby and stabs it at one of the vampires. It dusts.

    BRUCE: Whoa.

    BRUCE resumes in fighting vampires and within the minute. He dusts all the vampires that remain. WILSON approaches BRUCE.

    WILSON: Excellent work, Bruce.

    BRUCE: Wilson.

    WILSON: So you are strong. Strong enough to join the Trecile. Aren't you gonna join?

    BRUCE looks around the basketball court. He looks around and notices that a lot of the guys are either killed, injured or AWOL.

    BRUCE: Does it look like I have a choice?

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    BRUCE: So. That's my story.

    RILEY: You played basketball?

    BRUCE: Yeah. I was actually offered a scholarship when I was leaving High School.

    RILEY: I was too, but I joined the military after High School.

    GRAHAM: (nodding in agreement) I've seen him play.

    BRUCE: Well, maybe you and me should have a game sometime. Like a one-on-one.

    SAM looks at the guys and snickers. RILEY and BRUCE look at SAM.

    BRUCE: What?

    SAM: Sorry. Riley never told me he played basketball before.

    Beat as SAM and GRAHAM look at eachother.

    WILSON: Life's like a Box of Chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

    Everyone looks at WILSON.

    WILSON: Old saying.

    SAM: Oh.

    LAURIE: This is United States of America, and we have freedom of speech. And if you don't like it, you can -

    DEANGEL gives LAURIE the signal to hush.

    ANDREA: Was she gonna say what I think she was gonna say?

    DEANGEL: Yeah, I think so.

    RILEY: Are you three sisters?

    ANDREA: No. We've been friends since the sixth grade. Well Laurie, Dee and I had. Laurie and Deangel have known each other since they were in kindergarten.

    GRAHAM: Riley and I have known each other since the Initiative.

    LAURIE: Wow.

    ANDREA: That's something.

    WILSON: So. Would you guys like to be a part of the Trecile?

    SAM: Well, this place sounds pretty cool. And I think we were sent to New York for a reason and this was it!

    NATHAN: The Trecile is incredibly risky, are you sure you're willing to take those chances?

    RILEY: We’ve taken on worse than the Dexters before-

    Before he can say anything else, the entire crew hear a loud banging noise.

    WILSON: Speak of the devil.

    KELSO: Looks like you spoke too soon, Finn.

    WILSON: Everyone! Prepare for battle!

    WILSON, BRUCE, KELSO, DEANGEL, LAURIE, ANDREA, BIANCA and BISHOP exit the room in a hurry to prepare for a fight. NATHAN hangs back for a second and looks at the three.

    NATHAN: Don’t worry about Kelso. He’s always like that to the new people. He just takes a bit of getting used to.

    NATHAN turns to leave, then turns back for a few seconds.

    NATHAN (cont’d): Oh, you guys may be slightly lost around here seeing as we haven’t had the chance to give you the grand tour. Come on, I’ll take you to the prep room.


    We see RILEY, SAM, GRAHAM, NATHAN, BRUCE, BIANCA, ANDREA, LAURIE, DEANGEL, BISHOP, KELSO and WILSON all are outside the Trecile HQ, working up a plan.

    WILSON: Looks like we'll have to split up. Kirk, take team two and move out. (looks at RILEY, SAM and GRAHAM) You three are to follow and support Bruce. If you see the Dexters, don’t hesitate to use as much force as possible to take them down.

    RILEY: Yes Ma’am.

    The teams split up. BRUCE, SAM, GRAHAM, BIANCA, NATHAN and KELSO are also on TEAM TWO, while the others are on TEAM ONE.

    The members of TEAM ONE leave. BRUCE leads the other team out.


    BRUCE leads the way through town. The others follow, close behind.

    BIANCA: You know, sometimes the Dexters can interrupt way too much.

    RILEY: Well, look on the bright side. Seems like there’s never a dull moment with the Dexters around.

    BIANCA: (beat) I guess so.

    SAM: You’ve always got a decent fight too. Between you and me the girl actually wasn’t too bad a fighter.

    BRUCE: Ok. Enough chit-chat. From here on out, be careful and quiet. Don’t round a corner unless you know the area is clear. These guys are dangerous. We don’t want another massacre on our hands.


    TEAM ONE arrives, in search of the DEXTERS.


    TEAM TWO enter the bar. They are also looking for the DEXTERS.


    MR. DEXTER is out for blood. MRS. DEXTER walks beside him, though there doesn’t seem to be any real affection between the two. Their daughter JULIET walks a small distance behind them.


    RILEY, SAM, GRAHAM, NATHAN, BRUCE, KELSO and BIANCA are preparing to fight. They are spread out, scoping the alley for any immediate danger. RILEY and SAM are furthest into the alley. NATHAN, KELSO and BRUCE are close to the entrance of the alley and BIANCA and GRAHAM are midway between the two. RILEY and SAM are keeping their eyes out for the DEXTERS. RILEY realizes something.

    RILEY: You know something?

    SAM: What?

    RILEY: I think I'm finally figuring it all out.

    SAM: Figuring out what?

    RILEY: Why I’m here.

    SAM: Really?

    RILEY: Yeah. Things happen for a reason and I think New York is where I’m meant to be. Where we’re meant to be.

    SAM: Well, if you really feel that way.

    RILEY: I do.

    Cut to: NATHAN and BRUCE at the entrance to the alley. NATHAN and BRUCE talk to each other, though they aren’t looking at each other.

    NATHAN: So what do you think?

    BRUCE: About?

    NATHAN: Riley, Sam and Graham.

    BRUCE: I dunno, I like them so far.

    NATHAN: So do I. They've seen a lot. They told myself and Bianca a few stories about Nepal and South America and different places.

    BRUCE: Nepal? Really?!

    NATHAN: Yeah.

    BRUCE: That’s actually pretty cool!

    Cut to: BIANCA and GRAHAM, midway down the alley.

    BIANCA glances at GRAHAM.

    BIANCA: How long have you been a part of the military?

    GRAHAM: Since I was 18. Why?

    BIANCA: Just curious. (beat) Don’t you think Riley and Sam are a really cute couple?

    GRAHAM: Yeah. I guess they are. I’ve never seen two people as in love as those two are. They’re crazy about each other.

    BIANCA: I wish someone loved me like that…

    GRAHAM: Maybe someone already is, but maybe they’re afraid to show it.

    BIANCA: Really? Who?

    GRAHAM (jokingly): I don’t know, Riley seems to be looking our way pretty often. I think he’s watching to make sure I don’t steal you away before he can work his magic.

    BIANCA: I don’t think his magic would work on me anyway. He’s got that Mr. Macho thing going for him but he’s married and I don’t want to have to share with someone else!

    GRAHAM (smiling; suddenly alert): Wait! (beat) did you hear that?

    BIANCA (on edge): Hear what?

    GRAHAM (still smiling.): I think I just heard poor Riley’s heart breaking.

    BIANCA (realizing the joke and playing along): Oh, well. At least that’s settled. He wasn’t really my first choice anyway. Just don’t tell Riley that.

    BIANCA kisses GRAHAM on the cheek. We can see a smile on his face as she pulls back.

    GRAHAM: My lips are sealed.

    GRAHAM kisses BIANCA on the lips. She accepts it and kisses him back. RILEY looks at them and grins.

    RILEY: They're having the time of their lives.

    SAM: (looking in the same direction) They sure are. (beat) I’m glad he’s found someone.

    The two are looking at each other. Unbeknownst to both of them, MR. DEXTER creeps up behind them and grabs SAM, bringing a knife to her throat. SAM gasps in fright for a second and tries to struggle.

    MR. DEXTER: Don’t move or I cut your sweetheart’s throat out.

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    ACT IV


    MR. DEXTER is holding a knife close to SAM’s throat, prepared to kill her if RILEY takes a step forward. RILEY pulls out a gun and aims it at MR. DEXTER.

    MR. DEXTER: You kill me and I’ll make sure I kill her as I go.

    RILEY is unable to make a decision. BIANCA, GRAHAM, NATHAN, BRUCE and KELSO all arrive by RILEY’s side, realizing what is happening. MR. DEXTER is walking backwards slowly, pulling SAM with him.

    BRUCE: Let go of her, Dexter, or I swear to god I’ll -

    MR. DEXTER: You’ll what, Kirk?! Threaten me as I walk away? You’re all pathetic wastes of space! How you’ve managed to get here I’ll never know! Look at you! Panicking over one filthy agent! You all going to-

    MR. DEXTER is cut off as SAM elbows him hard into the stomach while she tries to pull the hand holding the knife away from her throat. This moment’s distraction is all the others need. RILEY instantly jumps to the aid of his wife and grabs the hand holding the knife. He pulls it away from SAM’s throat and throws MR. DEXTER against a wall. RILEY looks at SAM for a second.

    SAM: He talks way too much.

    NATHAN advances for MR. DEXTER and kicks him hard. A demon dives from the shadows and sinks sharp claws into NATHAN’s arm. BRUCE pulls out a knife and stabs at it a few times. It seems very strong and shrugs off most of the blows easily. The DEMON turns to face BRUCE. RILEY shoots the demon from the side. It shrieks in pain and seems angered but doesn’t seem affected other than that. BRUCE and NATHAN both duck at the same time. A sword blade swings into view and takes the demon’s head clean off. The demon's head falls to the ground. We can see that KELSO is holding the sword now.

    KELSO: Didn’t anyone tell you guys that bullets don’t work? Why do you think we’re all armed with knives and blades here?!

    RILEY sighs. NATHAN and BRUCE are watching MR. DEXTER carefully.

    BIANCA: Where are Mrs. Dexter and Juliet?

    MRS. DEXTER and JULIET step from the shadows of the alley. There are about five or six demons behind them.

    MRS DEXTER: Right here.

    Without another word the demons lunge forward, ready to kill.

    JULIET advances for BIANCA, but SAM literally kicks her butt and knocks her down to the ground. MRS. DEXTER advances for SAM, but BRUCE punches her in the face, landing her on the ground.

    BRUCE: Bianca! Get Wilson here now! Go!

    Without another word, BIANCA runs down the alley a little and pulls out a communications unit and starts speaking into it.

    BIANCA: Taylor to Wilson. Do you read me?

    WILSON: (V/O) This is Wilson. What’s wrong?

    BIANCA: The Dexters have come our way. Team Two is in combat. We need back up right now!

    WILSON: (V/O) We're on our way!

    BIANCA looks up with an expression of hope on her face.


    RILEY, SAM, GRAHAM, KELSO, NATHAN and BRUCE continue to fight the DEXTERS and their demons, though there are only two of the demons left. RILEY and GRAHAM take on MR. DEXTER and both NATHAN and KELSO take on MRS. DEXTER while BRUCE and SAM take on JULIET. BRUCE and SAM corner JULIET as she tries to find a way to outwit them. JULIET tries to knock down SAM by punching her in the face, but SAM blocks the punch and kicks JULIET to the ground. NATHAN and KELSO fight MRS. DEXTER. MRS. DEXTER punches NATHAN in the chest. NATHAN leaps back up and kicks down MRS. DEXTER to the ground. MRS. DEXTER tries to rise back up, but KELSO threatens her back to the ground with a broken sword. It must have gotten broken in battle. GRAHAM is thrown against a wall. The blow knocks him unconscious. BIANCA sees GRAHAM fall and rushes over. RILEY and MR. DEXTER are close to a bloody stalemate. A huge series of punches, kicks, counter attacks and dodges come strong within the fighters. By the five minute mark, MR. DEXTER punches RILEY down to the ground. SAM notices this.

    SAM: Riley!!

    MR. DEXTER gets out a blade and prepares to stab RILEY in the chest with it.

    MR. DEXTER: Is that all you got?

    WILSON: (O/S) No. He has us.

    MR. DEXTER, followed by the rest of the DEXTERS look up and they see DEANGEL, ANDREA, LAURIE and BISHOP, armed and in stance, ready to fight. A fist flies behind MR. DEXTER's head. He falls to the ground. RILEY rises up and he sees WILSON.

    WILSON: Are you ok?

    RILEY: Yeah. I'm fine.

    JULIET: Mom! Dad! There's too many Trecile Agents!

    MRS. DEXTER: I know. So, where do we go from here?

    KELSO: Prison. Where else?

    MR. DEXTER: (rising up) Over my dead body! Honey, Juliet, let's go!

    The DEXTERS break through the crowd and they run out of the alleyway, making their escape.

    WILSON: They got away again…

    RILEY and SAM look at each other, grinning.

    GRAHAM stirs for a second. BISHOP runs over to check on him.

    BISHOP: I think it’s just a concussion, but we’ll check him when we get back just to be sure.

    BIANCA hugs a slightly disoriented GRAHAM to her.

    WILSON: So, Riley, Sam, are you three still interested in joining the Trecile?

    RILEY and SAM look at WILSON.


    BIANCA, NATHAN and BRUCE all smile as RILEY, SAM and GRAHAM all stand in front of them, as new members of the Trecile.

    BIANCA: Agent R. Finn, Agent S. Finn, Agent G. Miller.

    GRAHAM: Isn't this great?

    BIANCA: Totally.

    BRUCE: This is the beginning of something new for you guys. Right?

    RILEY & SAM: (in unison) Yeah.

    NATHAN: I wonder how you guys didn't find out about the Trecile earlier?

    BRUCE: You guys said you were in South America and Nepal?

    RILEY: Yeah.

    BRUCE: That's probably why then.

    BIANCA: A couple of weeks ago, the Trecile began to contact Military units from South America. If you guys had stayed in South America any longer you‘d probably have heard of us.

    SAM: So you guys would have been recruiting us eventually anyways…

    RILEY: No matter. After all is said and done, we’re a part of the Trecile. We’re starting new now.

    SAM: Amen to that.

    BIANCA: We are all now in this war together.

    BRUCE: United we stand.

    NATHAN: Divided we fall.

    GRAHAM: We live long and prosper.

    SAM: And we shall work together as a team.

    A close up on RILEY is seen as he stands up, smiling.

    RILEY: Let's make it so.



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    Feedback is important!! Please Give Feedback!!

    - Brad Dourif was recasted for the role of Mr. Dexter because of his reputation of being dead and being a serial killer in previous movies such as Child's Play.

    - Nathan and Bruce's name were inspired by me after I watched Poltergeist III and the characters Nathan and Bruce.

    Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N Roses
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