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    Default RAIN: 1.13 Notations

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a year and half after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.13 Notations

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)




    It’s further out in the woods near the wealthy side of town. Suddenly we hear upbeat chase-like music. RAIN is running through the forest, chasing after a VAMPIRE. She dodges every tree branch, jumps over every log and swerves around every rock. Behind her, NICK is trying to catch up. Holding onto a stake, he breathes heavy as he continues to run. He arrives at the edge of the woods and witnesses RAIN staking the vampire. As he watches it burst into a cloud of dust.

    NICK: (bends down to collect his breath) Whoo! (Thumbs up) Good job, slayer.

    RAIN: (turns around) Thanks. (Puts stake back in her pocket) It was harder than it should have been though. He came out of nowhere.

    NICK: (points at her) Well it sure beats all of the painting we’ve been doing for the restaurant.

    RAIN: (not realizing he’s being sarcastic) I know what you mean. I love a good vampire chase-

    NICK: (winces) –I was joking.

    RAIN: Oh.

    NICK rubs his arm.

    RAIN: (sees this) Are you okay? The vamp knocked you down pretty good.

    NICK: (scoffs) I fell on purpose. (Gives her a look) I thought it was obvious?

    RAIN: (small smile) Obvious, sure. Look, are you sure you’re okay?

    NICK: I’m fine. (Moves his arm; winces again) Okay maybe not.

    RAIN: (touches him) We should have Madeline take a look at it.

    NICK finds himself gazing at RAIN a bit. He looks at her hair, eyes and her lips.

    RAIN: Huh?

    NICK: (snaps himself out of reality) Oh, I was just...

    NICK sees RAIN is looking in a different direction towards the park. There is a Pavilion where local kids go to hang out.

    RAIN: I didn’t realize we come so far out of town.

    Together they approach it. There are names all over one side of the wall. Some were spray painted. Others were carved and the rest were written with white out and sliver pens.

    NICK: (nervously as he looks over to RAIN) This is where the kids make-out.

    RAIN: (mutters) Yeah... the rich ones anyway. (Reads some of names) I don’t believe it!

    NICK: What?

    RAIN: Your name is on this.

    NICK: (surprised) What? Where?

    RAIN: Yeah see? Juliet Wooten loves Nick Caro. (Beat; smirks) So who’s Juliet?

    NICK: I don’t remember dating a Juliet.

    RAIN: (scoffs) Why am I not surprised?

    NICK: (shrugs) Eh, whatever. (Leans back) Man... look at all of the names.

    RAIN: (read some of them) ‘Ray-gun was here’. (Chuckles) No way... that’s my principal! (Groans) Neeve ‘hearts’ Trent. Bleh. (Continues to read) ‘Adrienne and Corbis 4-Ever’... that can’t be... do think ‘Corbis’ is Michael?

    Not really paying attention, NICK stares at her.

    RAIN: Uhh... Nick?

    NICK: Yeah?

    He arches his brow at the way she’s looking at him. He mistakes it for something else.

    RAIN: (inches closer) Stay still.

    NICK: (anxious) Okay...

    RAIN reaches up and pulls NICK gently towards her. Just as the closeness is beginning to verge on the intimate she pushes him roughly to one side and stakes another VAMPIRE that had been approaching silently from behind him. Dust flies everywhere. NICK falls into a pile of leaves.

    NICK: (groans) Ohh...

    RAIN: (turns to help him) Sorry, Nick... I needed him to think-

    NICK: (winces) -Yeah... I got it. I was bait.

    NICK slowly gets up and brushes off the leaves.

    NICK: (in pain) I think you injured my other arm.

    RAIN: (rolls her eyes) You’re such a girl. (Beat) Come on, let’s stop by Madeline’s and take care of that arm... err... both arms.

    NICK: I think I should sue you. Call a lawyer. I mean I was working a job.

    RAIN: Working a job? Oh please...

    Together they walk away from the Pavilion. Their banter dies and the screen fade to black.

    We hear an incantation. The Pavilion appears on the screen again. It’s later that night. There are candles everywhere. A HISPANIC YOUNG WOMAN is standing before the wall carving an ancient symbol on it. Then she uses a silver pen and writes ‘Nigel Fuller’ loves ‘Gabrielle Chavez’ in the middle of the symbol. She stands back and chants again and the candles create a large flame. The symbol catches on fire and then quickly it dies out. Then the name ‘Nigel Fuller’ starts to burn at a snail's pace. The screen fades to black.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tangent

    Special Thanks: Thomas and Kiera

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    There are stock footage of the college campus. We see the library, the cafeteria, the gym and dormitories.

    CUT TO:

    NICK holding a bag is dressed in a rock t-shirt, jeans and boots walking down the hallway. A few people acknowledge him. From behind, someone catches up with him. It’s FULLER, NICK’S friend from 1.08 The Domino Effect. He’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt, cargo pants and boots.

    FULLER: (pats NICK on the shoulder) Hey man. Looking forward to tonight? I know I am.

    NICK: Hey, Fuller. (Nods) Me too.

    FULLER: (carrying a backpack) No I mean... (Smirks) later tonight. My date and I are going out afterwards for Valentine’s Day.

    NICK: (ignores him) Did you do the assignment?

    FULLER: What assignment?

    NICK: That one that’s due today?

    FULLER: It’s due today?

    NICK: (shakes his head) I don’t know why I let you convince me to take this class.

    FULLER: I told you, man...

    They both enter a classroom. It’s mostly filled with FEMALE students.

    FULLER:’s a great place to meet the ladies.

    NICK: (chuckles) Right... how could I have forgotten?

    A couple of the GIRLS flirt with NICK with their eyes and smiles. He gives an awkward small wave.

    FULLER: (sits next to him) I noticed you haven’t been hooking up lately.

    NICK: (pulls out a binder from his bag) Keeping track of my dating habits?

    FULLER: There’s talk.

    NICK: What talk?

    FULLER: People are talking about how... (Gestures) you’re not the same guy you used to be.

    NICK: (arches a brow) What’s that supposed to mean?

    FULLER: You don’t... you know, use your charms on the girls anymore. When the last time you-

    MALE VOICE: (OS) –Fuller, class started five minutes ago. So you might want to put a sock in it.

    The class laughs.

    FULLER: (leans back) Sorry, professor. Carry on.

    The PROFESSOR gives him a look.

    PROFESSOR: (puts his glasses on the top of his head) Well, today of all days is fitting for this course as its Valentine’s Day. Before we discuss the six characteristics in Romantic Period Literature, I want to talk about romance in general...

    CUT TO:

    We see that the building next door is still under construction.

    CUT TO:

    At the bar, RAIN is doing her homework while NICK pours VINCE, a local customer a beer. He notices NICK looking in her direction. VINCE nudges his friend, FRANK and gives him a nod, to look at NICK. He too sees him acting not his usual self. We hear the PROFESSOR’S voice continue from the previous scene.

    PROFESSOR: (OS) ... how does love start? Does it build slowly, creeping up on us, turning friendship into something... more?

    It’s clear that NICK keeps glancing at her, unsure of how to act around her while trying to keep his cool at the same time.

    NICK: (oblivious to VINCE and FRANK staring at him) What are you doing, Rain?

    RAIN: (doesn’t look up) Homework.

    NICK: Yeah? For what class?

    RAIN: American History. (Looks at him right in the eye) Want to do it for me?

    NICK: (pats his bag nearby) I got my own, thanks.

    RAIN: (small smile; puts down a pen) Will you tell Bella I had to go to the restroom? I’m expecting her any minute.

    NICK: (nods) Yeah sure, no problem.

    NICK watches as RAIN walks toward the restroom. Seeing this, VINCE and FRANK start to laugh.

    NICK: (cleans a glass) Something funny, boys?

    VINCE: Yeah you... (Nods toward the bathroom) and the Rain girl.

    NICK: (arches a brow) Rain? What are you talking about?

    FRANK: Ask her out already.

    NICK: (taken aback) Whoa... she’s a friend... and a co-worker. A friendly co-worker.

    VINCE: Oh come on. It’s clear as day, you like her. And I don’t just mean jump-in-the-sack-like her.

    NICK: (stammers) No-now wait a minute. There is no jumping, no sacking. We spar sometimes but- (stops himself forgetting they do not know about the supernatural)

    VINCE: (to FRANK; mouths) Spar?

    FRANK shrugs at him and drinks his beer.

    NICK: (nervously) You know spar? Exercise? It’s just to stay fit, be healthy.

    VINCE: Well, whatever you want to call it, you like the Rain-girl. It’s obvious.

    Hearing this again makes NICK more nervous but before anyone can say anything more BELLA enters the restaurant.

    NICK: (anxiously) Hey Bella.

    BELLA: (sees RAIN’S belongings) Hey. Where’s Rain?

    NICK: She’s powdering her nose.

    BELLA: (laughs) Is she?

    NICK: (mixes a drink for a customer) Well something like that anyway... so what are you two ladies up to today?

    BELLA: We have a study date.

    NICK: (arches a brow) A date? Like... with boys?

    BELLA: No, Nick... Rain and I are going to the library. You might have heard of it. It’s where people study.

    NICK: Oh right. (Hands the drink off to a customer) Well have fun studying.

    BELLA: (arches a brow at him) Are you all right, Nick?

    NICK: (looks over to VINCE and FRANK, then back at BELLA) I’m good.

    BELLA gives him a look. Soon RAIN appears.

    RAIN: Hey Bella… ready?

    BELLA nods. RAIN gets her stuff together and waves NICK a good-bye.

    VINCE: He’s a slow poke that one.

    FRANK chuckles.

    NICK fake laughs at them. He looks at the window and watches as RAIN and BELLA walk off, chatting and laughing.

    CUT TO:

    BELLA: So were you able to get the night off?

    RAIN: (nods) Yep, Michael seems to be backing off a bit, although he’s still not going to let me forget that I tried to steal the artifact.

    BELLA: Awesome.

    RAIN: What about CJ? Was he cool with it?

    BELLA: Totally. He understood that this is something we do every Valentine’s Day. (Beat) Nick is watching us.

    RAIN: (glances over) Is he? He’s just probably being his usual dorky self.

    NICK quickly looks away pretending to clean the counter.

    CUT TO:

    It’s about a couple of hours later. At the table, RAIN and BELLA are studying and writing notes.

    BELLA: (throws down a pen) I need a break. (Picks up her water bottle) Be right back.

    RAIN: (nose in a textbook) All right.

    BELLA walks past the other tables and the front desk to the other side of the library where the restroom and water fountain are located. After she fills the water bottle, she observes a bulletin board. A flyer for a local club peek her interest. It reads: Provocative Theory Live at The Red Vein, February 14, 2005, 8pm $5 Cover, Ladies Free Drinks. BELLA snatches the flyer. She turns around and is startled when CJ emerges from the men’s bathroom. They catch sight of each other at the same time and both break out in broad smiles.

    CJ: (surprised but pleased; holding a backpack) Bella… hey.

    BELLA: (grins) Hey you.

    At first they act a bit lovey-dovey, gazing in each other’s eyes. Then they give each other a warm hug. We hear the PROFESSOR’S voice again.

    PROFESSOR: (OS) ... or does love occur at first sight? When there is that instant connection and you just know?

    CJ: (holding onto a bag) So... What brings you here? I thought you were going out with Rain?

    BELLA: Yeah, we’re doing our homework first.

    CJ: Wise decision. Procrastination only leads to stress, then you’re losing your hair, your teeth and then ultimately your soul. It’s just not a pretty picture.

    BELLA laughs.

    CJ: (Sees the flyer in her hand) The Red Vein?

    BELLA: Yeah I’ve never heard of it. Have you been?

    CJ: (nods) It’s a cool hang out. College kids mostly go there. They have good music.

    BELLA: I was thinking of taking Rain. (Puts her hand on his) I appreciate this. I know you wanted to go out on Valentine’s Day but it’s just something that Rain and I have done since we were kids.

    CJ: No sweat. (Inches closer) As long as I get to have you tomorrow.

    BELLA: Yes... I’m yours tomorrow. All yours.

    CJ: (grins) Well, I’m done with my homework, so I’m gonna jet. (Beat) Later, girlfriend. (Kisses her on the cheek)

    BELLA: (doesn’t know how to respond) Bye...

    CJ leaves. Before BELLA walks back to the table she sees RAIN at the front desk checking out some books.

    BELLA: (shows the flyer) This is where we’re going tonight.

    RAIN: The Red Vein? Sounds like a club for vampires.

    BELLA: It’s my turn to pick... so?

    RAIN: (grins) Yeah, its fine.

    With a couple of her friends, NEEVE heads in RAIN and BELLA’S direction. She doesn’t see them.

    NEEVE: Did I tell you that Trent’s family is broke? Like flat broke?

    FIRST GIRL: No! What happened?

    NEEVE: His family made some bad investments. (Beat) I’m officially embarrassed. (Beat) Oh and he had the nerve to ask me for some money.

    SECOND GIRL: What did you tell him?

    NEEVE: Duh. I told him no way. (Beat) He suggested I sell my clothes, purses, everything and give him the money to help him out. As if I’d do that! He clearly doesn’t know me at all. (Glances over to RAIN and BELLA) Oh great... they’re here.

    After RAIN retrieves her books, she head for the table with BELLA. They sit down and return to their studying. NEEVE approaches them.

    NEEVE: I’m surprised you knew the library existed.

    RAIN: I could say the same for you, Neeve.

    NEEVE: Rumor has it that you’re a criminal.

    RAIN: Is that right?

    NEEVE: Yup. (Beat) You stole money from your boss to support your drug habit.

    RAIN doesn’t reply.

    BELLA: Neeve, we’re studying. (Waves a hand at her) Shoo.

    NEEVE: (scoffs) You know Bella, now is the time to cut the cord. The further Rain falls into her drug habit, the more she’ll drag you down with her. And by then it’ll be too late. Your parents won’t be able to help rescue you.

    BELLA: (to RAIN) I keep hearing an irritating sound. You know like fingers on asphalt? (Nods) Do you hear it?

    RAIN: (shrugs) I don’t hear anything.

    NEEVE: I think you meant chalkboard, Bella.

    BELLA: (shakes her head) No... I’m pretty sure I meant asphalt.

    RAIN smirks.

    NEEVE: Whatever. (Sees the flyer) Ugh... The Red Vein? (Beat) You’re not seriously going there are you? That place is for old people.

    RAIN: (fetches her wallet) Look, I’ll give you ten bucks to just go away.

    NEEVE: (scoffs) Nah, keep your money. You’ll need it.

    NEEVE and her friends turn around leaving the library.

    RAIN: I swear... one of these days.

    BELLA: Yeah...Too bad she’s not a vampire.

    RAIN: (muses) Now, there’s a thought.

    BELLA laughs.

    CUT TO:

    On the walls there are black and white photos taken by local artists. A few people are admiring them while some are talking quietly and drinking champagne. Amongst the crowd is MICHAEL looking at a photo of a graveyard.

    FEMALE VOICE: (OS) It’s kind of morbid but I like it.

    Stunned hearing a familiar voice, MICHAEL instantly turns around. We see it belongs to a white WOMAN with shoulder length wavy blonde hair. She has on a gray ruffled striped tunic, cargo pants and sandals.

    MICHAEL: (anxiously looks around) Adrienne... when did you get back?

    ADRIENNE: (carrying a knitted bag) A few days ago. Just finished my stint with Doctors without Borders in India. (Beat) Thought I’d get a little local Haven culture and bam... here you are. (Smiles) It’s good to see you.

    It’s clear that MICHAEL is uncomfortable around ADRIENNE. We hear the PROFESSOR’S voice again.

    PROFESSOR: (OS) ... what about unrequited love? Where’s the line? How do you tell that person the feeling isn’t mutual without hurting them?

    MICHAEL: Does he know you’re here?

    ADRIENNE: (fidgets) No... but he’ll know soon enough.

    MICHAEL: (moves) I need to go.

    ADRIENNE: (steps in front of him) Michael, we only just bumped into each other. (Beat) Are you sure you can’t stay a while? (Grins) You can show me what’s new in Haven.

    MICHAEL: Like I said, I have to go. Sorry.

    ADRIENNE sighs and watches MICHAEL abruptly leave the gallery.

    CUT TO:

    Very faintly Shawn Colvin’s Between Two Worlds plays. It’s about thirty minutes later and we see MADELINE sitting outside, drinking tea. She appears to be alone in her thoughts. A married couple holding hands walks by. MADELINE takes notice of this thinking of ROWE. We hear the PROFESSOR’S voice one more time.

    PROFESSOR: (OS) ... or how do you know when to let love go? When you’ve been hanging onto a relationship that has offered nothing but heartaches?

    To her surprise, she sees MICHAEL briskly walk down the pavement.

    MADELINE: (waves) Michael... over here.

    MICHAEL: (acknowledges and approaches her) Hey...

    MADELINE gestures him to sit. He awkwardly accepts her offer.

    MICHAEL: How are you?

    MADELINE: Good. (Beat) Have you heard from Harper?

    MICHAEL: (nods) She’s looking into other resources to find Dridge.

    MADELINE: What about your contacts?

    MICHAEL: They haven’t come up with anything.

    MADELINE: I wish we could do something.

    MICHAEL: Me too.

    They look at each other for a bit, feeling self-conscious.

    MADELINE: (shifts to another topic) So...any plans for today?

    MICHAEL: (nods) The restaurant will be packed tonight since its Valentine’s Day.

    MADELINE sighs hearing the word Valentines’ Day.

    MICHAEL: (studies her a bit) Sounds like you’re not a fan. Need a distraction?

    MADELINE: What do you got in mind?

    MICHAEL: Well I gave Nick and Rain the night off and I’m short of a couple of waitresses. If you’re game I could use the help.

    MADELINE: I’m in. Can I start now?

    MICHAEL: Sure.

    They get up at the same time and walk away from the cafe. As they move off we see ROWE has been watching them from a distance. The song fades.

    CUT TO:

    The artistic styled club is packed with mostly college students. It’s walls are covered with a deep red Damask pattern while the hardwood floors are black. A chalkboard hangs on the walls allowing customers to draw on it. Most of the sketches are of vampires.

    There is a stage that allows musicians to play live music. Behind the drums, the wall itself is painted with a large heart with veins all over it. The heart is ripped open with music notes pouring out of it as well as splatters of blood. Above the heart, the name of the club is written in a tattoo styled font.

    All of the tables have small lamps giving a soft glow. To the left is the bar. The counter is made of an old barn door. Further down there are private booths. The seats are from classic cars. At each booth section, there is painting made by a local artist.

    RAIN and BELLA walks in. Alternative music plays from a live band on the stage. It grows louder and louder as the GIRLS walk further inside.

    BELLA: I’m gonna get us something to drink. Find us a seat, okay?

    RAIN nods and searches for an empty table but it’s seems to be a challenge. We hear the band’s song I Won’t Be Stuck On You play:

    You're looking for an answer
    You think you're going insane
    But I never promised you a happy ending
    when you gave your heart to me

    A familiar voice stops RAIN and she looks up to the stage discovering NICK singing the very song that she hears. Her face freezes as he sings passionately into the microphone while strumming his guitar. Someone bumps into her but she doesn’t look back. She stays still. We hear:

    You say you want some kind of sign
    You thought my love was true
    Baby, you gotta know right now
    I won't be stuck on you

    The rest of band’s ensemble is the rhythm guitarist, a WHITE GIRL with black hair also singing, the bass guitarist, an ASIAN guy who has a punk edge and the drummer is someone we already recognize, FULLER.

    Soon, NICK and RAIN'S eyes meet. He is stunned to see her watching him, standing in a sea of occupied tables but he doesn’t lose his composure and continues to sing.

    Trying to hold onto the drinks as carefully as possible, BELLA finds RAIN and her mouth drops as she sees NICK.

    BELLA: Holy Motley Crue! That’s Nick!

    NICK keeps shooting glances at RAIN, as he sings.

    BELLA: Did you know he was in a band?

    RAIN doesn’t respond. As the song comes to an end, there is a roaring applause which wakes her from her trance.

    NICK: (to the audience; then he glances at RAIN) Thank you. We’ll be back and be sure to try the special.

    A MAN comes on stage with his own microphone.

    MAN: Provocative Theory, ladies and gentleman!

    NICK and his band give a small wave and walk off stage. Nearby we see the same HISPANIC GIRL from the teaser waiting for someone. FULLER approaches her.

    FULLER: (grins) Hey Gabs... did you like? We’re going to sing another one of my songs later.

    GABI: (pulls him close) You were awesome, Nigel.

    FULLER: (inches back) I told you, it’s Fuller... (Waves a finger at her) no Nigel.

    GABI: You were awesome, Fuller.

    FULLER: (smirks) That’s better.

    She embraces him with an eerie smile. We hear the previous song continue:

    It's all right, going out tonight
    We're not meant to be
    I know it sucks, but that's on you
    Don't really care what you're going through
    I won't say I'm sorry for what I did
    I won't be stuck on you

    The screen fades to back. After a second or two we see the carving of the ancient symbol on the wall at the Pavilion. FULLER’S name is still burning. The glowing embers are traveling seductively. Eventually it reaches the ‘r’, and it fades. Smoke wafts in the air as if sealing the spell in.

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    ACT II


    A couple nearby leaves their table and RAIN takes the opportunity to sit down.

    BELLA: (sits down) I donít believe it! Heís in a band! He just moved up two notches on my list of guys to date... (Stops herself; RAIN arches her brow) ...not that I would date him.

    NICK approaches the girls with an awkward smile.

    NICK: (nervously chuckles) Hey ladies. (Looks at RAIN first then at BELLA) What are you doing here?

    BELLA: (hands RAIN her drink) I saw one of your flyers at the library. So we came to check this place out. (Beat) I didnít know you sang!

    NICK: (smiles gently) Yah, itís my darkest secret.

    BELLA glances over to RAIN and realizes for the first time that her friend is seeing NICK in a different light.

    NICK: (sits down) So... what do you think? Did you like it?

    RAIN can only nod.

    BELLA: Why didnít you tell us you were in a band?

    NICK: (shrugs) I donít know... I didnít think you guys would be interested.

    BELLA: Well, you thought wrong.

    NICK gives a small smile and glances over to RAIN.

    BELLA: How long have you been playing music?

    NICK: (shifts back to BELLA) Since high school.

    RAIN: (reminds BELLA) He did go to band camp.

    NICK: Itís a memory Iíd like to forget.

    BELLA: Well, youíre very good. (Looks around) I like this place. Itís very down to earth... (To the wall) apart from the heart on the wall with the veins... and the blood splatters.

    NICK: (grins; nods over to the rhythm guitarist) Eleanorís husband painted it. He owns the place. Heís also a tattoo artist.

    RAIN: (referring to the club) Itís pretty cool... low key and (stunned when she sees NEEVE and TRENT enter the club) apparently attracts all types of people. (Turns back to NICK) Does Michael know you play?

    NICK nods.

    BELLA: And he never told us?

    NICK: (smirks; leans back) The boss is not the type to brag about his friendsí talents.

    RAIN rolls her eyes.

    BELLA: (gives a small laugh; leans back looking for something) Whereís the restroom?

    He points the way. BELLA follows his directions to the bathroom. Acting a bit anxious, NICK turns to RAIN who is oblivious to his emotions.

    NICK: (taps the table) So... did you really like it? The song I mean?

    RAIN: (plays with her straw) Yeah... do you write the songs?

    NICK: Some of them.

    RAIN: (observes NEEVE bickering with TRENT) Cool.

    NICK: (lets out a breath) I was wondering since youíre here...

    RAIN: (glances up) Yeah?

    NICK: (leans forward) Do-do you want to, maybe... I donít know, go out... sometime? You know, with me?

    RAIN: (misunderstands his question) Iím going to patrol tomorrow night. You can come if you want.

    NICK: (quickly leans back) Yes... (Covers up) patrol. I wanted to know when you were going to patrol again.

    RAIN: (eyes the stage) Your band is starting without out you.

    NICK: (jerks back a little) Oh yeah.... weíre doing another set. (Beat) Will you stay?

    RAIN nods. With an awkward smile, NICK gets out of his seat and returns to the stage. He picks up his guitar and simultaneously, the band start playing an edgier song, Bring on the Pain. We hear:

    I'm begging for escape in this town of hate
    Nothing left to do and nothing left to say
    I can't change the past
    and she won't go away

    GABI is in the corner watching him play the drums. She is constantly looking at her watch as if sheís waiting for something. We hear:

    I've made mistakes I can't tell
    Loved a girl who made my life hell
    It's all messed up, all over the place
    I need to think, but can't get away

    The music fades as weíre cut to the next scene.

    CUT TO:

    Unexpectedly, the ancient symbol catches on fire again and the embers travel from FULLERíS name to another one. It seems the spell was supposed to stop with FULLERíS but it didnít. The embers continue to rapidly spread to other names.

    CUT TO:

    The song fades. Like most dorm bedrooms, there are two of everything- desk, beds and nightstands. The walls are adorned with posters of pop artists such as Justin Timberlake and Kelly Clarkson. GABI is sleeping under the covers. The camera turns around showing FULLER changing his clothes. Gradually, she wakes up and sees him rushing to leave.

    GABI: (groggily) Fuller?

    FULLER doesnít respond as he buttons his shirt.

    GABI: (holds the sheet to her chest) Where are you going?

    FULLER: Back to my place.

    GABI: Are we still going to the museum?

    FULLER: (ties his shoes) I canít... (Thinks for a minute) I got homework.

    GABI: But... you told me finished it.

    FULLER: Listen Gabs... I had a great time but I gotta go.

    GABI: When can I see you again?

    FULLER: (shrugs) Dunno.

    GABI: I-I donít understand. You said-

    FULLER: -I had a good time last night, didnít you?

    GABI: (teary eyed) Fuller... I gave myself to you. Now youíre acting-

    FULLER: - I just realized you and I are just not... you know compatible.

    We hear Provocative Theoryís I Wonít Be Stuck On You play a few lines.

    So you think I'm covering up
    You say I'm scared inside
    But I never promised you a diamond ring
    when you slept with me that night

    GABI: Not compatible? (Confused; to herself) I donít understand. (Looks away; softly) It was supposed to work.

    FULLER: What was supposed to work?

    GABI doesnít reply and just looks out the window. In turn FULLER quietly exists the bedroom. We hear her crying along with the lyrics:

    You say you want some kind of sign
    You thought my love was true
    Baby, you gotta know right now
    I won't be stuck on you

    CUT TO:

    A few students are heading toward the school while some are standing outside talking to their friends. RAIN and BELLA pull in the parking lot and climb out of the car. They see a flock of students congregating in one area in front of the building.

    BELLA: (holding onto textbooks) I wonder whatís going on?

    As they approach the area, they look at each other stunned. A couple of NEEVEíS friends are holding a sign. It reads: ďEverything Must Go!Ē. Standing before a table and a clothes rack, NEEVE hands a student a purse.

    NEEVE: This is Gucci, all right? Itís not a knockoff.

    The student gives NEEVE some cash.

    RAIN: (low voice) It seems our head cheerleader is having a tag sale.

    BELLA: (observe a couple of girls fighting over a skirt) This is just too weird.

    RAIN: (shrugs) Letís see what sheís selling. (Beat) Other than her soul that is.

    BELLA smirks as they walk closer to the table.

    RAIN: Hey Neeve.

    NEEVE: (too cheerful) Hey, Rain!

    RAIN: (doesnít know what to make of NEEVEíS strange behavior) Why are you selling your stuff?

    NEEVE: (sighs) Trentís family is broke. So I thought Iíd help out.

    BELLA: (confused) But... you live and breathe through your clothes. Itís literally your air. (Beat) I canít believe youíre not suffocating.

    NEEVE: Trent needs me. I love him. What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didnít support him? (Picks up a black purse) This is perfect for you, Rain.

    RAIN: (arches a brow) It is?

    NEEVE: It has that biker look which goes with your (gestures) attire and its one of a kind. (Beat) Iíll give it to you for ten bucks.

    RAIN: Ten dollars? Thereís no catch? Like a rather large tax percentage?

    NEEVE: (laughs) Silly you. (Beat) Thereís no catch. Think of this as a charity. Youíll be helping a classmate in need. Come on, what do you say?

    RAIN: (shrugs) All right Iíll buy it. (BELLA gives her a look) What? Itís Louis Vuitton. Even I would be crazy to pass down a deal like this.

    BELLA shakes her head at her. RAIN and NEEVE make the exchange.

    NEEVE: (smiles) Take care, Rain. You too Bella.

    RAIN and BELLA walks away.

    RAIN: That was a bit-

    BELLA: -stepfordy?

    RAIN: I was going to go with robotic but yeah.

    BELLA: Neeve Fournier selling her things is one for the Haven history books.

    RAIN: (enjoying her bag) I canít believe she sold this for ten dollars.

    BELLA: I canít believe she sold it to you. (Beat) Just wait, sheís going to turn around and rip it out of your hands.

    RAIN: (smirks) Then Iíll just zap her with my powers.

    BELLA laughs and glances over to NEEVE selling a bracelet to another student.

    BELLA: Do you think... Neeve is turning a new leaf?

    RAIN: Hell no. (Beat) She may be having a moment of insanity but once you go dark side, thereís no turning back.

    BELLA: Well if Darth Vader can do it, I donít see why Neeve canít.

    RAIN: Maybe you have faith in her but I donít think sheíll ever change.

    As they enter the school, PRINCIPAL REYERS walks towards NEEVE to stop her from selling her stuff on school property.

    CUT TO:

    NICK is eating his lunch at a cafe on campus. With a crowd of football players, FULLER strolls in. Among them is HOLDEN. They talk a bit before FULLER joins NICK.

    FULLER: (sets his bag down) Youíre not going believe this.

    NICK: (sips his soda) What?

    FULLER: Holden let his girlfriend drive his car.

    NICK: (arches a brow) Really?

    FULLER: Yep, he just told me.

    NICK: I thought no one was allowed to drive it, especially Kelly.

    FULLER: Well, she asked him this morning if she could borrow it and he said yes.

    NICK: Just like that?

    FULLER: Just like that. (Beat) Weird huh?

    NICK: Very.

    Soon GABI enters the cafe and she sees FULLER and NICK. Immediately she turns around sobbing.

    NICK: (in GABIíS direction) I see things are not working out with Gabi and you.

    FULLER: (glances over, then back at NICK) Oh yeah... (Nonchalantly) I guess she thought we were in it for the long haul.

    NICK: You have no shame.

    FULLER: (scoffs) Youíre just like me, bro.

    NICK: How so?

    FULLER: A player.

    NICK: Maybe... but I donít mislead the girls Iím with.

    FULLER: I find that hard to believe.

    NICK: (confesses) Okay, there might have been a few who misunderstood my intentions but I wasnít aware of how they truly felt about me. The difference between you and me is that youíre never straightforward with the girls youíre dating.

    FULLER: Itís not my fault they donít get the message.

    NICK: Fess up, Fuller. You knew Gabi wanted a relationship with you.

    FULLER: (brushes him off) Sheíll get over it. They always do.

    NICK: Maybe but one of these days, itís going to bite you in the ass.

    FULLER: (doesnít listen; eyes narrows) You like someone, donít you?

    NICK: (taken aback) What are talking about?

    FULLER: Yeah it makes sense. Youíve been acting different lately. Distracted.

    NICK: I donít know what youíre going on about.

    FULLER: (sarcastically) Fess up, Caro. (Glances around) Who is it? Who is the lucky lady?

    NICK: (throws a crumbled up napkin at him) Iím telling you, youíre wrong Thereís no one.

    FULLER: I donít believe you.

    NICK: (picks up his bag) Itís not my fault youíre not getting the message. (FULLER smirks) I gotta go to class.

    FULLER: Iím going to find out who she is.

    NICK: Yeah good look with that.

    FULLER smirks again just as NICK leaves.

    CUT TO:

    Students scramble all over the cafeteria. Some are sitting down eating with their friends and others are standing chatting. BELLA holding a tray is in line to pay the cashier.

    CJ: (OS) I see weíre putting a lot of faith in the macaroni and cheese.

    BELLA: (looks up; smiles) Yeah I think maybe a little too much faith.

    CJ: (smirks) So where are you sitting?

    BELLA: Outside, with Rain. Join us?

    CJ: Sure. (Beat; walks with BELLA) How did your Valentineís Day date go?

    BELLA: We had a good time. (Beat) Rain and I actually know one of the musicians who played last night.

    CJ: Itís important to have connections. (Beat) Youíll never know when you need a limo driver or a bodyguard.

    BELLA: (grins) I was thinking for our date, we could go to Nervettiís. They make great pizza.

    CJ: Does it have that cardboard texture we love so much?

    BELLA: Not even.

    CJ: Iím all for it.

    They join RAIN at a picnic table outside. There is a commotion nearby. They all look over to NEEVE arguing with a CHEERLEADER.

    NEEVE: I canít believe you did that!

    CHEERLEADER: I love him.

    NEEVE: Why in the world would you quit cheerleading for him?

    CHEERLEADER: You sold your clothes for Trent. I thought youíd understand.

    NEEVE: Thatís different! Your boyfriend is from the chess club. Mine is on the football team! (Gestures) Thereís a different level of hierarchy here!

    NEEVE and the CHEERLEADER glare at each other and walk away in a huff.

    CJ: And the world will now crumble.

    RAIN: (smirks) Iím surprised she even knows what Ďhierarchyí means.

    CJ gives a small chuckle.

    BELLA: Anyway back in the real world, what you doing tonight Rain? After school I mean.

    RAIN: (rather quickly) Iím gonna patrol with Nick. (CJ arches a brow) I mean Iím gonna walk-walk... with Nick... around Haven. You know... go for a long walk... with Nick.

    CJ: (nods) So very few people walk these days. Itís a rare sight.

    RAIN: Yeah, and itís good for the heart and... stuff.

    BELLA: Nick has a performance tonight at The Red Vein though, doesnít he?

    RAIN: (nods) Yeah, Iím going to stop by afterwards.

    CJ: (to BELLA) Performance eh? I take it this Nick fella is your connection to Hollywood?

    BELLA: (small smile) Heís just a friend of ours, works with Rain at Michaelís Haven when heís not being a rock star.

    CJ nods. Soon MS. MARKS, RAINíS guidance teacher appears and watches the students mingle, eating their lunches. Behind her PRINCIPAL REYERS taps her shoulder. She turns around. They chat for a bit then all of the sudden, REYERS gets on bended knee and holds something out to her.

    BELLA: (almost chokes on her drink) What the frak?

    CJ and RAIN turn to look in her direction. They see REYERS holding onto a small box containing a shiny diamond ring. Awkwardly MS. MARKS inch back, waving her hand at him. One by one, the students turn to stare at the incident. They begin hollering and clapping. Embarrassed, MS. MARKS runs away.

    MR. TOSTI: (stands near RAIN) Huh. Didnít see that coming. (To himself) I thought he was gay.

    As MR. TOSTI leaves, RAIN and BELLA give each other a what-going-on look. CJ sees this.

    CUT TO:

    The restaurant is packed, mostly with couples. Frustrated MADELINE tries to take an order from a customer.

    MADELINE: (anxious) Iím sorry, what was it you wanted?

    WOMAN: (annoyed) I said... I want the rib-eye, no pepper. A baked potato with sour cream on the side, no butter. I would like the asparagus, al dente. Please tell the chef to steam the asparagus too. I simply cannot stand that grilled flavor on my vegetables.

    MADELINE: (tries to write it all down fast) Right... steamed. Got it. Iíll be back.

    WOMAN: (holds a finger up) And please do not forget the bread. Every time I come here, they always forget the bread.

    MADELINE: Bread, check.

    Before MADELINE heads for the kitchen, she sees MICHAEL just coming in with bottles of wine.

    MADELINE: Oh Michael! Thereís someone waiting in your office. She says she knows you. I hope that's okay?

    MICHAEL: (afraid he knows who Ďsheí is) Yeah its fine. (Hands her the bottles) Please take these to the kitchen.

    MADELINE: Sure.

    CUT TO:

    Sitting at MICHAELíS desk, ADRIENNE is reading a book on witchcraft. She looks up when MICHAEL walks in. He closes the door.

    ADRIENNE: Interesting hobby you have here.

    MICHAEL: (takes the book from her) Leave.

    ADRIENNE: (ignores him; sets a picnic basket on the desk) I brought you dinner. (Beat) I figured youíd be swamped with customers today, so I made you all your favourites... you can thank me later.

    MICHAEL: Adrienne-

    ADRIENNE: - Look, I just to want to make it up to you. (Pulls out containers of food) I cannot believe it... but I made you steak. And we both know how anti-meat I am. I was a bit squeamish cutting it up but (removes a lid) you... are worth it. Here have a taste of this. Itís the gravy. I used that red wine you like.

    MICHAEL sighs and puts the dish down. He grabs her arm in an attempt to drag her out of the office. However ADRIENNE pulls him close instead, and starts kissing him. He pushes her away.

    MICHAEL: Adrienne! Whatís wrong with you?! Youíre acting crazy. I mean this is too much... even for you.

    ADRIENNE: (gazing in his eyes) Michael, I know itís been years but I still love you, you have to know that. I love you and I refuse to believe you donít love me too.

    MICHAEL: (shakes his head) Iím sorry but youíre wrong.

    ADRIENNE: So... after everything weíve been through? Youíre just gonna-

    MICHAEL: -Everything?! We were never-

    ADRIENNE attempts to kiss him again. Just then MADELINE bursts in.

    MADELINE: (eyes widen) Oh! Sorry!

    ADRIENNE: (a little touchy) And who is this?

    MICHAEL: (welcomes the interruption) What is it Madeline?

    MADELINE: Thereís something... odd happening out here.

    MICHAEL looks over to ADRIENNE and then back at MADELINE.

    CUT TO:

    MICHAEL and MADELINE observe a crowd of sorority sisters laughing at a couple of guys running around in their underwear. They look over to FRANK chugging a beer while his wife cheers him on. Toward the front, a teenage girl is eating jalapenos on a dare for her boyfriend.

    Unbeknownst to MICHAEL, ADRIENNE sneaks out of the room, making her way behind then and slipping out of the restaurant.

    MADELINE: (offers an explanation) I guess there must have been a bet or something?

    MICHAEL: Or something.

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    BELLA and CJ are eating pizza. An ITALIAN waitress in her late twenties approaches them with two glasses of soda.

    BELLA: Thank you, Paloa.

    PALOA: Di nada. Let me know if thereís anything else you need.

    BELLA nods. PALOA walks back behind the counter and takes an order from another customer.

    CJ: (Nods to PALOA and her family) You know them?

    BELLA: Yep. Iíve been coming here with Rain since we were about eleven.

    CJ: Well, they make great pizza. The hamburger on this... (Enjoys a bite) is delish.

    BELLA: You should try the meatballs.

    CJ: I guess weíll have to come back and try everything on the menu. (Pauses) You know... (Small smile) I like this.

    BELLA: Yeah, itís a cool place.

    CJ: No I mean... you seem different.

    BELLA: (puts her pizza down) Different how?

    CJ: I dunno. Like... refreshed or something.

    BELLA: Well Iíve been sleeping really well lately.

    CJ: Really? What sleeping remedy have you been using? Címon Bella Mia, I want in on the secret.

    BELLA: (softly) Oh itís nothing, just... a special blend of tea. (CJ nods; nervously) CJ... last night, at the library...

    CJ: Yeah?

    BELLA: You called me... (Lowers voice) your girlfriend.

    CJ: Would you rather I call you something else? Babe? Sweet Cheeks? ĎMy Womaní is kinda demeaning and I draw the line with ĎSugar Mommaí. (Points at her) How about ĎDollfaceí?

    BELLA: (smirks) No! I mean... well, is that what I am? Your girlfriend?

    CJ: I thought so... unless I missed the memo.

    BELLA: No, you didnít miss anything. I wanted to make sure... we were, you know, on the same track.

    CJ: As long as I am with you babe, thatís all that matters.

    BELLA: (smirks) So weíre going with Ďbabeí?

    CJ: We can do a referendum, if you want. Create a graph. See what we like best.

    BELLA smiles again.

    OLDER WOMAN: (OS) I canít believe you got it for me.

    BELLA and CJ turn around to see an ELDERLY COUPLE sitting behind them.
    Heís looking at his arm. A tattoo peers through the saran wrap.

    OLDER MAN: Anything for you, Sweetheart.

    OLDER WOMAN: (beams) I just wonder how youíre going to explain this to your wife. I mean, after all these years, sheís finally going to know about us.

    OLDER MAN: (shrugs) Sheíll just have to deal.

    BELLA and CJ arch their brow at this.

    CUT TO:

    While some of the Provocative Theory band members are putting their equipment away, NICK is at the bar drinking a beer. He anxiously looks at the clock on the wall. ELEANOR approaches him.

    ELEANOR: Hey Nick, some girlís just shown up. Sheís asking for you.

    NICK: (straightens up) Oh, let her in.

    ELEANOR: (sighs) Nick, you know how I feel about your groupies.

    NICK: Oh noÖ no. (Beat) Sheís not like that. (Beat) Sheís different.

    ELEANOR: (sighs) Right. Well, sheís in the bathroom.

    NICK: Thanks.

    ELEANOR walks off and as soon as sheís out of sight NICK walks over to the bathroom door. Quickly he fixes his hair. Then he scoffs at himself for even doing that. The door opens but to NICKíS surprise, itís not RAIN. Itís an African American WOMAN.

    NICK: Marjani? (Beat) WhatÖ what you doing here?

    MARJANI: (giggles) Returning something.

    NICK: Huh?

    MARJANI: (pulls a watch out of her purse) You left this at my place a few months ago.

    NICK: (takes the watch) OhÖ I thought I lost it. (Beat) Thank you for taking the time to come by with this.

    NICK attempts to leave but she stops him, putting her hands on his chest. She tosses her long black hair.

    MARJANI: Well it wasnít just the watch. I, well I wanted to see you again.

    NICK: Oh really?

    MARJANI: (seductively) Yeah really. I was kinda hopingÖ we could try some of those naughty little things we did againÖ maybe at your place, this time. (Grins) And then you can return something of mine.

    NICK: (chuckles; scratches his head) ActuallyÖ Iím expectingÖ someone... (Points at his watch)Ö right about now actually... weíre going for walk.

    MARJANI: (smirks) I like walking. It really tones the muscles... (bites lips) ya know?

    MARJANI runs her fingers through his hair and pulls him close. Just then RAIN enters the club, she sees MARJANI kissing NICK. Not really surprised by what she has just witnessed, she turns around.

    NICK pushes MARJANI off him and sees RAIN at the door. She rolls her eyes at him before leaving.

    CUT TO:

    Itís raining lightly. RAIN briskly walks away from the club. After barely a second, the door opens and NICK chases after her. Soon we hear Lifehouseís Somewhere in Between start up again.

    NICK: (calls out) Rain, wait!

    RAIN ignores him.

    NICK: Rain!

    RAIN: (turns around) What?!

    NICK: (thumbs to the building) What you saw back thereÖ itís not what you think.

    The thunder rolls across the sky as the rain continues.

    RAIN: (annoyed) Whatever, just, next time, call me when you change your plans, okay Nick? All it takes is one little phone call.

    NICK: She just showed up unannounced to drop something off. (Beat) I didnít even know she was coming.

    RAIN: (waves at him) Itís fine... it doesnít matter. (Turns away from him)

    NICK runs around her.

    NICK: I think it does. (Beat) I saw youÖ the way you looked me.

    RAIN: (rolls her eyes) Yeah right. Like I cared about you tongue wrestling with that bimbo.

    NICK: (shakes head) NoÖ not her. (Beat) The other night, with Bella, when you saw me sang. The way you looked at me-

    RAIN: (casually) ĖOh that. I was just shocked, (raises her brow) well, more like stunned really. (Beat) I mean all this time Iíve known you and suddenly I find out youíre in a band andÖ you can sing, really sing. (Beat) AndÖ to be honest, NickÖ I never took you seriously, the way you belittle women, run away from vamps like a girlÖ (Gestures at him) the way you make the stupidest jokes at the most inappropriate times.

    NICK: My jokes are stupid?

    It starts to rain even harder.

    RAIN: (sighs) Look... whatever happened back there, itís not my business okay. I donít care about any of that. (Beat) Anyway I should get out of the rain. (Wipes her purse down) I just got this purse.

    NICK: (inches closer) The thing is though Rain, I think you do care. (Stares at her deeply) Thereís something there, something between us... when our eyes connected on stage last night...

    RAIN: (arches a brow) Why are you looking at me like that?

    NICK: (softly) I felt it... didnít you?

    RAIN: (scoffs) Are you high?

    NICK: Iíve neverÖ (Clears throat; takes a chance) maybe I am high, it was pretty intense, you know?

    RAIN: (uncomfortable) NickÖ IÖ

    By now, theyíre both drenched, soaked to the bone. NICK observes her face, glimpses the raindrops on her lips. We hear:

    Cause I'm waiting for tonight
    Been waiting for tomorrow
    I'm somewhere in between
    What is real
    Just a dream
    What is real
    Just a dream
    What is real
    Just a dream

    Without a thought, he grabs her, kisses her passionately. RAIN pushes him away, surprised at what he has just done.

    RAIN: Nick, what the hell are you doing?!

    Just then RAINíS cell phone rings. She quickly answers it. NICK lets out a sigh.

    RAIN: (Beat) Hello? Michael?

    MICHAEL: Rain, I need you to come to the restaurant. Is Nick with you?

    RAIN: (turns away) Yeah... heís with me.

    NICK looks over to her.

    RAIN: Whatís wrong?

    MICHAEL: The residents of Haven are not acting like their usual selves. Have you seen anything suspicious?

    RAIN: You... you could say that.

    RAIN glances over to NICK who is self-conscious of what he just did.
    We hear:

    Cause I cannot stand still
    I can be this unsturdy
    This cannot be happening

    CUT TO:

    NEEVE crying is sitting in the middle of her empty walk-in closet. Her mother, AVA stands in the doorway.

    AVA: What were you thinking Neeve?! Selling your clothes?!

    NEEVE: (rambles; sobs) I donít know! I just I wanted to help Trent and his family.

    AVA: Well you need to get the money back, and quick.

    NEEVE: (wails) I canít! He used all of it to pay some of their bills. Oh god... Rain has my favorite purse! (Stands up; wipes her eyes) Mom, canít you just give me your credit card? I need a new whole wardrobe. Please?

    AVA: No. (Points to the closet) This right here is a lesson. Learn from it.

    NEEVE: (cries again) But mom! I have nothing to wear!

    AVA: You should have thought about that before you sold everything.

    AVA walks away. Falling to the floor, NEEVE hysterically cries even louder than before. Mascara runs down her cheeks. She then looks up at the shelves as if she gets an idea.

    CUT TO:

    Looking over her shoulder, NEEVE enters her parentsí bedroom. Her tear-stained eyes trail to the closet. She goes to the back and retrieves a safety deposit box. She opens it with a key she got from the nightstand. Dramatic music plays as she pulls out a gun.

    CUT TO:

    Angrily PRINCIPAL REYERS tears up his comic books. He throws them in the sink and pours alcohol all over it. Then REYERS lights a match, setting them on fire. He inches back watching them burn.

    CUT TO:

    There are unopened boxes everywhere as well as empty bottles of wine.
    In a drunken stupor ADRIENNE sits in the middle of the floor looking at pictures of MICHAEL. It seems sheís been crying. She drinks the rest of her wine in a single gulp. She gets up almost losing her balance as she does. Picking up her car keys ADRIENNE leaves the room.

    CUT TO:

    ADRIENNE briskly walks down the hallway, crying. In the opposite direction ROWE is heading to his room holding onto a smoothie. Not paying attention, she bumps into him, knocking the drink out of his hand.

    ADRIENNE: (frantically) Oh! Iím so sorry!

    ROWE: (a little annoyed) Itís all right... Iíll just... (Sighs; shake his hand) get another one.

    ADRIENNE: Let me... let me help you.

    ROWE: Maíam, its fine. (Picks up intense emotions coming from ADRIENNE) Are you... are you all right?

    ADRIENNE: (wipes her eyes) Wh-what?

    ROWE: (reads her) Someone broke your heart. (Firmly) Who is he?

    ADRIENNE: (anxiously) I-I need to go.

    ROWE: (arches a brow) How do you know Madeline?

    ADRIENNE inches back and runs down the hallway.

    ROWE: Wa-wait! I wasnít done... reading you.

    CUT TO:

    On the couch, CALUM is anxiously filling out a cross word puzzle. Hastily, ROWE enters the room.

    CALUM: (stands up quickly) Where have you been?!

    ROWE: I went to get a smoothie.

    CALUM: Youíre supposed to keep a low profile.

    ROWE: (sighs) Something is going on with Haven.

    CALUM: What do you mean?

    ROWE: I just bumped into someone. She reeked of a spell gone bad.

    CALUM: A spell?

    ROWE: Yeah... it must be my powers. I just got this distinction, unmistakeable sense that she was under a spell. (Beat) Come on letís go for a drive.

    CALUM: What are you going to do, sir?

    ROWE: Iím supposed to keep an eye on our local slayer, make sure sheís out of harmís way. So Iím going to find out who cast the spell... and end it.

    CUT TO:

    ROWE and CALUM are in the back of the car.

    ROWE: (senses something) Wa-wait... (To the DRIVER) stop the car.

    ROWE climbs out, leaving the door open. He sees a HISPANIC GIRL walking down the street holding a knife. Itís GABI.

    CALUM: (still inside) What is it sir?

    ROWE: (puts a hand up) Stay.

    He inches closer to GABI, tries to read her. Startled, she turns around.

    GABI: (shaking; holds up the knife) Stay back!

    ROWE: (softly) Itís okay.

    GABI: (sniffles; to herself) It was supposed to work... I donít- donít understand what I did wrong.

    ROWE: (reads her) It did work... just not the way you thought it would.

    GABI: (confused) What?

    ROWE: Can you give me the knife? (Beat) I know you really donít want to hurt yourself.

    GABI: (cries) I thought he loved me.

    ROWE: The knife, Gabrielle. May I have it, please?

    GABI: (arches her brow) Ho-how did you know my name?

    ROWE: (gestures) First the knife.

    GABI looks at it, as if trying to decide to listen to him. She drops it instead.
    ROWE kicks it away from her. With a rush of tears, GABI cries, loud sobs bursting from her. He puts his arms around her.

    ROWE: Shh...

    GABI: I canít take it anymore. The pain... itís too much.

    ROWE: Youíll be okay...

    ROWE unlocks their embrace, and then quickly he puts his hand on her chest.

    ROWE: This will hurt just a little .

    A surge of white electricity appears from his hand and covers her entire body. It shakes violently. Removing his hand, he carefully brings GABI to the pavement.

    ROWE: (touches her hair) Itís all right. Youíll be fine.

    GABI: (moans) Wh-what happened? (Tries to stand up)

    ROWE: Take it easy.

    GABI: Oh my head... (Glances up) who-who are you?

    ROWE: Gabrielle, I need you to listen to me carefully. The spell... how do I break it?

    CUT TO:

    Outside MICHAEL, MADELINE and BELLA stand before the restaurant. Through the window, we see some of the CUSTOMERS are still not acting like themselves.

    BELLA: (sees NICKíS car pull up) Theyíre here.

    NICK and Rain get out of the car, shutting the doors behind them.

    RAIN: Bella? You know whatís going on?

    BELLA nods.

    RAIN: Whereís CJ?

    BELLA: Home. I told him you needed to see me.

    NICK keeps to himself.

    RAIN: (gestures; to MICHAEL) Okay, so whatís causing this?

    MICHAEL: A love spell.

    NICK: (nods; whispers) Right, a love spell. Of course... that makes sense.

    RAIN looks over to NICK then back at MICHAEL.

    MADELINE: But we donít know what kind of spell is causing this or who did it. Thereís not much to go on.

    MICHAEL: We could do a spell locator.

    RAIN: A spell to find a spell?

    MICHAEL: (nods) To see where it started. Itís better than nothing.

    BELLA: Okay, so whoís going to do it?

    MICHAEL: Rain will.

    RAIN gives a small smile appreciating his faith in her.

    CUT TO:

    The embers from the symbol on the wall are spreading quickly to the other names, gaining more power. The camera pans back allowing us to see that the some of the residents of Haven are flocking to the Pavilion, as if theyíre drawn to it. On the roof we see REYERS spray painting graffiti. It reads: Ray-Gun hates Tolen Marks.

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    ACT IV


    While RAIN reads an ancient text on witchcraft, MICHAEL and MADELINE set the altar on his desk. There is a map, a bowl and some incense. Nearby we see a bag from Oliverís Occult Oasis. NICK and BELLA watch them from the couch.

    BELLA: How does the spell work?

    MICHAEL: Well, we donít have time to weed out which particular love spell was used, so weíre using the names of some of the customers in the spell locator to pin point its exact origin.

    BELLA: Without their names, weíd see other spells that were performed today?

    MICHAEL: (nods) Yup. Doing it this way should narrow it right down though. After Rain does the incantation, the smoke from the incense will hover over a specific area on the map. Wherever the smoke settles is where weíll find our hotspot.

    MICHAEL tears off a piece of paper from a pad and hand it to RAIN.

    RAIN: (reads the list of names) Frank was infected? (Looks over to NICK) What about-

    NICK: (anxious)- Are there enough names on the list?

    MICHAEL: (nods) Itíll be sufficient.

    RAIN: Shouldnít one of us keep an eye on the customers?

    MICHAEL: Oliver is baby-sitting them. (Sees RAIN is skeptical) He can handle it.

    CUT TO:

    Drinking a cup of tea, OLIVER sits behind the bar peacefully reading the newspaper. Behind him everyone is asleep.

    CUT TO:

    RAIN reads the incantation while MICHAEL lights the incense. Slowly the smoke wafts in the air. She tosses the list of names in the bowl. The smoke intensifies. It suddenly makes it way to the map searching, hovering over it. Then it stops to one area.

    MICHAEL: (reads the map) Itís the Pavilion on Archer Street near Oak Dale Village.

    RAIN: The Pavilion? Nick and I were just there the other night.

    MADELINE: You were?

    BELLA: (arches a brow) Oh, and why were you there?

    RAIN: (A bit too defensively) No reason. We were just patrolling and happened to stumbled on it. I didnít see anything out of the ordinary.

    MICHAEL: Well itís definitely where the spell originated. (Beat) We should get going.

    RAIN: But we donít even know how to break the spell.

    MICHAEL: Weíll cross that bridge when we get to it. (Beat) This is our best lead, Rain, we have to follow it.

    RAIN: (gestures) Canít Oliver do his mediation thingy? Figure out what kind of love spell it is?

    MICHAEL: Sorry not this time. It just doesnít work that way. (Beat) Weíll need weapons.

    NICK: (looks up) What for?

    MICHAEL: Just to be on the safe side. We donít know what weíre dealing with here.

    CUT TO:

    More and more people are being drawn to the Pavilion. A pair of boots walks toward the building. As the camera pans up, we see itís a MALE VAMPIRE. He has an entourage of female VAMPIRES with him.

    MALE VAMPIRE: Youíre right, girls. Itís a buffet here. (Beat; smirks) All you can eat.

    CUT TO:

    Armed with weapons, RAIN, MICHAEL, MADELINE, NICK and BELLA cautiously amble towards the park.

    NICK: (observes the people) Wow... itís like Woodstock.

    MICHAEL: Theyíre drawn to the Pavilion.

    Unexpectedly a car crashes into a tree nearby. ADRIENNE climbs out of the car. There is small but bloody head wound and as she steadies herself she reaches up and gingerly touches it. MICHAEL sees her.

    MICHAEL: (to RAIN) Get to the Pavilion. (Runs toward ADRIENNE)

    Before RAIN starts head to the building. As she does something catches her eye and she glances up to the roof.

    RAIN: (witnesses REYERS trying to balance himself) Oh no...

    NICK: (volunteers) Iíll get him down.

    Not letting RAIN do this herself, NICK cuts through the crowd. Someone taps RAINíS shoulder. She turns around and discovers its NEEVE holding a gun to the side.

    MADELINE: (doesnít see the gun) Rain, we need to get to the Pavilion.

    RAIN: (agrees; holding her stake) Yeah, Iím all of for it... (indicates the gun to MADELINE and BELLA with her head) but those things have bullets.

    MADELINE and BELLA inch back.

    NEEVE: (lifts her gun to RAIN) I want my purse back, bitch.

    RAIN: Yeah, sure itís just that... I donít have it on me. So why donít you give me the gun first?

    In another section of the park, ROWE emerges from the woods carrying an axe. He stops short when he realizes there are people surrounding the Pavilion blocking him. Immediately, BELLA senses his presence just as he senses hers.

    BELLA: (glances over her shoulder) What the...

    MADELINE: What is it?

    At first she doesnít say anything until she sees a VAMPIRE biting TEENAGE boy. His back is facing her.

    BELLA: (point with her stake) Vampire.

    RAIN: Just what we need. Guns and vamps. Could this get any more difficult?

    MADELINE: This might be a good time to use your powers, Rain.

    RAIN: (nods) Right...

    She lifts both of her arms, one towards NEEVE and the other in the direction of the VAMPIRE. At the same time RAIN brings the right arm towards her while the left arm thrusts forward. Instantly, the gun flies out of NEEVEíS hand while RAINíS stake aims for the VAMPIREíS chest. The TEENAGER falls to the ground covered in dust. MADELINE runs to him. Quickly RAIN empties the gun and puts it in her back pocket.

    BELLA: (a little disturbed) I donít know whatís more scarier, that Neeve had a gun or you know how to handle one.

    RAIN: (shrugs) A guy I dated taught me.

    BELLA: (smirks) Right.

    RAIN: (turns to NEEVE but sheís gone) Great... sheís disappeared on me.

    BELLA: I think you have more pressing issues to deal with. (Points again) More vampires.

    RAIN: pulls out another stake from her jacket.

    RAIN: Be careful, Bella.

    BELLA: Likewise.

    While MADELINE tends to the boyís bite wounds, ROWE catches a glimpse of her. Unbeknownst to MADELINE, a VAMPIRE is about to attack her. ROWE creeps up from behind and beheads it with his axe. Startled by the noise, she gets up but no one is around her. We now see ROWE blending with the crowd.

    Near the scene of the car accident, MICHAEL has his arms around ADRIENNE, trying to help her to her feet.

    ADRIENNE: My head...

    MICHAEL: (sits her on a large rock) Youíll be fine... (re: her head) itís only a minor cut.

    ADRIENNE: (sniffles) Why donít you love me?

    MICHAEL: (ignores the question) Stay here, all right?

    ADRIENNE: (grabs his hand) Michael...

    MICHAEL: I need for you to stay on this rock. Do not move.

    She just sits there and sobs. Still gripping the sword, he turns around and encounters a VAMPIRE. With a sway of the arm, MICHAEL successfully beheads her.

    In the meantime, NICK is in the back of the Pavilion trying to help REYERS down.

    NICK: Yeah thatís it, Ray-gun. Step on that.

    REYERS is now standing before NICK.

    NICK: (points at him) No more climbing on roofs, got it?

    REYER just nods and runs away. NICK glances over to the front and sees ROWE with the axe.

    NICK: Hey you! The guy with the axe!

    Standing before the wall, ROWE scans the names. We see that embers are spreading much faster as the symbol continues to glows.

    NICK: (gestures toward the axe) You donít want to do this. You do not want to kill yourself.

    ROWE: (turns around) I donít have time for this kid.

    NICK: (recites as if heís a counselor) You donít need to do this. Your life is worth living.

    ROWE: Stick with the bartending. (Beat) I have a spell to break.

    NICK: Wha-what? You know why this is happening?

    ROWE: (a little eerily) Oh, I know a lot of things Nick. (Beat) Now Iím going to take this axe to the symbol on this wall here. Itíll break the spell and the whole town will be back to their normal selves.

    NICK: (realizes something) Hey, Iíve seen you before havenít I?

    ROWE doesnít respond. Turning around, he runs at the wall and brings his axe to the symbol, hitting it a few times. Splinters of wood fly in the air alongside sparks that fly off, growing in size and intensity as they take to the air. The coloured lights snake through the crowd hitting the affected townspeople and causing them to convulse slightly. NICK isnít one of them. All at once, the residents fall to the ground while the VAMPIRES are left standing.

    NICK: Ho-how did you know to do that? Wait... did you do this? Are you the one who cast the spell?

    ROWE carefully approaches him.

    NICK: What are you doing man? (Inches back) You still look suicidal, or worse, homicidal with that axe.

    ROWE: Just calm down Nick. This will be over in a second.

    NICK: Dude... yours might not be but my life is definitely worth living.

    ROWE: (drops the axe) You canít remember this.

    NICK: What are you talking about?

    ROWE grabs NICK and puts his hands on his head. Trying to shake free, NICK pushes him away. White electricity appears on ROWEíS hand. It seems that he is erasing NICKíS short term memory. Gradually NICK closes his eyes and his body goes limp. ROWE brings NICK down to the ground. He looks up seeing RAIN, BELLA, MADELINE and MICHAEL standing before a small crowd of VAMPIRES. Most of the VAMPIRES run off to the woods leaving only two left in the field. Without anyone noticing ROWE escapes in a different direction.

    RAIN stakes one of the remaining vampires and turns to Michael.

    RAIN: What just happened?

    MICHAEL: (looks over to NICK) It looks like the spell broke... somehow.

    RAIN: (complains) I wanted to break it. (Sighs) Ah well... (To the MALE VAMPIRE) looks like youíre next.

    Before the VAMPIRE can reply, MADELINE stakes him with her crossbow. He turns to dust.

    RAIN: I was going to get him, Mad.

    MADELINE: Sorry, you-you... tend to let the vampires ramble on and on about how theyíre going to get you sometimes. I just thought weíd cut to the chase.

    RAIN: (mumbles) But I like their puns and witty comebacks.

    BELLA smirks.

    MICHAEL: (concerned; gestures to the people who are still unconscious) We should check on them, they may need to go to the hospital.

    EVERYONE nods. They split up and tend to some of the residents.

    CUT TO:

    RAIN and BELLA are walking down the hallway. They walk pass NEEVE who is standing before the same CHEERLEADER who wanted to quit the squad for her boyfriend. Sheís smiling and laughing. Near the admissions office PRINCIPAL REYERS is casually talking with MR. TOSTI. MS. MARKS ignores him.

    RAIN: (carrying a bag) ... so Jaelynn is back on the squad, Ray-Gun conveniently doesnít remember proposing to Ms Marks and Neeve actually got a job, if you can believe that. (Mutters) Oh... and I gave Neeve her purse back. (BELLA grins) Even spell-free I was afraid sheíd come after me if I didnít.

    BELLA: I guess everyone is back to normal.

    The screen fades to the campus cafe at Haven University. GABI is chatting with her friends. FULLER appears with another GIRL on his arm, completely dismissing her. GABI sighs doing her best to move on.

    RAIN: (OS) I donít think the town will ever get back to normal, not after a heavy duty spell like this.

    Again the screen fades to ADRIENNE who is sombrely staring at MICHAELíS HAVEN from across the street.

    BELLA: (OS) So theyíre just going to pretend nothing happened?

    Then the camera pans to the restaurant window where we see NICK pouring VINCE a beer while FRANK cracks a joke. NICK laughs.

    RAIN: (OS) Theyíre going to at least try.

    Now weíre back to RAIN and BELLA in the hallway.

    RAIN: The important thing is that there were no casualties.

    BELLA: What about the guy who was bitten?

    RAIN: (waves a hand) It was barely a scrape. So no vampire-turneage.

    BELLA: How was Nick? Did he do anything strange? I mean I saw his name on the wall.

    RAIN: (looks way and then back at BELLA) No... he didnít do anything strange.

    BELLA: (disbelief) Really? He passed out like everyone else so he must have been infected.

    RAIN: The important thing is that heís okay. (Links arms with BELLA) How was your Valentineís date with CJ anyway? I want details... lots of details.

    BELLA: (grins) We went to that pizza place...

    They walk down the hallway as her voice fades.

    CUT TO:

    Cleaning up, MICHAEL moves things around in his office. ADRIENNE knocks on the door frame. He looks up and sees she has a few stitches from the car wreck.

    MICHAEL: Adrienne... how are you?

    ADRIENNE slowly enters the office.

    ADRIENNE: Iím fine... (Chuckles) Better than my car, anyway.

    MICHAEL: Well... As long as youíre all right.

    ADRIENNE: (softly; sincere) Michael, Iím so sorry. I... I donít know what got into me. I mean I havenít had a drink in years-

    MICHAEL: -Itís okay.

    ADRIENNE gives a small smile making MICHAEL uncomfortable.

    MICHAEL: Anyway... I need to get to work.

    ADRIENNE: I-I was hoping we could talk.

    MICHAEL: Thereís nothing to talk about.

    ADRIENNE: How can you say that?

    MICHAEL: (sighs; shakes his head) Look, Iím sorry how I left things between us... but Adrienne... I never loved you. And you know why.

    ADRIENNE: I donít believe that-

    MICHAEL: -Heís my brother, Adrienne. (Beat) Have you told him youíre here?

    ADRIENNE: No, not yet.

    MICHAEL: Go home to your husband.

    ADRIENNE: I donít love him, I love you.

    MICHAEL: (looks away) Itís not my problem.

    ADRIENNE: (bitterly) Youíre just like your brother, you can be an real ass sometimes.

    MICHAEL: So Iíve been told.

    Quickly ADRIENNE leaves the office, not allowing MICHAEL to go after her.
    He just stands there and sighs.

    CUT TO:

    MICHAEL is on the phone with OLIVER.

    OLIVER: You donít know who broke the spell then?

    MICHAEL: No I donít. Itís obvious someone broke the symbol. It looks like someone took an axe to it or something.

    OLIVER: Maybe it was the same person who initiated the spell?

    MICHAEL: Maybe... Madeline is doing research on the symbol. See if we can learn anything about it.

    OLIVER: Right well keep me informed and thank you for letting me know.

    MICHAEL: Good-night, Oliver.

    OLIVER: Night.

    CUT TO:

    At the bar, RAIN is doing her homework. Soon NICK emerges from the back. We hear Switchfootís Dare to Move play softly in the background. We hear some of the lyrics:

    Welcome to the planet
    Welcome to existence
    Everyone's here
    Everyone's here

    NICK: (sees RAIN; awkwardly) Well, see you later.

    RAIN: (looks up) Nick wait... (Closes her book) can we talk about this?

    NICK stands at the entrance with his hand on the door. We hear:

    Everybody's watching you now
    Everybody waits for you now
    What happens next?
    What happens next?

    NICK: (turns around) What is there to talk about?

    RAIN: (gives him a look) Yo-you know... the kiss.

    RAIN gets up, strolls towards him. He inches back. We hear:

    I dare you to move
    I dare you to move
    Like today never happened
    Today never happened before

    NICK: Yeah Iíd prefer to plead selective memory where that particular event is concerned. (Small salute) So Iíll see you... whenever.

    RAIN: (softly) Nick... please...

    NICK: (brushes it off) Look, it was a love spell, right? I mean my name is on the wall. (Beat) Canít we just forget it ever happened?

    RAIN: (lets it go) Sure. (Beat) Hey... I just thought we could patrol tonight. You can bring junk food and (with a grin) Iíll bring your favorite stake.

    NICK looks away from her feeling embarrassed. RAIN picks this up. We hear:

    Welcome to the fallout
    Welcome to resistance
    The tension is here
    The tension is here

    NICK: Actually, I have plans.

    RAIN: Oh... are you singing at the Red Vein tonight? Iíll come if you want. (Awkward chuckle) Iíll bring a lighter for one of your ballads.

    Through the window we see a car pull up.

    NICK: (doesnít look at her in the eye) I have a date.

    RAIN is taken aback.

    NICK: So another time?

    RAIN: Yeah sure... of course.

    NICK opens the door and gives her a small nod. We hear:

    Where can you run to escape from yourself?
    Where you gonna go?
    Where you gonna go?

    As NICK leaves, RAIN peers through the window and sees a WOMAN with red hair leaning against the car. They kiss and then get in the car and drive away. The song fades.

    MADELINE appears from the kitchen wearing an apron.

    MADELINE: Rain, good youíre still here. (Grabs her bag nearby) I did some research on the symbol that was on the wall at the Pavilion.

    RAIN: (joins her) What did you find out?

    MADELINE: (shows her photos of the wall from the Pavilion) I recognized the symbol from one of Michaelís books. It was indeed a love spell.

    RAIN: So Michael was right?

    MADELINE: (nods) The spell was intended to make those affected do absolutely anything for their loved one ones. (Explains) Thatís why Neeve Fournier sold her clothes for Trent and Principal Reyers proposed to Ms. Marks.

    RAIN: And the customers here at the restaurant...

    MADELINE: (nods) Right but the spell is designed for one person. The symbolís powers amplified because where were so many names on the wall. Usually when you do a love spell, you need something personal. It can be a locket, a strand of hair, even blood. So even if you cast a love spell on someone and it backfires, other people can be infected. However, this spell is pretty specific. The reason why some of the residents were infected was because they themselves wrote their names on the wall.

    RAIN: (arches a brow) So if I wrote Bellaís name on the wall...

    MADELINE: She would have been fine but if she wrote it herself-

    RAIN: -Sheís all lovey-dovey with a kitchen knife?

    MADELINE nods and returns to her files.

    RAIN: (to herself) So... that means Nick wasnít infected.

    MADELINE: (not listening) Iím sorry?

    RAIN: Nothing. (Beat) So the sole purpose of this spell is to give people the courage to do things they normally wouldnít do for their loved ones?

    MADELINE: Thatís correct. (Beat) I believe this spell was done by an amateur. I donít think he intended to infect half of the town. Iím willing to bet it was a teenager or college student who just wanted to be loved but felt he had do something to get it.

    RAIN: (softly) Iím just glad that no one got killed.

    MADELINE nods in agreement. From a distance we see ROWE watching them. He then walks away.

    CUT TO:

    The previous song continues. Sitting on the bed, NICK gazes out the window. The REDHEAD is sleeping under the covers. The moonlight shines on his face. Soon, he looks over the nightstand where and picks up a mixed CD. It read: ďFor Rain- the only wiccan slayer in the ultimate universeĒ. He tosses it back on the nightstand and opens the drawer. NICK pulls out the bracelet RAIN got him for Christmas. Heís about to throw it in the trash can but then decides against it. Then he retrieves a half empty bottle of whiskey underneath the nightstand and takes a gulp as he looks out of the window again. He sighs and takes another gulp. We hear:

    I dare you to move
    I dare you to move
    Like today never happened
    Today never happened
    Today never happened
    Today never happened before

    CUT TO:

    The song fades as the camera pans to the Pavilion. We see the symbol and some of the names are burned but still visible. MADELINE and RAINíS conversation overlaps with this scene.

    MADELINE: (OS) Curious... did you ever write your name on the wall?

    RAIN: (OS) No way.

    In the upper corner of the wall we see ĎEmerson loves Rainí. We hear the professorís voice as well.

    PROFESSOR: (OS) What about a lost love? When there are unspoken words, nothing was resolved but just left hanging? Does it come back or does it just burn a low flame forever?



    Adrienne Corbis (Sophia Myles)
    Calum Kipp (Lee Norris)
    CJ Hodges (Chad Faust)
    Nigel ďFullerĒ Fuller (Ryan Hansen)
    Gabrielle ďGabiĒ Chavez (Alexa Vegas)
    Jeffery Reyers (Zach Galifianakis)
    Neeve Fournier (Danneel Harris)
    Oliver Vallon (Gerry Becker)
    Rowe Edwards (Ioan Gruff)
    Tolen Marks (Constance Zimmer)
    Mr. Tosti (Scott Cohen)
    Trent Whittington (Chris Carmack)


    • First I want to say "special thanks" to Kiera who created the lyrics for 'Provocative Theory'. I wanted to use original songs for the band. So thank you Kiera!

    • So Nick is in a band! This was planned all along. Even though Odelia is no longer affiliated with RAIN- she's partly responsible for the band's name. I came up with 'provocative' and she came up with 'theory'. This was one of my favorite episodes to write- mostly because of Rain and Nick.
    • I know some of you do not like CJ but yeah, I'm sorry to say he's now Bella's honey bunny.

    • We learn Michael has a history with Grant's wife. What's up with that?

    • Rowe has additional powers. He can now read spell signatures and erase people's memories. That's not good.

    • The Pavilion is actually based on a real hangout from my childhood. It was in my neighborhood near a baseball field. All of the kids would write their names on it, make out, play hockey (with a ball) or what have you. It's no longer there as it was torn down.

    • Nervettiís Pizzeria is based on a resturant also from my childhood (different name). I have fond memories of going to this place. It's still there!

    • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky. I would love to hear from you.

    • The next episode is 1.14 Family Portrait- you can read the episode here. Thank you for reading!
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